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VVA Chapter 862 May 2010 newsletter

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Vva chapter 862 may 2010 newsletter

  1. 1. VIETNAM VET “GAZETTE” Issue 95 Together Then ..... Together Now May 2010 Up-Coming Meetings BOD Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the Month 7:00 PM Regular Meeting 3rd Wednesday of Month At our “New Home” ROCHESTER VFW Be Sure To Important Dates to Remember Upcoming Events— Page 19 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE On Sat. May 8th we held our VVA/AVVA Annual Banquet. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary of our Chapter start-up. Approx. 90 were in attendance and chairing the event was Marty Sinclair & Barb Googins, both AVVA members and we thank them for all the hard work in making this a very nice evening for all attending. Our guest speaker was Fred Elliott, out of New York, National VVA Region 2 Director that covers several states. Fred is a true friend and brother of Chapter 862. Our condolences to his lovely wife Marie who planned on attending but because of a death in the family was unable to make the trip. Our Awards Committee, made up of the past members who were former Vietnam Veterans of The Year, met and I must say it is very difficult to decide who receives which award. It is not a popularity contest. So many of you deserve to be recognized for the many hours you give the chapter and the community and some deserve an award every year as they just won’t stop. I have mentioned this in the past but would like to say it again. There is no limit to what a person can do if they don’t care who gets the credit. That’s the type of members we awarded May 8th. May I again say THANKS to each of you for making this one of the best chapters in the Nation. Our 2010 Vietnam Veteran of the Year is a Brother many of you worked side by side, Rich “Kamm” Kamzelski. Being your President I know what events our chapter holds and every one of them you will see Kamm as chairperson and/or working hard along side other members. He was a very good choice by committee members. Larry “Major” Googins and Bart Farzati were awarded the President’s Distinguished Service Award. Both very deserving in their own way, always asking, “What do you need done” or “How can I help?” Nick Pavkovich, Board Chairmen earned our John Namath Memorial Award and this was presented by Sherry Namath and family. “The Chief” will never be forgotten and many times I can feel him looking down on us and smiling with approval and I know he approved Nick to receive this award. The Board of Directors approved a “Special Award” this year to go to Mike Coliqure. Mike has donated thousands of items for our chapter to sell at our booths each year and we thank him! President’s Message (cont on Page 17)
  2. 2. Page 2 2 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE Vietnam Vet Gazette May 2010 August 2001 Chapter 862 Officers & Committees COMMITTEES POW / MIA Executive BoardArea724 Area Codes (All 724 All Codes) "REMEMBER OUR POW/MIA'S" L. Skip Haswell - -President -843-6930 Executive Board When one American is not worth the effort to be found, Mike Mikulich - - 1st V.P.—266-6663 L. Skip Haswell -- -2nd V.P.—891-2089 Jon Neely - - - - -President - 843-6930 We as Americans have lost. Jon Neely - ---- - -Secretary —775-3027 Lee Corfield - -1st V.P. - -891-2089 PeteMuns - - - ---Treasurer-—643-9169 Bill Petrosky - - -2nd VP - - 643-8999 According to Department of Defense (DOD) figures, as of 15 February, Lee Corfield - - - - Secretary - - 775-3027 Board of Directors 2010 there are 1688 Unaccounted For U.S. Military Personnel in South- Larry Googins- - - Treasurer- -- 869-7090 Blaine Allinder——————375-4168 east Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) and East Asia (People's Republic Bob Eiler———————— 457-8234 Board of Directors Bill Harlow——————-—378-0984 of China) and 32 Unaccounted For U.S. Civilians in Southeast Asia, CliffLaughner———-———-843-6828 Bill Hawes - - - - - -3- - - - -- 728-5065 making for a combined military/civilian count of 1720. Unaccounted for Blaine Montgomery———-—827-2782 James Allinder - - - - 3 - - - - - -375-4168 is a DOD term and is more specific than Missing in Action (MIA). Nick Namath———————847-9296 John Pavkovich - - - -3- - - - - - 847-0592 NickLaughner - - - - -1 - - - - - -843-6828 Bill Pavkovich——————847-0592 Tom Villella———————-843-7401 The names of two servicemen whose remains were recovered and identi- Don Robes - - - - - - 1- - - - - - 728-4334 Don Weiss————————827-2460 Bill Villella - - - - - - 1- - - - - - 843-7401 fied were released. They were Major Russell C. Goodman, USAF, Utah, Rich Kamzelski Delegates- - - - -728-2479 - - - - 2- KIA/BNR 2/20/67, North Vietnam, remains recovered 12/15/93 and Gary Shaffer - - - - -1st 2- - - - 847-9389 JoAnna Williamson - —— - 643-8941 identified 9/14/09, and Lt. Col. Elton L. Perrine, USAF, New York, MIA Rich Tindell ———————513-0389 Tracey King - - - - - - -2 - - - - - 336-5457 5/22/67, NVN, remains recovered 7/25/07 and identified 12/7/09. Reuben Fuller ——————-378-4990 Delegates Nominating Committee Skip Haswell Denotes -Chairman * - - - - - - - - - - - - 843-6930 Major Russell Clemensen Goodman was born July 19th, 1934. His home Jon Neely - - - -*- - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Bill Bischak - - - - - - - - - - 774-4198 of record was Salt Lake City, Utah. Lt. Colonel Elton Lawrence Perrine Bill Laughner - - - - - - - - - - -847-9389 JoAnna Wiilliamson -843-6828 was born January 6th, 1935. His home of record was Pittsford, New Nick Pavkovich - -- -- --------------643-1714 Tony Squadrito 847-0592 York. Lon Hogue - Agent - - - - - - - - 846-8857 - - - - Orange Lee Neely- - *- - - - - - - - - - - - -775-3027 In Danang, JPAC has just officiated at the largest turnover of remains Jon Corfield - - - - - - - - - - --891-2089 Pete Petrosky --------------- -------843-0706 John Helbing - 643-8999 from Vietnam since the early nineties, remains that could be those of Larry Yannachione------------- ---770-2267 Tony Googins - - - 869-7090 seven U.S. Personnel previously missing and unaccounted for in Viet- Rich Kamzelski - - - - - - - - - -728-2479 Associate Liaison nam. PhillipPickering - -- -- * - - - - - - 643-4397 Cheri Morris - - 643-5725 Dave Tucker -- Denotes- Chairman • - - - - - - - - - - 774-4074 Goals recently established by Congress setting a quota of 200 identifica- John Wakeley - - - • - - - - - - -378-6938 - Agent Orange Color/Honor Guards tions a year are causing concerns to the National League of POW/MIA Jon Neely- - *- - - - -- -- -*------- 827-2782 James Montgomery - -891-2089 families. The concerns are that there will be a push to decrease Vietnam Don Pickering - - - - -Liaison -643-5267 AVVA - - - - - War accounting operations to devote personnel and resources to WWII Linda Pavkovich - - * - Affairs -847-0592 Community - - - - - recoveries that predictably would bring larger numbers of remains recov- John Namath - - * - - - - Guards Color/Honor - - - --847-9296 Ray Litzinger -------------- --------843-7401 - 378-5855 ered to be identified. Don Villella - JoAnna Williamson - - -Affairs Community - - - - 847-9389 Dan Sinclair - - * - - -& -By-Laws Constitution - - - - - -846-7475 On that same note, on October 3rd, 2009, remains (10 teeth) found at a Reuben Constitution- &-By-Laws Fuller - - * - - - - - 378-4990 helicopter crash site from the November, 1965 battle of La Drang Valley William Weiss - - - ---------------643-9169 Bill Muns - - - - * - 827-2460 that "could not be identified as those of any one soldier" were buried to- Tony SquadritoNewsletter- - - 643-1714 ------- Lee Corfield * Editor* ------- -847-9389 775-3027 gether at Arlington National Cemetery. One dog tag was found, that of JoAnna Williamson - - - Finance Army Spec. 5 Donald Grella, and the cases were closed of Specialist Bill Muns - - * - - - - - - - - - - 643-9169 Finance Thomas Rice, CWO Jessie Phelps and CWO Kenneth Stancil. These re- Bill Bischak - - ---------* - - - - - -869-7090 Larry Googins -- 774-4198 turns were reported in an earlier article. Lon Hogue - - -Legislative- - - 846-8857 ------- POW News (cont on Page 3) BartLaughner -* - - - - - - - - - - -777-2193 Bill Farzati - - - 843-6828 Membership Legislative GaryPetroskey - - * -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -643-8999 Pete Shaffer - - -* -643-8941 MONACA VA CLINIC “Changing Phone Number” Mike Mikulich - - - - - - - - - - 266-6663 Merchandise Bill Laughner Membership- - - 843-6828 -----* -- Effective: May 18th 2010 Lee CorfieldMinority - - - - - - 775-3027 - - * - - - Affairs Bill Harlow - - * - - - - - - - - - - - 378-4990 Reuben Fuller - -378-0984 The New Phone number for the Monaca VA Clinic will be Bill Bischak -Vets - - - Vets - 774-4198 - - - for - - - 724-709-6005 Rich Tindell- - - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4046 Tracy King - - - - - - - - - - - -- 336-5457
  3. 3. Page 3 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 VVA 862 POW News (cont from Page 2) COMMITTEES (Cont) POW/MIA On April 7th, the Taliban released a new video of a thinner, bearded Gary Wink - - * - - - - - - - - - - 728-2810 Bowe Bergdahl pleading to go home. The following is excerpted from PTSD an ABC News report by Matthew Cole and Jim Vojtech: "In the new Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Scholarship video, Bergdahl is bearded and dressed in military issue clothing. He Lon Hogue - - - - * - - - - - - - - 846-8857 holds up a newspaper, but the date of the paper's publication is not visi- Sgt of Arms ble. Bergdahl also performs push-ups to demonstrate his physical condi- Roy Barlett - - - * - - - - - - - - -378-0272 Veterans Affairs tion and says he is being treated well, despite being a prisoner. But Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Bergdahl begins to lose his composure as he talks to the cam- Hospital Committee Blaine Allinder - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4168 era. "Release me please, I'm begging you," he says. "I love my fam- ily. I haven't shown it very well because I've been pretty lost in my life Auditing Committee and I don't think I've given my family the love that they've given Bill Wright * - - - - - - - - - -- - -775-0738 Wayne Cumer - - - - - - - - - - - -947-3859 me." "Let me go," pleads Bergdahl. Joe Mavero - - - - - - - - - - - - - 494-1505 Please keep the Bergdahl family in your prayers. Webmaster Lee Corfield - - - - - - - - - - - - - 775-3027 The Navy ended the search for Missing Aviator Lt. Steven Zilberman, Nominating Committee 31, from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was the only member of a Lon Hogue -*- - - - - -- - - - - - -846-8857 four man crew of an E-2C Hawkeye not recovered in the Arabia Bart Farzati - - - - - - - - - - - - - 777-2193 Sea. The aircraft was returning from an Afghanistan support mission Gary Myers - - - - - - - - - - - - - 728-8620 when it experienced mechanical malfunctions and the crew bailed out. The surviving three crew members were recovered shortly after the Please Note, Next Edition crash and were in good condition. VIETNAM VET GAZETTE DEADLINE "THIS IS OUR SOLEMN PLEDGE" June 2nd, 2010 ***UNTIL THEY ARE HOME** "WHATEVER IT TAKES" VVA 862 WEBSITE "HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES" http://www.vva862.org "WHATEVER THE COST" __________________________ “6”Names Added to the Do we have any VVA Musicians? Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC If you play an instrument and have- This week's changes will bring the total number of names on the n’t played for awhile, and would Vietnam Veterans Memorial to 58,267 men and women who were like to get together for some fun, killed or remain missing in action. Please Contact: The six new names will become "official" when they are read aloud during the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at The Wall on Mon- Chet Kozlowski @ day, May 31, at 1:00 p.m. 724-775-4117
