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  1. 1. Comenius Project- Protecting the environment<br />Questionnaire about our habits<br /> 1.a.1 Do you recycle?<br />Yes-82,5%<br />No-17,5%<br />a.2 If Yes, What?<br />paper / notebook 57,5%<br />plastic70%<br />glass 15%<br />batteries 27,5%<br />aluminium 20 %<br /> organic waste 2,5 %<br />1.b Do you use re-useable shopping bags? <br /> Yes77,5 % No 22,5 %<br />1.c Do you recycle old clothes? Yes42,5%No57,5%<br />2.a Do you usually take a bath or a shower? Bath 62,5 %Shower37,5 %<br />2.b Do you leave electrical equipment on standby? <br /> Yes27,5 %No72,5 %<br />2.c Do you switch the lights off when you leave a room?<br />Yes 82,5 %No17,5 %<br />2.d Do you turn off the tap when you brush your teeth? <br />  Yes72,5 %No27,5 %<br />3.a How often do you eat fruit and vegetables in a day?<br />Never 0%<br />Once 32,5 %<br />Twice5 %<br />more than twice 62,5 %<br />3.b.1 Do you take part in any physical activity out of school?<br />-Yes 92,5 %<br />-No 7,5 %<br />130111595885<br />Ye<br />3.b.2 If Yes, how often do you play?<br />once a week32,5 %<br />twice a week22,5 %<br />more than twice a week 37,5 %<br />3.c How much water do you drink during a day?<br />none2,5 %<br />less than 1 litre 37,5 % <br />more than 1 litre 60 %<br />4. a What is your reaction towards a thrown piece of paper/plastic?<br />i.I pass by without a reaction 10 %<br />ii.I ask someone to throw it in a special container 22,5 %<br />iii. I throw it in a container27,5 %<br /><ul><li>b. If you give up an old household item where do you throw it?
  2. 2. In a garbage container15 %</li></ul>I don’t throw it5 %<br />In a special place( of household items) 80 %<br /> 4.c Do you use different containers for household garbage?<br />Yes 80 %<br />No 20 %<br />4 d. Have you ever planted a tree?<br />Yes77,5 %<br />No 22,5 %<br />