Why list your home with Vicki Gessler, Better Homes & Garden, Gary Greene


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Why list your home with Vicki Gessler, Better Homes & Garden Real Estate, Gary Greene

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Why list your home with Vicki Gessler, Better Homes & Garden, Gary Greene

  1. 1. HOME MARKETINGSTRATEGYwww.GaryGreene.com
  2. 2. What Sellers Most Wanted in Their Real Estate Agent in 2012These are our primarygoals when a seller enlistsus to sell their home.Which ones are the mostimportant to you?
  3. 3. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary GreeneOur Company began in Houston in 1963 with oneoffice and was started by Gary Greene. We blossomedinto 20 offices across Houston under the ownership ofpartners Marilyn Eiland and Mark Woodroof. They areactively engaged in day-to-day operations.Years in Operation: 50Number of Agents: 850Accomplishments: Placed first in 2012 HoustonBusiness Journal Book of Lists for total transactions anddollar volume sold.
  4. 4. Understanding Your ExpectationsWhat questions do youhave about working witha real estate agent?What are yourexpectations of your realestate agent?
  5. 5. Strategies for Selling Your HomeOur target marketing strategies are designed to attract the “right” buyers to your home. Step one: Identify the unique features and lifestyle benefits of your property and neighborhood. We use these to highlight your homes specific features and benefits. Step two: Incorporate these unique lifestyle benefits and features into all of the online and offline marketing and promotional media Step three: Determine where the “right/best buyers” are and direct property promotions and advertising towards the identified target market.
  6. 6. Your insights will help to direct our targeted messages………What was the single most important feature when you first saw your home?After living in the home, what features have you come to love most?What impressed you most about your home and this neighborhood when buying?What did your children enjoy most about the home and neighborhood?What other neighborhoods did you consider before buying?Where did you live before you moved here?What will you miss the most?
  7. 7. Information Sources Buyers Used to Findthe Home They Purchased in 2012 – from researchconducted by the National Association of Realtors®
  8. 8. Online Promotion Where The Consumers Are!With 9 out of 10 homebuyerson the Internet it isimportant that we have anonline strategy to promoteyour home
  9. 9. BHG and Gary Greene.com Drive Traffic to Your HomeOnce a home search is conducted on bhgrealestate.com, buyers are directed to www.GaryGreene.com providing all MLS listings available in the area…
  10. 10. Driving More Traffic to Your Homewww.bhg.com7 million visitors eachmonth have the ability toget to your listing in justtwo clicks when they visitthis site
  11. 11. Mobilizing Local AgentsIn 2012, 87% of all buyers used a real estate agent as a source ofinformation in the purchase of their home. We will mobilize the localagents to show your home: Entering it in the MLS Holding Broker Open Houses Mailing Just Listed notices Posting on social media sites Distributing flyers Office ToursWe will also target agents who are known to workthis area in case they have buyers ready to go!
  12. 12. The Power of Yard SignsThe 3rdmost commonly usedinformation source.In 2012, we consistentlydisplayed 36% more yardsigns across Houston thanthe next highest broker.The benefit to you is morebuyer inquiries via thephone and the web.
  13. 13. The Power of Open HousesOpen Housesadvertised online & offline
  14. 14. Target Marketing To Get The Word OutAdvertisingDirect MailFlyers
  15. 15. Target Marketing throughExclusive Access toMeredith Customers Finding out about you when you first bought your home enables me to target buyers in the same life stage as you were then. I use PinPoint.
  16. 16. The Power of a BrandConsumers associatequality and trustwith the brand
  17. 17. Networking & ReachWe have a large sphere ofinfluence and a worldwidenetwork of agents behind us.We are a primary broker forCartus Relocation and ReferralNetwork, the worlds’ largest.Your buyer could be anywherein the world. Make sure you listwith a broker that covers it.
  18. 18. Negotiation & ClosingWhen we have aninterested buyer whomakes an offer, we put ourmarket expertise to work.Our agents will negotiateon your behalf in order toreach a final agreementthat is favorable to you interms and dollars net toyou at closing.
  19. 19. Negotiation & ClosingWhen we have negotiated and executed a contract with all terms andconditions agreed upon, then our agents become responsible for making sureevery detail is handled correctly and in the necessary time frame.They will interact with others to manage theprocess including: Other agents involved Title company Property inspectors Insurance agents Mortgage representatives
  20. 20. As your advocate It will be our responsibility to protect your best interest as we proceed through the process of selling your home.Introducing your home to the While your home is on the marketmarketplace  Carry out scheduled marketing activities  Design target messages and select  Monitor and report all showing activity photo marketing  Communicate with you on a consistent basis  Place home in MLS and confirm  Modify Marketing plan and pricing strategies as accuracy of all information necessary  Create web presentation  Provide information and encouragement to buyers and their agents who are considering  Develop e-flyers for both the buyers making an offer. and real estate community  Schedule print ads with marketing When an offer to purchase is received department  Explain the offer to you and answer your questions  Determine dates for Realtor and public open houses  Point out potential advantages and disadvantages of the offer and clarify choices  Introduce your home to my office with available to you. a property tour  Prepare an Estimate of Net Proceeds based on the proposed price and terms.  Place sign in yard  Require proof of buyers’ financial capability to  Complete the showing enhancements close.  Negotiate through the buyers’ agent and handle any counteroffers.
  21. 21. Our Commitment to YouOur commitment is to provide a real estateexperience that will achieve the highest possibleprice for your home, in a time frame that meets yourneeds and with the least inconvenience to you.If, during the listing period, you feel that our agentsdo not perform to this standard, you may talk withtheir manager and if your concerns cannot besatisfied, Better Homes and Gardens Real EstateGary Greene will release you from the listing.
  22. 22. THANK YOU VICKI GESSLERKATY AREA MARKETING SPECIALIST 832-492-0700 Vicki.gessler@garygreene.com www.GaryGreene.com