  4. 4. Page 4 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 Minutes from April 21st , 2010 Meeting Meeting called to order by President Skip Haswell at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and an opening prayer by Chaplain Don Villella with “110” in attendance. Veterans “Sick “ or “In Distress” – Bob Grant Guests and/or Prospective Members – Dan Varna, Dave Jones, Don Schweitzer. Motion to deviate from meeting for elections Gary Martin, 2nd Steve Martin Motion Carried. Nominations for President was Skip Haswell. Motion made to close nominations for President by Gary Myers and 2nd by Ralph Cordes Motion Carried Nominations for 1st VP was Jon Neely. Motion to close nominations for 1st VP by Joe Phelps and 2nd by John Albrecht. Motion Carried. Nominations for 2nd VP was Pete Petrosky & Rich Kamzelski nominated by Rich Tindell. Motion made to close nominations for 2nd VP by Gary Myers, 2nd by Steve Martin. Motion Carried. Nominations for Secretary was Lee Corfield. Motion to close nominations for Secretary by Gary Myers and 2nd by Ray Litzinger. Motion Carried. Nominations for Treasurer was Larry Googins. Motion to close nominations for Treasurer by Joe Phelps and 2nd by Pete Herman. Motion Carried. Nominations for BOD were Cliff Hawes, Blaine Allinder & Nick Pavkovich. An additional nomination was Phil Morris by Rich Tindell. Motion made to close nominations for BOD by Steve Martin and 2nd by Don Villella. Motion carried. Nominations for Delegates were Larry Googins, Rich Kamzelski & Phillip Morris. Motion to close nomina- tions for delegates by Joe Phelps and 2nd by Gary Myers. Motion carried. Nominations for Trustees were Bill Wright, Wayne Cumer & Joe Mavero. Motion to close nominations for Trustee’s by Ralph Cordes and 2nd by Ray Litzinger. Motion carried. Nominations for Nominating Committee were Lon Hogue, Additional nominations were Bart Farzati, made by Rich Kamzelski, Gary Myers made by Pete Petrosky and Joe Subroski, made by Tom Robes. Motion to close nominations for the Nominating committee by Don Villella and 2nd by Joe Phelps. Motion Carried. Motion to go back to Regular Meeting by Steve Martin 2nd by Frank Petz Motion Carried. Voting now in Progress till 8:00 PM. Tom Robes introduced Diane Blackburn Oncology Nurse from Medical Center. Quest Speaker. BOD Members Present: 14 Present 0 - Absent 0 - Excused Minutes were accepted as read in recent Newsletter. Treasurers Report: Read by Treasurer Larry Googins to be accepted as read. Pending audit. Motion made by Ray Litzinger and 2nd by Joe Feltz to add $100.00 to the Bond for our Treasurer. Motion Carried. Committee Reports: BOD needs motions to accept the following items - 1. Motion made by Lon Hogue 2nd by Tee Patillo to sponsor a hole for the Ryan Reott Golf Outing $130.00 Motion Carried 2. Motion made by Lon Hogue 2nd by Joe Feltz to invite the winner of the scholarship award + 2 guests to our dinner on May 8th. Cost will be $45.00 Motion Carried 3. Motion was made by Pete Herman and 2nd by Ray Litzinger to invite Region II Director Fred Elliot and his wife to our dinner and pay the $30.00 for their meals and also the cost of their room to be determined later. Motion Carried 4. Motion was made by Bill Harlow and 2nd Steve Martin to purchase a Cell Phone for Skip for $40.00 with 300 minutes and also cover his monthly service fee. Motion Carried Minutes (cont on Page 5)
  5. 5. Page 558 PAGE Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February2009 May 2007 Minutes (cont from Page 4) 5. Motion was made by Gary Myers and 2nd by Sam Giordano to give Pete $50.00 for the repairs of the float for the 4th of July Parade. Motion Carried. 6. Motion was made by Phillip Morris and 2nd by Joe Feltz to change our Web Host to Yahoo Web Hosting at a cost of $112.00 Motion Carried 7. Motion was made by Ralph Cordes and 2nd by Dennis McFee that we spend $100.00 for Trash Pick Up Tools. Motion Carried. 8. Motion Made Bill Harlow by John Elliott to purchase Flags & Patches to be used for our summer uniforms. Motion Carried. Membership - VVA - 463 LIFE - 273 / AVVA - 84 LIFE - 34 Scholarship - Gave his scholarship report. The winner will be attending our Spring Banquet. Duck Race & Brick Program - Bill Laughner gave his report on both. Duck Race Tickets are ready. Legislative - May 10th 2010 Jason Altmire will be here at the Rochester VFW from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. AVVA - Linda Pavkovich gave her report. 50/50 were awarded to Tom Kuhlman. Prizes were given out. Old Business - N/A New Business - Question was asked about the VVA License Plates. Explanation was given as to how the Pa State Council is handling this. May 7th will be a Open House at Cranberry VA Clinic. Tee spoke about an upcoming Diabetes Dinner in Aliquippa. Note: Motion was made by Blaine Allinder 2nd by Ralph Cordes to continue voting until the line is done since it’s after 8:00 PM. Motion Carried Larry Googins gave information on the Verizon package. Larry will have flyers at the next meeting. Good of the Chapter - Blaine spoke about the Golf Outing for Ryan Reott. Pete spoke about his article in the newsletter. Don Villella spoke about some upcoming events here at the VFW. Communications - were read by Secretary Short time delay as we awaited the Results of the Elections. Results of the Elections: President: Skip Haswell 1st Vice President: Jon Neely 2nd Vice President: Pete Petrosky Secretary: Lee Corfield Treasurer: Larry Googins BOD’s: Cliff Hawes, Blaine Allinder, Nick Pavkovich, Delegates: Skip Haswell, Jon Neely, Bill Laughner, Lon Hogue, Nick Pavkovich, Lee Corfield, Pete Petrosky, Larry Googins, Rich Kamzelski, Phillip Morris. Nominating Committee: Lon Hogue, Bart Farzati, Gary Myers Motion made to destroy the ballots by Lon Hogue 2nd by Steve Martin Motion Carried Motion to adjourn by Gary Myers 2nd by Bart Farzati. Motion Carried Respectfully Submitted Lee Corfield - Secretary VVA 862
  6. 6. PAGE67 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE September 2010 May 2005 Lee’s Tid Bits Hi Folks, Well, the 23rd Florida Vietnam Vets and All Vets Reunion turned out great. Hooking up with Bill Muns and Jim Janicki made it even better. While walking around with them, Bill ended up running into an- other Army fellow who went over on the same ship to Vietnam with him. Something about a “Man Over- board” story was shared. Evidently this man had stated prior to getting on board the ship that he wasn’t going to Vietnam. Gee, I wonder how many times that happened. Other then that we noted a lot more Vendors, both food and military items. A lot more room. Very well organized, but as far as the area they had for the Stage, The Kokomo crowd would never fit. Also, from what we saw, the entertainment was nothing like Kokomo. They did do several Special Ceremonies, Example - Nurses in Vietnam Statue by real people, The 3 Soldiers Statue by real people, the Last Patrol re-enactment were all fantastic. John Steer was there just like in Kokomo and did another excellent job as he always does. He also did the service on Sunday Morning. This might seem funny, but, There was “No Fee” to get in. The Port-a-john area, I have to say was ex- cellent. You ask, How can a Port-a- john area be rated as excellent. Well, Let me put it like this. They had one way in & out. They only asked for Tips on the way out. At night behind the Port-a-johns, was a set of stadium lights. The entire area was very