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VVA chapter 862 April 2010 newsletter


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VVA chapter 862 April 2010 newsletter

  1. 1. VIETNAM VET “GAZETTE” Issue 94 Together Then ..... Together Now April 2010 Up-Coming Meetings BOD Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the Month 7:00 PM Regular Meeting 3rd Wednesday of Month At our “New Home” ROCHESTER VFW Be Sure To Important Dates to Remember Upcoming Events— Page 17 Vietnam Veterans of America Beaver County Chapter 862 VVA/AVVA = “Spring Banquet” Where: Rochester VFW When: May 8th 2010 Price: $15.00 Per/Person To make your RSVP Reservations, Please Contact: Barb Googins @ 724-869-7090 or Marty Sinclair @ 724-846-7475 Happy Hour - 6 :00 PM Dinner -7:00 PM Program -8:00 PM Guest Speaker: Fred Elliott National VVA Region 2 Director from New York
  2. 2. Page 2 2 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE Vietnam Vet Gazette April 2010 August 2001 Chapter 862 Officers & Committees COMMITTEES POW / MIA News Executive BoardArea724 Area Codes (All 724 All Codes) "REMEMBER OUR POW/MIA'S" L. Skip Haswell - -President -843-6930 Executive Board Mike Mikulich - - 1st V.P.—266-6663 When one American is not worth the effort to be found, L. Skip Haswell -- -2nd V.P.—891-2089 Jon Neely - - - - -President - 843-6930 We as Americans have lost. Jon Neely - ---- - -Secretary —775-3027 Lee Corfield - -1st V.P. - -891-2089 PeteMuns - - - ---Treasurer-—643-9169 Bill Petrosky - - -2nd VP - - 643-8999 Lee Corfield - - - - Secretary - - 775-3027 AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR: There are approximately 1,720 Board of Directors Larry Googins- - - Treasurer- -- 869-7090 Blaine Allinder——————375-4168 U.S. Personnel listed by the Defense POW/MIA Office as missing and unac- Bob Eiler———————— 457-8234 counted for from the Vietnam War. There are also over 78,000 U.S. Personnel Board of Directors Bill Harlow——————-—378-0984 missing from WWII and over 8,000 still missing from Korea. There are sev- CliffLaughner———-———-843-6828 Bill Hawes - - - - - -1- - - - -- 728-5065 Blaine Montgomery———-—827-2782 James Allinder - - - - 1 - - - - - -375-4168 eral missing from the present conflict in Afghanistan. Nick Namath———————847-9296 John Pavkovich - - - -1- - - - - - 847-0592 NickLaughner - - - - -2 - - - - - -843-6828 Bill Pavkovich——————847-0592 HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, Hawaii-The Joint POW/MIA Account- Tom Villella———————-843-7401 Don Robes - - - - - - 2- - - - - - 728-4334 ing Command conducted an Arrival Ceremony Friday, April 2nd. There will Don Weiss————————827-2460 Bill Villella - - - - - - 2- - - - - - 843-7401 be two flag-draped transfer cases. The first transfer case is associated with Rich Kamzelski Delegates- - - - -728-2479 - - - - 3- Gary Shaffer - - - - -1st3-—— - -643-8941 losses from World War II recovered from the Independent State of Papua New JoAnna Williamson - - - - 847-9389 Rich Tindell ———————513-0389 Tracey King - - - - - - -3 - - - - - 336-5457 Guinea. The second transfer case was recovered from the Lao People's Democ- Reuben Fuller ——————-378-4990 ratic Republic and is associated with Vietnam War losses. Delegates Nominating Committee Skip Haswell Denotes -Chairman * - - - - - - - - - - - - 843-6930 Jon Neely - - - -*- - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Bill Bischak - - - - - - - - - - 774-4198 Associated Press, March 29th, 2010, PHNOM PENH, Cambodia-Forensic tests Bill Laughner - - - - - - - - - - -847-9389 JoAnna Wiilliamson -843-6828 will be conducted on what two searches believe are the remains of photogra- Nick Pavkovich - -- -- --------------643-1714 Tony Squadrito 847-0592 pher Sean Flynn, son of Hollywood star Errol Flynn, who disappeared during Lon Hogue - Agent - - - - - - - - 846-8857 - - - - Orange the Cambodian War 40 years ago. Lee Neely- - *- - - - - - - - - - - - -775-3027 Jon Corfield - - - - - - - - - - --891-2089 Pete Petrosky --------------- -------843-0706 John Helbing - 643-8999 Edward Bernstein - -- - - -- -- -- -- --770-2267 Tony Yannachione - - 774-7154 Wreckage of a WWII Curtiss SB2C Helldiver single-engine dive bomber has Jack Webb Associate - - - -330-385-2513 - - - - - - - Liaison been discovered in privately owned woods near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, but Cheri Pickering - - * - - Chairman • - - Denotes - - - 643-4397 its origins and crew remain to be identified. The team has sought input for Dave Tucker - - - -•- - - - - - - 774-4074 John Wakeley - - - - - - - - - - -378-6938 Agent Orange JPAC. Jon Neely- - *- - - - - - - Guards Color/Honor - - - - - -891-2089 During the Senate Select Committee for POW/MIA's in 1993, Colonel Philip James Montgomery - Liaison 827-2782 AVVA - * - - - Corso, who had been an advisor to President Eisenhower during the Korean Linda Pavkovich- - - - -----------643-5267 Don Pickering - * - -847-0592 War testified that he knew about over 600 American POW's being shipped into Color/Honor Affairs Community Guards Ray Litzinger - - - -----------------847-9296 John Namath - * - - 378-5855 Russia during the Korean War. They were written off as dead because Don Villella - - - - - - - - Affairs Community - - - - 843-7401 Eisenhower did not want a war with Russia. Senator Bob Smith pushed for the Dan Sinclair - - * - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -847-9389 JoAnna Williamson -846-7475 truth while Kerry and McCain and others tried to make Corso out as a liar. Constitution & By-Laws WilliamFuller - -- * -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 827-2460 Reuben