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Draft vfpc june2013meetingagenda-transitioningawayfromacharitablefoodsystem


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Draft vfpc june2013meetingagenda-transitioningawayfromacharitablefoodsystem

  1. 1. Proposed Meeting Agenda – Transitioning Away from a Charitable Food SystemWednesday, June 12th, 2013, 6:00-8:30 pmTown Hall Room at City HallChairs: Brent MansfieldRegrets:Agenda Items:1. Opening Round 15 min 6:00 pm2. Motion to Accept Agenda and previous minutes 5 min 6:153. Staff Update 10 min 6:204. Update on Park Board’s Local Food Assets Task Force 20 min 6:305. Updates and Discussion 10 min 6:50a. Co-Chair Roleb. Next steps for Working GroupsBreak – share food & socialize 15 min 7:006. Introduction of theme: 5 min 7:15Transitioning Away from a Charitable Food System:Grounding the Right to Food in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside7. Presentations: 30 min 7:20Anna Cavouras, Right to Food Programmer, DTES Neighbourhood HouseDoris Chow, Project Manager, DTES Kitchen Tables Project8. Roundtable and Small Group Discussion 30 min 7:509. Summaries and Next Steps 10 min 8:2010. Motion to Adjourn 8:30 pm