well lit. They had a group of men who took turns every hour making there rounds making sure each unit was spotless, mopped and cleaned. You guys know what Kokomo’s like. Jim and his friend Tom stated they had a great shower area for the campers. If you were at the right place at the right time, you could even obtain a Free Beer Can Cooler. Jim Janicki showed us how to do it!!! I would say that it would be nice to see our group get some people together and make the trip some year. It was a nice change, very spread out. I could see us taking 2 days (about an 18 hour trip) to get there and everyone would be responsible for making their room arrangements. Those with Campers could do the same. This could be something we could look into. Sending Newsletters to our Deceased Members - We are asking those families of our deceased members who receive our newsletters to let us know if you still want to receive the newsletter. We do have 3 widows who are members who will still receive the newsletters but we never hear anything from any of the other fami- lies My address is on the last page of the newsletter or you can email me at n3ial@comcast.net or call my home at 724-775-3027. If I’m not notified, your names will be removed from our list. We are now the group of veterans which is dying at the fastest rate. 2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam. It is estimated that there are 850,000 left. We are dying at the rate of 390 per day. Ride to the Wall this coming Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone is ready!!! Lee The views and opinions are solely that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions or poli- Funeral Notices cies of the Vietnam Veterans of America, (National, State or Local). Gertrude Lay - 80 Passed away on April 28, 2010 She was the mother of VVA 862 Member James J All articles written by the editor unless otherwise stated. Lay. Submissions will be gladly accepted by the editor. Dennis T Radebaugh - 73 Passed away on Friday Lee Corfield - Editor VVA 862 Beaver County, Pa May 7th 2010. Dennis was a Vietnam Vet and uncle 140 Knob Vue Drive of VVA 862 member Dennis McFee. Freedom, Pa. 15042 May They Rest In Peace We reserve the right to edit submissions as space allows.
  7. 7. PAGE77 Page 8 Page ShortRounds VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February 2009 May 2007 SHORTROUNDS Medal Of Honor – Leslie Sabo has been recommended for the Medal Of Honor. Sabo from the Ellwood City area was with the 101st Army Airborne and KIA in Vietnam on May 10, 1970. The family received word from Rep. Jason Altmire after he had been notified by Army Secretary John McHugh. It now goes to President Obama for final approval. U.S. Marines – I love the fact that civilians don’t have a clue what makes us tick, and that’s not a bad thing. Because if they did, it would probably scare the hell out of them! This week President Obama announced the charities he would be donating the money he received for the No- bel Peace Prize. At the top of the list was $250.000 donation to the Fisher House. Credit Report – You should check your credit report once a year and you can do that FREE. Go to: http:www.annualcreditreport.com I do it and if you find something on your report that you don’t agree with you can ask that it be removed. I check my report and you spouse can also check his/hers. Congressman Altmire will hold a “Thank You” Picnic on Sunday, May 30 from 2 to 4 pm at the Center Twp. Municipal Park, Pavilion # 1 – So they will know how much food to order please RSVP to Brian @ 412-318- 4138. For those who have GPS, enter 224 Center Grange Road, Monaca, Pa. YES, we still and will continue to accept cell phones you no longer use. We turn them in and receive a few bucks for them. Bring them to the meeting and we will take care of them. POW/MIA Bracelets – We have bracelets of our Brothers still MIA from Beaver County and other bracelets from other areas. A Bio goes with all bracelets. The only thing we ask is that once you wear it, you wear it till he comes home !!!! Stop in between 6 & 7 pm meeting night and visit our PX, If we don’t have it we can order it for you and we will beat any price!!! We hope to order chapter T shirts in the very near future. As I have said, our “shirt man” has had some health problems, for 10 years he has supplied our sweat & T shirts, he can no longer do this. Well folks, my last day of work was April 30, I am now retired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife said, the bad thing about retirement is you can’t remember what day it is…. I said, “Ya know what? It doesn’t matter!!!!!!!!!” I retired from the Beaver Falls Police Dept. in 1989. I went to work for the Beaver County Coroners Office and Medic Rescue and after 20 some years. It’s time!!!! Everyday is Saturday and I am really looking forward to joining the rest of you who are retired and NO you will not find me at Wal-Mart as a greeter. Ya know what? WE ARE IN TROUBLE !!!! Follow along with me now…….The population of this country is 300 million, 160 million are retired. That leaves 140 million to do the work. There are 85 million in school. Which leaves 55 million to do the work. Of this there are 40 million employed by the federal government. Leaving 15 million to do the work. 2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing Bin-Laden. Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work. Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for the state & city governments and that leaves 1.4 million to do the work. At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals & nursing homes. Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work……Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. YOU & ME!!!! And there you are, sitting on your azz reading this newsletter. We are in trouble!!!!!!!!! OK Brothers and Sisters, with that I will sign off. We have the VA Health Fair this coming meeting night May 19, they will be ready to go by 5:30 PM / 6:00 PM so come early and get checked over and learn what the VA can do for you. Welcome Home - Skip