Weiss * 378-4990 Bill Muns - - - -Newsletter- - -643-9169 ------- Lee Corfield * -Editor* --------643-1714 Tony Squadrito - - - - - 775-3027 (During the author's extensive research, this has always been the case. Anyone JoAnna Williamson - - - - - - - 847-9389 with embarrassing information was discredited.) Finance Bill Muns - - * - - - - - * - - - - 643-9169 Larry Googins - - -869-7090 In January 2010, the North Korean government announced it would resume Bill Bischak - - Legislative - - 774-4198 -------- Bart Hogue - - -*- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -846-8857 Lon Farzati - -777-2193 talks on its nuclear program if the United States signed a peace treaty officially Bill Laughner Membership- - 843-6828 --------- ending the Korean War. The reason the Korean War never officially ended Gary Shaffer - Legislative - - - -643-8941 - -* - - - - - was because one last issue could not be resolved during peace negotiations in Pete Petroskey - - * - - - - - - - 643-8999 Merchandise Panmunjom in 1953. That issue was the exchange of POW's. North Korea Mike Mikulich----------*- - - - - 266-6663 Bill Laughner - 843-6828 Minority Affairs Membership threatened to hold back American POW's and fulfilled that threat when the Lee Corfield - - * - - - - - - - - - 775-3027 Reuben Fuller * - 378-4990 POW repatriation issue could not be agreed upon. Bill Harlow - Vet’s for-Vet’s- -378-0984 ------ --- Rich Bischak - - - - - - - - - - - -- 336-5457 Bill Tindell 774-4198 POW News (cont on Page 3) Tracy King - - - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4046
  3. 3. Page 3 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 VVA 862 POW News (cont from Page 2) COMMITTEES (Cont) EVEN THOUGH THE OFFICIAL U.S. RESPONSE WAS LUKEWARM POW/MIA Gary Wink - - * - - - - - - - - - - 728-2810 TO THE TREATY, IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT A PEACE TREATY PTSD WILL INDEED BE SIGNED DURING PRESIDENT OBAMA 'S CUR- Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 RENT TERM IN OFFICE. Scholarship Lon Hogue - - - - * - - - - - - - - 846-8857 Sgt of Arms !!!!!URGENT!!!!!URGENT!!!!!URGENT!!!!! Roy Barlett - - - * - - - - - - - - -378-0272 Veterans Affairs Please pass this word at your meetings of the VFW, Legion, VVA, AMVETS Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Hospital Committee and all other organizations to which you belong. There is crucial information Blaine Allinder - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4168 that applies to all POW/MIA and KIA/BNR family members form all past wars and conflicts. It deals with the need for and use of Family Reference Samples Auditing Committee (FRS). Voluntary provision of FRS by eligible Next-of-Kin is crucial and will Bill Wright * - - - - - - - - - -- - -775-0738 Wayne Cumer - - - - - - - - - - - -947-3859 save time and effort required for genealogical research and tracking. Joe Mavero - - - - - - - - - - - - - 494-1505 Very importantly, if all FRS from every Southeast Asian and Korean War case Webmaster were available, JPAC/CILHI would be able to identify every set of Korean War Lee Corfield - - - - - - - - - - - - - 775-3027 and Southeast Asian remains currently in the laboratory. There are currently Nominating Committee 428 remains from the Korean War and approximately 50 from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). Lon Hogue -*- - - - - -- - - - - - -846-8857 Dan Sinclair - - - - - - - - - - - - -846-7475 William Weiss - - - - - - - - - - - 827-2460 Again, please pass the word. Thank You. Please Note, Next Edition Gary Wink - POW Chairman VIETNAM VET "THIS IS OUR SOLEMN PLEDGE" GAZETTE ***UNTIL THEY ARE HOME*** DEADLINE "WHATEVER IT TAKES" May 5th, 2010 "HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES" "WHATEVER THE COST" VVA 862 WEBSITE HOW MANY REALLY READ THERE NEWSLETTERS??? It could be worth $100.00 __________________________ If you’ve been reading your newsletters, starting this past Janu- Do we have any VVA Musicians? ary, you are aware that we’ve been hiding VVA 862 members ID # num- bers in the newsletter. If you find your number, You receive a check for If you play an instrument and $100.00. You are to contact Lee Corfield by 7:00 PM on our regular meet- haven’t played for awhile, and ing night. You are allowed to call him by his home phone (724-775-3027) or would like to get together for email him ( You may also contact him via Cell phone some fun, (412-974-8586) up to the start of the Regular Meeting. Please Contact: So far we’ve only given away $100.00 to (1) Winner Nick Vucetich Chet Kozlowski @ HEY!!! We can all use an extra $100.00 “Can’t We?” 724-775-4117
  4. 4. Page 4 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 Minutes from March 17th, 2010 Meeting Meeting called to order by President Skip Haswell at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and an opening prayer by Chaplain Don Villella with 116 in attendance. Veterans Sick or in Distress – Linda Pavkovich, Guests and/or Prospective Members – Don Krupp, Marie Krupp, Harry Lang, Chet Kozlowski, Roll Call of Officers - 13 members present, 0 absent, 1 excused Minutes were accepted as read in recent Newsletter. Treasurers Report: Read by Treasurer Larry Googins to be accepted as read. Pending audit. Committee Reports: Special Guests - Dan Murdoch & Jan spoke about the upcoming Spousal Forum to be held here at the Roch- ester VFW coming up on May 20th. 7:00 PM Nomination Committee : Read the slate of Officers who are willing to run again. Nominations and Elections will be held at the upcoming April Meeting. BOD needs motions to accept the following items - 1. Motion made by Bill Harlow 2nd by Reuben Fuller to donate $100.00 to the (Sew Much Comfort Organi- zation) Motion Carried. 