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Draft vfpc sept2013meetingagenda-advancingfoodpolicythroughfoodwaste


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Draft vfpc sept2013meetingagenda-advancingfoodpolicythroughfoodwaste

  1. 1. Proposed Meeting Agenda – Advancing Food Policy through Food Waste Wednesday, September 18th, 2013, 6:00-8:30 pm Town Hall Room at City Hall Chairs: Brent Mansfield Regrets: Ilana Labow, Joanne Bays, Dave Wilson Agenda Items: 1. Opening Round 15 min 6:00 pm 2. Motion to Accept Agenda and previous minutes 5 min 6:15 3. Staff Update 10 min 6:20 4. Updates and Discussion 30 min 6:30 a. July meeting on Indigenous food sovereignty and follow-up b. October 16 meeting, CBC letter and the Welfare Food Challenge c. Working Group Activities and Budget Proposal d. Possible John Ikerd Presentation Break – share food & socialize 15 min 7:00 5. Introduction of theme (Emme Lee, VFPC Food Waste, UBC) 5 min 7:15 Food Policy 101 Food Waste Policy in Vancouver – Research Findings Policy Analysis 101 – Focus on Multi-Family Residential Green Bin Participation 6. Presentations: 45 min 7:20 Tara Moreau, VFPC Policy Landscapes, SPEC Katie Schilt, VFPC Food Waste Policy Intern, SFU Leah Toews, Public Policy, SFU 7. Roundtable and Small Group Discussion 15 min 8:05 8. Summaries and Next Steps 10 min 8:20 9. Motion to Adjourn 8:30 pm