  8. 8. Page 8 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 Verizon Velocity Fundraising SUPPORT VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA - CHAPTER 862 Fundraising Goal: All funds raised will be used to help local area Veterans, Veterans Agencies, and Veterans Families. Our nonprofit will receive a donation from Verizon when you order a new qualifying residential Verizon product. A Verizon FiOS Triple Freedom order Donations are made on behalf of will generate up to a $65 donation. What’s more, you can take advantage of currently advertised promotions, so order today! new qualifying residential orders placed by calling 1.888.678.1384 How to place your order: in NJ or Step 1 Supporters in NJ call 1-888-678-1384 1.888.345.7544 PA & DE supporters call 1-888-345-7544 in PA/DE and providing our code. Monday - Friday (10AM to 9 PM) Orders placed online or through another phone number will not apply. Donations are paid on the following qualified new product orders: Residential Product Donation Verizon FiOS Internet or Verizon High Speed Internet $25.00 Verizon FiOS TV or Direct TV $20.00 Phone (Verizon Freedom Calling, Verizon Long Distance or Additional Line) $10.00 Step 2 Provide our code 50416 To the Verizon Representative Got all the Verizon products you need? Then pass this flyer to friends And family in PA, DE and NJ so their new order will help us too! For more information or to enroll a nonprofit organization, visit verizon.com/velocity. Participation in the Verizon Velocity program does not indicate acceptance or endorsement by Verizon of participants’ views or statements. Donations are only made on behalf of new qualifying residential orders placed by calling 1 .888.678.1384 in NJ or 1.888.345.7544 in PA/DE and providing our code. Donations paid on new product orders that remain with Verizon a minimum of 30 days from order date. Renewals or speed/package upgrades do not constitute a new sale. Term commitment may apply. Product availability varies. Contact Verizon for details. © 2010 Verizon.
  9. 9. Page 9 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 Ohio Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park Clinton Ohio July 24th, 2010 This is a Very Special Motorcycle Ride in Honor of the 3,095 Ohio Vietnam Veterans who paid the ultimate price! Clay’s Park Canal Fulton, Ohio Staging will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM We will be leaving here early Saturday Morning _________________________________________________ Pat Sajak :“Wins” for VVA By Mark Leepson VVA gave Pat Sajak, the popular host of Wheel of Fortune, our Excellence in the Arts Award at the National Convention in Louisville last summer. This winter, Sajak, who served as a U.S. Army AFVN disk jockey, gave VVA something: a check for $58,300. Sajak didn't exactly give the money to VVA; he won it for his favorite veterans' organization in the first round of the Jeopardy Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational tournament in a show that was aired January 21. Sajak bested two other celebs (actors Elizabeth Perkins and Doug Savant) on the popular TV quiz show, raking in the huge total for the non-profit of his choice. He also qualified for the championship round in which the top prize is a million dollars VVA CHAPTER 862 GOLF LEAGUE STONECREST GOLF COURSE Every MONDAY EVENING LEAGUE TEE-TIMES 5:30 PM BLACKHAWK GOLF COURSE Every THURSDAY EVENING LEAGUE TEE-TIMES 6:00 PM
  10. 10. Page 10 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 VVA CHAPTER 862 IS ACCEPTING ORDERS for memorial walkway bricks to be placed at the Vietnam Memorial in Beaver. You may honor Veterans of the armed services, loved ones and friends (both living and deceased) with an “In Memory of” brick. You may also want to honor your American Legion post, your Veterans of Foreign Wars post and/or all Veterans Service Organizations. Orders are accepted year round, with placement every spring and fall. Engraving is donated by Rome Monument in honor of county veterans. Mail completed forms to: William Laughner 119 Jonathan Drive Darlington, PA 16115 Ohio River Blvd. “Highway Cleanup” on Saturday, April 24.
  11. 11. Page 11 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR Marie Knasiak 90 years old Joins VVA MEMBERS Oldest Female to join the Vietnam Veterans of America June A few months ago, a group of Charlotte County veterans formed the Vietnam Veterans of America Gulf coast Chapter 1037. 3 weeks ago, a Rodger Iben June 3 Dave Bollman June 4 woman showed up at one of their meetings wanting to join. “She stood up Pam Haswell June 4 and said my name is Marie Knasiak and I am 90 years old and a Vietnam James Wrzesinski June 5 veteran, and I go whoa!” said VVA President Ray Smith. Ralph Hague June 7 Chuck Musser June 8 They went on to find this feisty Polish woman was the oldest living female Paul Summers June 8 veteran and a decorated retired Lt. Col who had once dodged and fought Jim Juillerat June 10 sniper fire in the TET offensive. They knew she deserved something spe- Tee Patillo June 10 cial. “She's gonna be totally surprised. She has no idea this is happening. Linda Davis June 10 None whatsoever,” Smith said before the ceremony. Don Eiler June 11 Chuck Bowers June 12 The chapter was presented its official charter, elected officers, then Marie Larry Kingston June 12 Bill Porupsky June 12 Knasiak was brought onstage. One after another, Marie was presented with Ed Van Ryn Jr June 13 a vest, pins, certificates, flowers...an honor she never could have dreamed Ken Pingatore June 15 of, especially when she first returned home from war. “As we came off that Connie McCracken June 16 boat, and being piled into taxis, 6 and 8 into a taxi, no respect given to us,” Jenn Basinger June 16 Knasiak said. “It was very difficult.” Dan Godich June 17 Allys Boyer June 18 Monday night, she had the respect of the entire room. “This has been glori- Julius Bergiel June 19 ous, unexpected and I do appreciate the tremendous applause you have Georgiann Robes June 20 given,” Knasiak said. Ronald Robes June 20 Ray Litzinger June 21 Ron Gabler June 23 Ron Johnston June 23 V. V. A. Meeting night - May 19 Milton Pettapiece June 23 Eugene Mattica June 25 Joe Mavero June 26 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Ralph Cordes June 30 If you don’t see your Sponsored by VVA 862 and Birthday listed, It’s Veterans Affairs, Butler probably because I don’t have it. Attend to see what VA Benefits you I don’t have AVVA have coming. Birthdays. If you want it listed, Send it to me. Health screening will be done! n3ial@comcast.net