2. Motion was made by Bill Winkle 2nd by Gary Myers to make our regular donation of $250.00 each of the 2 ROTC organizations plus the $70.00 for the Beaver Ball to total $570.00 Motion Carried 3. Motion was made by Pete Petrosky 2nd by Phillip Morris to donate $50.00 to the Beaver Falls American Legion Golf Outing. Motion Carried. 4. Motion was made by Gary Shaffer 2nd by Sam Giordano to donate $100.00 to the upcoming Bridgewater “Night at the Races”. Motion Carried 5. Motion was made by Gary Myers 2nd by Milan Cokrlic to donate $250.00 to the new York County VVA Chapter for Start Up money. Motion Carried 6. Motion was made by Sam Giordano 2nd by Gary Myers to donate $20.00 to VVA Chapter 974 for their Raffle tickets that will have our Chapter name on the tickets. Motion Carried. 7. Motion made by Blaine Allinder 2nd by Reuben Fuller to donate $50.00 for the purchase of Duck Race tick- ets for the VVA 948 Chapter. Motion Carried 8. Motion was made by Gary Myers 2nd by Tee Patillo to donate $100.00 to the funeral of the girl that was murdered in Washington Co whose dad is a Vietnam Veteran and a friend of Mike Coligure. Motion Carried. After a discussion this motion was withdrawn by Gary Myers. Changed motion to give $500 to the funeral of the girl who was murdered in Washington Co. 2nd by Mike Galbreath. Motion Carried. 9. Motion was made by Bill Harlow 2nd by Don Villella to donate $100.00 to the Vets for the Mission Trip to Vietnam for Mike Galbreath. A hand vote was taken, (3) opposed. Motion Carried. 10. Motion was made by Dennis McFee 2nd by John Albright to donate $100.00 to the Upper Beaver Valley Veterans Service Center for Start Up money for their upcoming “Night at the Races.” Motion Carried 11. Motion was made by Blaine Allinder 2nd by Gary Shaffer that we submit a letter to the PA State Council that we will continue to keep our percentage at 50% for the Household Goods Program. Motion Carried. 12. Motion was made by Gary Shaffer 2nd by Rich Orsen that VVA Chapter 862 march in the upcoming Rochester Memorial Day Parade. Motion Carried. Membership - VVA - 456 LIFE - 270 / AVVA - 84 LIFE - 34 Legislative - Bart Farzati spoke about the new Veterans Court System and the Veterans Justice Coordinator. He also spoke about the Agent Orange Equity Act and the Bluewater Vets. VVA 862 member Ed Frankovich is one of our New Van Drivers. Mike Coligure spoke about Allegheny County needing Mentors for this new Veterans Court System. Minutes (cont on Page 5)
  5. 5. Page 5 8 PAGE5 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February2009 April 2007 Minutes (cont from Page 4) Old Business- Barb Googins spoke about the upcoming Spring Banquet. Barb also spoke about at the AVVA meeting tonight voted to incorporate the our AVVA. Price for the Spring Banquet will be $15.00 each. Skip spoke about the VVA License Plate Applications and the issues with the State. He also spoke about the cards you received in the mail pertaining to insurance. You don’t have to fill them out. VA Office in the court house is going out side the court house to hire more help in the VA Office. New Business - Nick Pavkovich spoke about the new Summer Uniforms. A list will be passed around to fill out for those who want uniforms. Lee spoke about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend Ride to the Wall. We have a name on the list that does not belong to our group. Motel will be contacted to have them removed. DAV van is coming to Center Twp VFW April 16th 9 to 5. May 7th Cranberry Twp VA Clinic is holding an Open House. Stop out and pay them a visit. They need more Veterans. Tom Robes spoke about Relay for Life and how much it has cost us the last few years to put our stand up for the weekend. VVA 862 member Tom McCormack spoke about how he has made trips to Panama to help with Medical sup- plies. He gave an excellent explanation on how he helps the people in Panama. He is one of our members and can be contacted if anyone has any supplies they’d like to donate. Good of the Chapter: Skip spoke about John Barber who has offered to “Stand” at the Casket of a fallen member’s funeral. Note: All members, Speak to your next of kin now and let them know if you would like this. Pete Petrosky spoke about the article about his family that will be in next month’s newsletter. Larry Googins spoke about AVVA becoming Incorporated. Closing Prayer by Chaplain Don Villella. Respectfully Submitted Lee Corfield - VVA 862 Secretary ________________________________________________________________________________________ BEAVER COUNTY “SPECIAL UNIT” Says “THANKS” To the members of Chapter 862, We, the members of the Beaver County Special Unit, would like to say “Thank You” for the do- nation of Ammo. We have done 216 funerals for the year of 2009 and appreciate your help in our time of need. Thank You, Beaver County Special Unit Members Ralph Bohon, Andy Zabrucky, Carl T Hunter Jr, Jim Harrington, George Patrick, Mark Wilson, Sal Bobott, B.C. Kenny, Bill Krowchyt, Edward Franz & Ron Arent