  12. 12. Page 16 12 Page 14 VIETNAM VET VET GAZETTE VIETNAM GAZETTE December2010 May 2009 AVVA Minutes April 21, 2010 Chapter Representative Linda Pavkovich called the regular meeting of AVVA Chapter 862 to order at 6:00 PM with 19 members present. The report was given on our line item in the VVA budget and will be filed. Unfinished Business: Our planned visit to Friendship Ridge has been cancelled due to illness at Friendship Ridge. Valentine cards and Easter cards to be delivered by the staff were dropped off. We will inquire again later in the year. The procedures for Chapter Incorporation were reviewed. A letter (and check for $25) will be sent to AVVA National requesting the Chapter Incorporation petition. The Vet Center donation this month will be to the Aliquippa Veterans Service Center. A motion to increase the donations was tabled until fall. Barbara Googins has checked with Rochester Manor about visiting the veterans there. We are waiting for a list of veterans who would like to be visited. New Business: Those AVVA members who wish to receive The Veteran magazine may request it only if there is no one else at that address who is receiving it. It can also be found online at www.vva.org. AVVA National is now selling an Agent Orange Remembrance pin. We will be buying a supply of them for sale. The pin, designed by Mary Miller of Chapter 364, is a black heart shape with a crack in the heart. It bears an orange tear, still being shed by all those affected by Agent Orange. Please wear this pin in honor of those who have suffered the effects of Agent Orange. A motion was made by Donna Corfield, seconded by Bobby Morris, to pay the lodging, dinner and breakfast costs for Cathy Keister, AVVA PA State President when she attends our annual banquet. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be May 19, 2010 at the Rochester VFW in the Board Room at 6:00 PM. BEAVER COUNTY VETERANS EXPO JUNE 19th, 2010 Penn State, Beaver A FREE EVENT FOR VETERANS, SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES THE PUBLIC IS INVITED CONTACT: BEAVER.PSU.EDU.VETERANSEXPO More info will be in the June Newsletter
  13. 13. Page 13 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 The Women on the Wall By Fred Elliott At Line 46 of Panel 5E of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial you will see the name of Army Second Lieutenant, Carol Ann Elizabeth Drazba. Lieutenant Drazba, of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, was twenty-two years old when the helicopter she was on crashed killing both she and another twenty-two year old Army 2nd Lieutenant, Elizabeth Ann Jones of Allendale, South Carolina (Panel 5E, Line 47). Both Drazba and Jones were assigned to the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon when they died on February 18, 1966 in the crash near Saigon. Captain Eleanor Grace Alexander (Panel 31E, Line 8) and First Lieutenant Hedwig Diane Orlowski (Panel 31E, Line 15) were killed when their plane crashed. They were returning to Qui Nhon from Pleiku on November 30th, 1967. The two Army nurses had been sent to a hospital in Pleiku to help out during a push. Captain Alexander of Westwood, New Jersey was assigned to the 85th Evac in Qui Nhon and 1st Lieutenant Orlowski of Detroit, Michigan to the 67th Evac. Twenty-six year old Army 2nd Lieutenant, Pamela Dorothy Donovan (Panel 53W, Line 43), became seriously ill and died on July 8, 1968. Assigned to the 85th Evac in Qui Nhon, Lieutenant Donovan was from Allston, Massachusetts. Efland, North Carolina was home to Army Lieutenant Colonel Annie Ruth Graham (Panel 48W, Line 12). LTC Graham was the Chief Nurse at the 91st Evac Hospital in Tuy Hoa. The 52 year old suffered a stroke on August 14, 1968 and died four days later in a hospital in Japan. Vietnam was her third combat theater, having served in both World War II and Korea. When the 312th Evac Hospital at Chu Lai was hit by rockets on June 8, 1969, Army 2nd Lieutenant Sharon Ann Lane was among the wounded. The twenty-five year old from Canton, Ohio died from those wounds. She was posthumously awarded the Vietnamese Cross for Gal- lantry with Palm and the Bronze Star for heroism. Lt. Lane had been assigned to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado before going to Vietnam and in 1970, the recovery room at the hospital was dedicated in her honor. Canton, Ohio’s Aultman Hospi- tal, where Lt. Lane went to nursing school, erected a bronze statue of her. The names of 100 local servicemen killed in Vietnam are inscribed on the base of the statue. Air Force Captain Mary Therese Klinker (Panel 1W, Line 122) was a flight nurse assigned to Clark Air Base in the Philippines. On April 4, 1975, Captain Klinker died in the crash of a C-5A Galaxy outside Saigon while evacuating Vietnamese orphans during Operation Babylift. The twenty-seven year old from Lafayette, Indiana was posthumously awarded the Airman’s medal for heroism and the Meritorious Service Medal. While most people are aware that some women died during the Vietnam War, and some even recognize the names of the eight women listed above whose names are on The Wall, how many know about the twenty-seven other women who died in the Vietnam theater of operations? I know I didn’t, so here they are: Civilian Missionary Eleanor Ardel Vietti, captured as a Pow, died on May 30, 1962 in Ban Me Thout Civilian Missionary Janie A. Makil was shot and killed in Dalat on March 4, 1963. US Navy Civilian (OICC), Regina “Reggie” Williams died from a heart attack in Saigon in 1964. CIA civilian employee, Barbara Robbins died from a car bombing in Saigon on March, 30, 1965. Journalist, Georgette “Dickey” Chapelle, died on November 4, 1965 in Chu Lai from a land mine. Journalist Marguerite Higgins died from an unspecified illness on January 3, 1966. Journalist Philippa Schuyler died near Da Nang in a helicopter crash on May 9, 1967. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) employee Marilyn L. Allan was murdered in Nha Trang on Au- gust 16, 1967. Army Special Services civilian employee Dorothy Phillips died in a plane crash near Qui Nhon in 1967. Civilian Missionaries Carolyn Griswold, Betty Ann Olsen, Ruth Thompson, and Ruth Wilting all died during an enemy raid at Ban Me Thout on February 1, 1968. Army Special Services civilian employee Rosalyn Muskat died in Long Binh in a jeep accident on October 26, 1968. American Red Cross worker, Hannah E. Crews died on October 2, 1969 in a jeep accident in Bien Hoa. USAID employee Dr. Breen Rat- terman died in the same accident. Knights of Malta, civilian volunteer Maria L. Kerbeer, died in 1969 from an illness in a POW camp. Gloria Redlin, a Catholic Relief Services worker, was shot to death in Pleiku in 1969. Virginia E. “Ginny” Kirsch, an American Red Cross worker was murdered on August 16, 1970 in Cu Chi. On February 9, 1971, Lucinda J. Richter, of the Red Cross, died from illness in Cam Ranh Bay. Illness claimed the life of Tempo- rary Captain Barbara Frances Black of the Royal Australian Army Nurse Corps on March 11, 1971. CIA civilian Betty Gebhardt died in Saigon in 1971. Evelyn Anderson and Beatrice Kosin, both civilian missionaries, died in a fire in 1972 in Kengkok, Laos. Sister Lesley Cowper, believed to be working for the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Ministry, died in Qui Nhon. Knights of Malta civilian volunteer, Hindrika Kortman, died in a POW camp. Australian entertainer, Cathy Wayne (Warnes) was murdered in Vietnam. Were there more? possibly. I don’t know but these are all that I was able to find using the internet. Regardless of the number, it’s important to remember that women have died in time of war serving their country and continue to do so today. So far over 100 women have died during Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom. Note: Fred Elliott was our Main Speaker at our recent 2010 Awards Banquet
  14. 14. Page 14 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010
  15. 15. Page 15 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010
  16. 16. Page 16 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010
  17. 17. Page 17 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 President’s Message (cont from Page 1) AVVA President Linda Pavkovich presented the award to a very special young lady. The AVVA mem- bers voted Marilyn Piccirilli to receive the AVVA Member of the Year for 2010. Marilyn is not only busy all year with the AVVA but is also a driving force with the TET Committee. Congratulations to all who have earned the awards. You have made this group of 550 some members a better chapter and as your President, on behalf of its membership, we Thank You!!!!!!!! The 2010 High School Scholarship winner was a young lady from Monaca, Pa. and a senior at Quig- ley High School. Ms. Valerie Fudurich was awarded a check for $1,000.00 to help her out at college. Valerie and her family were our guests for the evening. We would like to thank Lon Hogue as chairperson of the scholarship committee year after year and also the members who judge the entries. To round out the evening, service pins were presented to 5, 10, 15 and 20 year members. Special guest were Tom & Linda Haberkorn, & Fred Elliott. We are honored to have them in attendance. Welcome Home Skip VA makes it easer to apply for Health Care Benefits “Online”! WASHINGTON (May 5 2010) - Veterans will find it easier and faster to apply for their health care benefits now that the Department of Veterans Affairs has updated its online Form 10-10EZ, "Application for Health Benefits." "VA is committed to tapping into the best that technology has to offer to ensure Veterans receive the benefits they have earned," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. "We continue to look for new ways to improve access to care and benefits." This revised online application provides enhanced navigation features that make it easier and faster for Veter- ans to apply for their health care benefits. This new version also allows Veterans to save a copy of the com- pleted form for their personal records. The most significant enhancement allows Veterans to save their application to their local desktop and return to the application at any time without having to start over. Previously, Veterans had to complete the form in a single session. This updated online form, along with the revised VA Form 10-10EZ, reduces the collection of information from Veterans by eliminating some questions. In addition, there are minor changes to simplify the wording of questions and provide clarity in the instruc- tions. Further enhancements to the online application are expected to be delivered in increments throughout 2010. Veterans may complete or download the 10-10EZ form at the VA health eligibility website at https:// www.1010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez https://www.1010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/1010ez/ . Veterans may also contact VA at 1 (877) 222-8387 (VETS) or visit the VA health eligibility website at www.va.gov/healtheligibility.
  18. 18. Page 18 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE May 2010 Legislative Update The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve S. 1963, the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act, with a vote of 419-0. The bill creates a caregiver support program, improves health care services for America’s women veterans, and expands the mental health services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The bill expands mental health care and expands the number of places where home- less veterans can obtain services. The bill now goes back to the Senate where we hope for quick passage. On May 5 at 10 a.m., the House Veterans Affairs Committee held a hearing on “Health Effects of the Vietnam War – The Aftermath.” This hearing was web cast live at the committee website http:// veterans.house.gov. where it can also be viewed at a later date. HR 2254 the Agent Orange Equity was addressed with no mention of a schedule for a vote. The House bill has 256 cosponsors and its Senate com- panion has 18 cosponsors. We were promised by Secretary Shinseki and Senator Specter that our Blue Wa- ter Veterans presumptive conditions would be addressed by this legislation. Chairman Filner assured us that this concern would be addressed legislatively after the loss of the Haas Case in the Supreme Court. Now is the time for action on this issue! The President signed into law HR 4887 (P.L. 111-159) to recognize all Defense Department TRI- CARE and nonappropriated fund healthcare programs as meeting minimum essential coverage standards under the new national healthcare law HR 5014 and S 3162 also being considered will clarify that the health care provided by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs will constitute minimum essential coverage. This legislation has passed the Senate and has yet to be considered by the House. The Commissary relocation project has made progress. All parties concerned have agreed that the new facility will be located at the U S Army McGarrity Reserve Center in Moon Township. The lease has been completed and Environmental and Feasibility studies should start this summer. Look for possible ground- breaking in Aug 2011 and completion in Dec. 2012. Rep. Tim Murphy (Lt. Cmdr. USNR) has hired a veteran to provide service to veterans in his Mt. Lebanon office. He is Mr. James Hill (CSM, USA Ret.). Jim served his active duty time as a Marine with two tours in Vietnam 67-69). He later joined the Army Reserve and served two tours in Iraq before retiring. Wel- come Home Jim! We applaud Rep. Murphy for hiring a vet to represent vets. Jim can be reached at 412-344- 5583. VVA 862 Legislative Rep Bart Farzati GOOD THING TO KNOW: New Law: If a patrol car is pulled over to the side of the road, you have to change to the next lane (away from the stopped vehicle) or slow down by 20 mph. Every state except Hawaii and Maryland and the D.C. has this law. In California, the "Move-over" law became operative on January 1, 2010. http://www.moveoveramerica.com/ A friend's son got a ticket for this recently. A police car (turned out it was 2 police cars) was on the side of the road giving a ticket to someone else. He slowed down to pass but did not move into the other lane. The second police car immediately pulled him over and gave him a ticket. He had never heard of the law. It is a fairly new law that states if any emergency vehicle is on the side of the road, if you are able, you are to move into the far lane. The cost of the ticket was $754, with 3 points on your license and a mandatory court appearance. Please let everyone you know that drives about this new law. Thanks to VVA 862 Member Don Wolfe for this info. I also seen this on my recent trip to Florida. Lee
  19. 19. PAGE19 Page 12 Calendar of VET GAZETTE VIETNAM Events for 2006 January 2010 May 2006 “TOGETHER THEN” ‘TOGETHER Calendar of Events for 2010 “TOGETHER NOW” #107514 May August May 3 VVA Golf League starts Aug 4 Newsletter Deadline . US Coast Guard Birthday 1790 May 5 Newsletter Deadline Aug 10 - Aug 15 National VVA Conference Orlando Fl May 7 “Vietnam Veterans Day” in Pennsylvania (2003) Aug 11 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM May 8 VVA / AVVA Spring Banquet—Rochester VFW Aug 13 - 15 Regatta - Bridgewater (Booth will be set up) May 9 “Happy Mothers Day” Chairmen will be Rich Kamzelski May 12 VVA BOD Meeting - Rochester VFW 7 PM Aug 18 VVA Picnic - Industry Park May 19 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Aug 22 Honor SW PA Viet Vets 10AM to 6PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM South Park Fairgrounds Parade 11:00 AM May 27 Memorial Day Eve Candlelight Service Beaver Pa Aug 24 - 28 “Hookstown Fair” Booth set up all week & Flags on Graves Sylvania Hills Cemetery Aug 27 VVA “Duck Race” 6:00 PM @ Hookstown Fair May 28 Ride to the Wall - Washington DC Leaves Vanport Hot Dog Shoppe @ 7:30 AM September May 30 Rolling Thunder Ride in Washington D.C. Sept 1 Newsletter Deadline May 31 Memorial Day - VVA 862 will be marching in Sept 6 “Labor Day” Rochester Parade Sept 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Sept 11 POW / MIA Run & Memorial Program Sept 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM June Sept 16 - 19 Kokomo, In. Vietnam Vet Reunion June 2 Newsletter Deadline Sept 18 US Air Force Birthday 1947 June 5 & 6 VVA PA State Council Meeting State College Pa Sept 26 “Gold Star Mothers Day” June 9 VVA BOD Meeting - Rochester VFW 7 PM June 13 U S Army Birthday 1775 October June 13 Support the Troops Rally - 1:00 PM Oct 6 Newsletter Deadline Gazebo in Beaver Oct 13U. S. Navy Birthday June 14 Flag Day “Fly them Flags” Oct 13VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM June 16 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Oct 16 - 17 PASC Meeting State College Pa June 20 “Happy Fathers Day” Oct 20VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM Oct 23 Hi-Way Clean Up Meet @ Baden McDonald’s 9:AM July Clean Up detail starts at 10:00 AM July 4 Independence Day * Parade in Midland* Oct ?? Agent Orange Poppy Days July 7 Newsletter Deadline July 14 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM July 17 BIKERS For VETS Run - Butler VA PA. 10:00 AM November July 21 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Nov 2 “Election Day” Be Sure to Vote’ AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM Nov 3 Newsletter Deadline Nov 7 Daylight Savings Time Ends Please join Nov 10 US Marine Corp Birthday Congressman Altmire for a Nov 10 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Memorial Day Picnic Nov 11 Veterans Day Parade in ???????? Pa to thank our Veterans! Nov 17 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Nov 25 “Happy Thanksgiving “ Sunday, May 30, 2010 Center Township Municipal Park Pavilion 1 December 224 Center Grange Road Dec 1 Newsletter Deadline Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 15001 Dec 7 “Pearl Harbor Day” 2 PM—4 PM Dec 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW PM Free Food! Family Friendly! Dec 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester Elks 7 PM Please R.S.V.P. to Brian at Dec 25 “Merry Christmas” 412-318-4138. Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Paid for by Citizens for Altmire.
  20. 20. VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA MEMBERSHIP Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc Beaver County Chapter 862 IS OPEN TO ANY VETERAN 140 Knob VueEditor WHO SERVED Lee Corfield, Drive ANYWHERE DURING THE VIETNAM WAR ERA Freedom, PA 15042 Name:______________________Phone:_______________Birthday___/___/___ Address:__________________-City:________________State:______Zip______ ____I served in the US military (for other than training purposes) between 8/5/64 & 5/7/75 Or ____I served in the US military in Vietnam between 2/28/61 and 5/7/75 ____DD-214 enclosed (Applications without DD-214 will be processed as Associate Memberships) ____Renewal Membership Card #_________________New Member:_____________ ____I wish to join the (AVVA) - Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America $20.00 P/Year Type: __ 1 Year Individual Member- $20.00 __ 3 Year- $50.00 __ Life Member Optional Time Payment $50 down/ $25/mth Return this form to: __ $250.00 (Ages 49 and under) __ $225.00 (Ages 50-55) GARY SHAFFER __ $200.00 (Ages 56-60) VVA CHAPTER 862 __ $175.00 (Ages 61-65) 709 OHIO AVE __ $150.00 (Ages 66 + ) MIDLAND, PA 15059 Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc Beaver County Chapter 862 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION Lee Corfield, Editor U.S. POSTAGE 140 Knob Vue Drive PAID PERMIT NO. 862 Freedom, PA. 15042 ROCHESTER PA. 15074