  6. 6. PAGE6 7 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE September 2010 April 2005 Lee’s Tid Bits Hi Folks, When I send out our newsletters to all the surrounding VFW’s and American Legions, I always high- light the words “Please Post” on the Address label. Perhaps some don’t understand exactly what that means. It means I’m asking your VFW or your American Legion to Please Post this Newsletter on your Bulletin Board for your members to read. It actually works both ways. Maybe we can obtain new members and maybe we can send new members to your local VFW or American Legion. When I went around last month to post the Blood Drive Flyers for Jon Neely’s Blood Drive, I saw about 4 posted on the Bulletin Boards. Those people told me they can’t wait to get it in the mail. Some of them almost fight over who gets to read it first. If you are a member of a VFW Post or an American Legion, Please ask your Commander if you’re allowed to hang up our Newsletter they received in the mail. “Hey” I was told that it makes for good reading and conversation around the Canteen areas, if you know what I mean. We do try to keep up on all the Veteran activities in the Beaver Valley. Thank You Looking forward to another trip to Florida this month. Heading down to meet up with Bill Muns and Jim Janicki at the Florida Vietnam Veterans Reunion in Melbourne Fl. I haven’t got to hook up with any- body I was in Nam with at the Kokomo Reunion, maybe this one, it will happen who knows. Can’t hurt to try. Don’t forget Highway Clean-Up on April 24th 2010. That is always a fun time. We eat breakfast at McDonalds at 9:00 AM and then at 10:00 AM we separate and the fun begins. Sometimes it’s amazing what people throw out their windows while driving down Rt 65. Best part is, You get to keep what you find. When you get to Pages 9 & 10 - You will see a very special story of one of our own members. Pete Petrosky and his beautiful family. This is the kind of word that we have to get out to other Vietnam Veterans all over the world. How many Vietnam Veterans have stories like this. With out a doubt, probably thousands. This story could have happened to a lot of us, but at the time when we were first starting our families, we never even thought of the words “Agent Orange.” You’ll see what I mean after reading this fantastic story. RTTW 2010 - Well, All 20 rooms have been taken. Now all we do is wait. Lets make sure this Ride To The Wall goes 100% perfect. Please make sure for those that are going that you go over your bike and get it ready for the trip like we do every year. Remember the key word. T-CLOCK = T-Tires & Wheels, C - Controls, L - Lights, O - Oil, C– Chassis, K– Kickstand Guess that’s it for this month, Everyone have a good one. Lee The views and opinions are solely that of the writer and Funeral Notices do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions or poli- cies of the Vietnam Veterans of America, (National, State Edward B Kolosvary - 67 of Salem Ohio Passed or Local). away on March 6th 2010 . Ed had been a VVA 862 members for the past 4 years.. Ed also worked for Don All articles written by the editor unless otherwise stated. Villella at CONTACT Beaver County. Ed served 22 years with the US Army. Submissions will be gladly accepted by the editor. Lee Corfield - Editor VVA 862 Beaver County, Pa Norma Russell - 93 of E. Liverpool Ohio. Passed 140 Knob Vue Drive away March 22, 2010. Norma was the mother of VVA Freedom, Pa. 15042 862 member Joe Russell from Industry, Pa We reserve the right to edit submissions as space allows. “MAY THEY REST IN PEACE”
  7. 7. PAGE77 Page 8 Page ShortRounds VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February 2009 April 2007 SHORTROUNDS VVA 862 10th ANNIVERSERY - Yes, 10 years and we will celebrate at our annual VVA/AVVA Spring Banquet. May 8th. Sat. at the new Rochester VFW banquet hall. I really hope you will attend and have a beau- tiful evening. This banquet is very important and I would be very happy with a nice turnout. The cost is $15.00 per person and remember, if you tell us you will attend, you are obligated to pay whether you show or not. Give Barb Googins a call at 724-869-7090 with your RSVP KOKOMO 2010 – Sept. 16 Thursday to Sunday Sept. 19. I have 38 rooms blocked so mark it down on your calendar and a sign-up sheet will be passed around at a meeting in the near future. HIGHWAY CLEAN-UP – Sat. April 24, Meet at McDonalds in Baden, Rt.65 9:00 AM. We start clean-up at 10:00 AM sharp. We had a great turn-out at our last pick-up and I would be very happy to have just as many show up this time. VVA, AVVA members and family are welcome. Remember, if each member would get involved in one event, that’s all I can ask. Lowe’s – Last month I told you about the 10% discount for active military, National Guard & Reserve. Today I have been told that one of our members, Nam Vet made a purchase of about $700.00 and ask if they gave Veterans discount and they said yes and she gave him 10% off……So, what’s it hurt, ask “Do you give Veter- ans discount,” If they say yes, great ! If they say no, don’t cause a fuss, just move on. Remember, you must show a veterans I D and this Vet used his VA - I.D. card. April 21st Meeting - will be our floor nominations and elections for the next two years. Three Board of Di- rectors and all other positions are open. So if you want to run for office, have another member nominate you. At the April meeting after the nominations are closed, each candidate may if they wish address the member- ship and state their reasons on why they should be elected for a position and with so many new members we will know who and why we are voting for that member. If you are running for an office, understand you are expected to attend meetings. If you are running for a delegate position, understand you are expected to attend meetings of the Penna. State Council of VVA in State College, Pa. three times a year. If you have questions, please see one of the officers. VETERANS OUTREACH & HEALTH FAIR – Before our May 19 meeting, at 5:30 pm The Butler VA will set up for a Veterans Health Outreach. Come early!!! Many Vets do not know what healthcare services the VA offers to them. This will be a good time to ask questions. A nice note from Emmy Huffman who works for Senator Luger’s office in Ind. – Emmy says “I just read your President’s message in the chapter’s March newsletter. Very touching – You guys have done a remark- able job, and by far, one of the best Veterans’ Organizations I’ve seen.” You NEED to read this and understand what I am saying. I have received many questions and phone calls concerning the accidental life insurance that you now have at no cost to you and you have this because you are a member of the VVA and/or AVVA. You are going to receive a phone call from this insurance company ask- ing if they can drop off the policy at your home…..LISTEN UP…. If you want this insurance agent to come to your home, fine.. no problem, If you don’t want them to come to your home, just tell them that and if you pass from an accident the funds will go into your estate. This is not a scam and it is up to you how you handle this. Any questions please bring it up at our next meeting. Twenty years ago, A group of 40 year old’s, members of Vietnam Veterans of America discuss where they should meet for dinner. Finally they agree to meet at Kelly’s in Bridgewater because they have great looking waitresses…. 10 years later at age 50, this group again agrees to meet at Kelly’s because the food is good and the wine selection is excellent, with ice cold beer and it is owned by Jim Kelly, Life Member of VVA…….. 10 years later at age 60, the group agrees to meet at Kelly’s because they can eat in peace & quiet and it is smoke free….10 years later at the age of 70, the group again agrees to meet at Kelly’s because it is wheel chair acces- sible………… 10 years later at age 80, the group agrees to meet at Kelly’s because they have never been there before…….Now, this is what we have to look forward to!!!!! ShortRounds (cont on Page 8)
  8. 8. Page 8 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 SHORTROUNDS (cont from Page 7) The Military may consider PTSD worth a purple heart. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said “I think it is clearly something that needs to be looked at.” My opinion, I do not agree but I do want to hear from members in our chapter who have earned purple hearts. If our government gives out Purple Hearts for PTSD what other illness (some call PTSD a wound) will they give it out in the future?? We are thinking about doing this in a T-Shirt – The Senior T- Shirt We are Valuable We are more valuable than any of the younger generations: We have silver in our hair, We have gold in our teeth, We have stones in our kidneys. And, We are loaded with natural gas !!! As you have just filed your income tax, did you ever notice, When you put the two words “The” and “IRS” together, It spells “THEIRS” In my 65 years, I have learned to never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. I have been told that 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea. Does that mean that 1 out of 5 enjoy it?? I have also learned, never lick a steak knife !!!! As you can see, old people become very wise. Recently a federal appeals court (2-1) in San Francisco upheld the use of the words “Under God” in the Pledge Of Al- legiance and “In God We Trust” on U S currency rejecting arguments that the phrases violate the separation of church and state challenges by an atheist Michael Newdow who claimed the references to God disrespect his religious beliefs. Can you believe it, in Ca. of all places….maybe we can still have some hope in this world…I say to Newdow, “If you don’t like it….LEAVE AMERICA! Rochester VFW Banquet Hall – If you would like to rent this hall, contact Marty Sinclair @ 724-846-7475 or Don Vil- lella @ 724-774-4378. This hall will seat several hundred people and perfect for a wedding reception. Navy Corpsman – The Corpsman’s relationship with the Marine Corps, (FMF) Fleet Marine Force goes back over 110 years. Many Corpsmen have paid the price for Brother Marines. 18 Corpsmen have earned the Medal Of Honor and up until the present war, 2,494 have died in combat. Most of these Brothers were KIA taking care of “their” Marines. Corpsman will tell you “ The Marines in his unit are HIS Marines” And Marines take care of the “Doc’s” as one of our own!!! Marine/Dress Blues – I know this is a tough subject, but something to think about and share with your spouse. We will all pass away someday. They say the good die young so looks like I will live to be 104 !!! IF you would like a combat Marine John Barber (VVA Member) to stand guard at your casket, we have a member who has purchased his dress blues just to show you respect and thank you for your service at your funeral. You don’t have to be a Marine,,,, I have said before, talk to your spouse, let him/her know what your wishes are….We of course also have our honor guard for full Military Honors. Understand, if you are Army, Navy or whatever, you can do this also, spend the $$$ and take the time, John will honor you no matter what military service you were in. It’s been said, that you can sail past it, fly or drive over it, but the ground will never belong to you until an infan- tryman/grunt stands firm and digs a hole in it. (unknown) Without going to the kitchen to look….The can of pure ground black pepper that we have all seen many times, What color is it and what brand name is on it?? Give up? The brand name is “Big Mc McCormick and the color of the small can is red & white. OK, I know many of you are saying, “Who gives a dang?” I was at the super market the other day, where I am like a fish out of water and the ladies look at me and I guess feel sorry for me because I look lost and they say “Young man, can I help you find something?” Okay, maybe they don’t say “young man” but it makes me feel better thinking that’s what I heard. Brothers and Sisters, I hope to see you at our next meeting, April 21, 7:00 pm Come and join us for a nice evening, bring a Nam Vet, let him/her decide if they want to become a member. We would be honored to have them. WELCOME HOME - Skip
  9. 9. Page 9 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010
  10. 10. Page 10 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010
  11. 11. Page 11 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 Ohio Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park Clinton Ohio July 24th, 2010 This is a Very SpecialMotorcycle Ride in Honor of the 3,095 Ohio Vietnam Veterans who paid the ultimate price! Clay’s Park Canal Fulton, Ohio Staging will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM We will be leaving here early Saturday Morning __________________________________________ VETERANS TOWN HALL MEETING With Congressman—Jason Altmire Monday - May 10th, 2010 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Rochester VFW 179 Virginia Ave Rochester Pa 15074 VIETNAM VETERANS GOLF LEAGUE 2010 MONDAY STONECREST GOLF COURSE TEE TIME = 5:15 PM THURSDAY BLACKHAWK GOLF COURSE TEE TIME = 5:00 PM PRACATICE WEEKS, APRIL 12, 19, AND 26 LEAGUE BEGINS WEEK OF MAY 3RD. SCORES AND AVERAGES WILL BE MAINTAINED PLANS ARE FOR LEAGUE TO TRAVEL TO OTHER COURSES ON ONE WEDNESDAY DURING JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST. MEET FOR BREAKFAST, GOLF 18 HOLES AT SOME OF THE FOLLOWING COURSES. BEAVER CREEK, FIRESTONE, MOHAWK TRAILS, STRAWBERRY RIDGE, AND OTHER COURSES SELECTED BY LEAGUE Thanks, Lon Hogue
  12. 12. Page 12 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 VVA CHAPTER 862 IS ACCEPTING ORDERS for memorial walkway bricks to be placed at the Vietnam Memorial in Beaver. You may honor Veterans of the armed services, loved ones and friends (both living and deceased) with an “In Memory of” brick. You may also want to honor your American Legion post, your Veterans of Foreign Wars post and/or all Veterans Service Organizations. Orders are accepted year round, with placement every spring and fall. Engraving is donated by Rome Monument in honor of county veterans. Mail completed forms to: William Laughner 119 Jonathan Drive Darlington, PA 16115 “HIGHWAY” PICK-UP Chapter 862 SATURDAY, April 24th 2010 We want to Thank “All” of Meet at you for your many Cards, Phone McDonalds in Baden on Rt 65 Calls and especially, your prayers. 9:00 AM We still have a ways to go but Pick Up starts at 10 AM “Sharp” it’s getting better. We need all the help we can get, bring There were times when I was family members. really feeling low, I would receive This is the Saturday, after our April a card from one of my 862 family meeting saying just the right thing to pick me up “You get to keep what you find” “We Love our 862 family” “Come out and have some fun” Jon & Linda Neely
  13. 13. Page 13 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MEMBERS Greetings Lee Corfield & VVA 862 May Recently, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) informed you of the deteriorating state of the Three Servicemen statue at the Vietnam Leon Edmiston .............. May 1 Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. We asked for your help and you Tom Ondo ..................... May 1 responded. I offer my heartfelt thanks to those of you who contributed your Bill Laughner................. May 3 hard-earned money toward helping VVMF restore the statue to its original Tom Decker …………...May 4 luster. Don Weyand .………….May 6 Ruhlin Gregory ………..May 7 But, we still have a ways to go! We need to raise $100,000 by Memorial Day Sam Samangy………….May 8 2010. In the one week since we e-mailed you last, almost 100 donors have Charles Ray Jr………….May 8 given nearly $6,000 in support of this incredibly important project. It is my Tom Barnabi…………...May 9 hope that our friends around the country will continue to support us in the Vince Ionta…………....May 11 Tracey King…………...May 12 months ahead. John Lesnak…………...May 12 Paul Hauke………….....May 13 I promise to keep you posted on our progress. Keep watching your e- Vince Orend………..….May 13 mail for updates concerning the statue and special gift offers and announce- Dan Leyda………..……May 14 ments. Norman Conn…..……...May 15 Barry Campbell……..…May 16 Thank you again for your help in preserving the legacy of the Vietnam Vet- James Graham……..…..May 16 erans Memorial. I hope to see you on Veterans Day! Charles Komara…..……May 17 Jim Piccirilli……..……..May 20 Jan Craig Scruggs Rich Kamzelski……..… May 21 Founder and President John Feragotti……..……May 22 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Anthony Korbor…..……May 22 Peter Herman………..….May 23 Dan Landfried Jr…..……May 25 William Gayheart……....May 26 Jim Quinn……………....May 26 Charles Howe………..…May 27 Gerrie Tudor………..…..May 27 Ron Boyd…………..…...May 28 Joseph Sudol………..…..May 28 Steve Tagenhorst…..…...May 30 Allan Kitts……….……..May 31 A Touch of Humor Carmen Romeo….……...May 31 Three small kids were bragging about how tough they Please Welcome these New were. “I’m so tough,” said the first little boy, “that I can wear Members to out a pair of shoes in a week.” VVA The second little boy said, “I’m so tough, I can wear out a pair of jeans in a day.” Dan Varna “That’s nothing”, said the third child. Linda Davis Larry McGrown “When my parents take me to see my Grandma and Grandpa, I can wear them out in an hour."
  14. 14. Page 16 Page 14 Page 16 14 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2009 December 2010 April 2009 Vietnam Veterans Day in Pennsylvania May 7th, 2003 Eight members of VVA 862 loaded into a 15 passenger van headed for Harrisburg, to the PA State Capital. They left Rochester at 6:00 AM . There we were being recognized in front of all the PA State Legislators (House of Rep- resentatives). They were introduced as guests in recognition of this Special Day. This will be a day the VVA 862 mem- bers below will remember forever. Two years ago I received a Proclamation from the (House of Representatives) dated Feb 12th 2008 that March 30th 2008 was going to be recognized as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day “ in Pennsylvania. Now you’ll see where they want to make March 29th for “All States” to recognize Vietnam Veterans Day. What this boils down to, May 7th 1975 was the day the final troops left Vietnam. March 29th 1973 was the day the final Combat Troops left Vietnam . Those VVA 862 members who were in attendance were during the reading of the Proclamation were: Left to Right Cliff Hawes, Dan Sinclair, Bill Porupsky, Bill Muns, Skip Haswell, Sam Giordano, Gary Shaffer & Aaron Johnson. At that time 2003, Rep Mike Veon assisted us in getting this accomplished.
  15. 15. Page 15 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 AVVA Minutes March 17th, 2010 At the March 17th 2010, meeting of the AVVA, there were 9 members present that voted unanimously to incorporate.. Also, Mary Alice Bernstein reported that there was a lot of illnesses up at friendship ridge and that we would not be scheduling a visit until the illnesses have been cleared up. Donna Corfield ________________________________________________________________________________________ VA STUDY OF WOMEN VIETNAM VETS from - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is launching a comprehensive study of women vet- erans who served in the military during the Vietnam War to explore the effects of their military ser- vice upon their mental and physical health. The study will contact approximately 10,000 women. In- formation will be gathered by a mail survey, a telephone interview and a review of medical records for a selected sample of women. VA will study female Vietnam Veterans who may have had direct exposure to traumatic events. For more information on the study, visit the U.S. Department of Veter- ans Affairs (VA) website. For information on how to participate in the study, call (888) 831-3325.
  16. 16. Page 16 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE April 2010 Health Care for Veterans and Retiree Both Medicare and Tricare For Life are deemed as qualifying coverage under legislation already passed by both the House and Senate The new legislation states that care rendered under title 38 of the US Code (VA care) is also qualifying coverage Under the new legislation, people who don’t have qualifying coverage will have to pay a financial penalty. Since TRICARE For Life and VA coverage will be qualifying coverage, those beneficiaries won’t be subject to the penalty. Adapted from MOAA "Impacts of national health care reform " 2010/03/23 Three additional bills are being considered to clarify that all Tricare, DOD, NAF and VA care programs are considered exempt from action under the new Health care law. These bills use the term "Minimal Essential Health Care Coverage" to ensure exemption from effects of the new health care law. Other legislation S. Res. 89 (Senator Burr ) and H. Res. 203 (Rep. Sanchez) have both passed unanimously making March 30, 2009, "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day". On May 5th the House Veterans Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on the status of the National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal study. This study has long been a priority of many veterans advocacy groups. Although VA maintains that Blue Water Navy veterans must prove they actually set foot on ground in Viet- nam in order to be afforded the presumption of exposure, it has relaxed restrictions in two instances. So called "Brown Water" Navy veterans, those veterans whose vessels traveled upriver into the inland water- ways of Vietnam, are eligible for this presumption. The VA is compiling a database of all vessels which meet this qualification. Furthermore, Blue Water Navy veterans whose vessels actually tied up to a dock in Vietnam no longer need to prove that they disembarked from the ships, such as for shore leave. The simple act of docking in Vietnam is enough to entitle a veteran to this presumption. "American Legion, Agent Orange, Answering the questions 1 Apr 2010" We are awaiting passage of the Agent Orange Equity Act HR 2254 with 253 cosponsors and the senate companion S1939 with 16 cosponsors. No hearings are scheduled on either bill. In October 2009, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki made a decision to add three illnesses to the current list of diseases for which service connection for Vietnam Veterans is presumed. The illnesses are B cell leuke- mia’s, such as hairy cell leukemia, Parkinson's disease and ischemic heart disease. On March 25, 2010, VA published a proposed regulation providing for the implementation of the addition of these diseases on the presumptive list. Commissary information Representative Tim Murphy has received word that DECA has officially designated the McGarrity Army Reserve Facil- ity (formerly the 99th RSC) in Moon township as the site for the new commissary facility. Much work has yet to be done and there is still no commitment from AAFES on their facility. Groundbreaking is not expected any time soon so please support the current facility with your business Leg Rep - Bart Farzati
  17. 17. Page 17 PAGE 12 Calendar of VET GAZETTE VIETNAM Events for 2006 January 2006 April 2010 “TOGETHER THEN” ‘TOGETHER Calendar of Events for 2010 “TOGETHER NOW” #218134 April August Apr 4 “Happy Easter” Aug 4 Newsletter Deadline . US Coast Guard Birthday 1790 Apr 7 Newsletter Deadline Aug 10 - Aug 15 National VVA Conference Orlando Fl Apr 10 - 11 Maple Syrup Festival - Brady’s Run Park Aug 11 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Rich Kamzelski - Chairman 8:30 PM to 4:30 PM Aug 13 - 15 Regatta - Bridgewater (Booth will be set up) Apr 14 VVA BOD Meeting—Rochester VFW 7 PM Chairmen will be Rich Kamzelski Apr 21 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Aug 18 VVA Picnic - Industry Park AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM “Elections” Aug 24 - 28 “Hookstown Fair” Booth set up all week Apr 22, 23, 24,25 Florida’s 23rd Viet & All Vets Reunion Aug 27 VVA “Duck Race” 6:00 PM @ Hookstown Fair Melbourne, FL. Apr 24 Hi -Way Clean Up - Meet @ Baden McDonalds September 9:AM Sept 1 Newsletter Deadline Clean up detail starts at 10:00 AM Sept 6 “Labor Day” Sept 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Sept 11 POW / MIA Run & Memorial Program Sept 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM May Sept 16 - 19 Kokomo, In. Vietnam Vet Reunion May 3 VVA Golf League starts Sept 18 US Air Force Birthday 1947 May 5 Newsletter Deadline Sept 26 “Gold Star Mothers Day” May 7 “Vietnam Veterans Day” in Pennsylvania (2003) May 8 VVA / AVVA Spring Banquet—Rochester VFW October May 9 “Happy Mothers Day” Oct 6 Newsletter Deadline May 12 VVA BOD Meeting - Rochester VFW 7 PM Oct 13U. S. Navy Birthday May 19 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Oct 13VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM Oct 16 - 17 PASC Meeting State College Pa May 27 Memorial Day Eve Candlelight Service Beaver Pa Oct 20VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM & Flags on Graves Sylvania Hills Cemetery AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM May 28 Ride to the Wall - Washington DC Oct 23 Hi-Way Clean Up Meet @ Baden McDonald’s 9:AM Leaves Vanport Hot Dog Shoppe @ 7:30 AM Clean Up detail starts at 10:00 AM May 30 Rolling Thunder Ride in Washington D.C. Oct ?? Agent Orange Poppy Days May 31 Memorial Day - VVA 862 will be marching in Rochester Parade - Meet at VFW @ 9:00 AM November Nov 2 “Election Day” Be Sure to Vote’ June Nov 3 Newsletter Deadline June 2 Newsletter Deadline Nov 7 Daylight Savings Time Ends June 5 & 6 VVA PA State Council Meeting State College Pa Nov 10 US Marine Corp Birthday June 9 VVA BOD Meeting - Rochester VFW 7 PM Nov 10 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM June 13 U S Army Birthday 1775 Nov 11 Veterans Day Parade in ???????? Pa June 13 Support the Troops Rally - 1:00 PM Nov 17 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Gazebo in Beaver Nov 25 “Happy Thanksgiving “ June 14 Flag Day “Fly them Flags” June 16 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM June 20 “Happy Fathers Day” December Dec 1 Newsletter Deadline Dec 7 “Pearl Harbor Day” July Dec 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW PM July 4 Independence Day * Parade in Midland* Dec 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester Elks 7 PM July 7 Newsletter Deadline Dec 25 “Merry Christmas” July 14 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Dec 31 New Years Eve July 21 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM
  18. 18. VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO ANY VETERAN WHO SERVED ANYWHERE DURING THE VIETNAM WAR ERA Name:______________________Phone:_______________Birthday___/___/___ Address:__________________-City:________________State:______Zip______ ____I served in the US military (for other than training purposes) between 8/5/64 & 5/7/75 Or ____I served in the US military in Vietnam between 2/28/61 and 5/7/75 ____DD-214 enclosed (Applications without DD-214 will be processed as Associate Memberships) ____Renewal Membership Card #_________________New Member:_____________ ____I wish to join the (AVVA) - Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America $20.00 P/Year Type: __ 1 Year Individual Member- $20.00 __ 3 Year- $50.00 __ Life Member Optional Time Payment $50 down/ $25/mth __ $250.00 (Ages 49 and under) __ $225.00 (Ages 50-55) __ $200.00 (Ages 56-60) __ $175.00 (Ages 61-65) __ $150.00 (Ages 66 + ) Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc Beaver County Chapter 862 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION Lee Corfield, Editor U.S. POSTAGE 140 Knob Vue Drive PAID PERMIT NO. 862 Freedom, PA. 15042 ROCHESTER PA. 15074