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Digital prototyping workshop UXLibs 2019


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At the 2019 User Experience in Libraries conference, themed from research to design, I led a digital prototyping workshop. The case for my workshop was to design an improved mobile experience of reserving a group study room. The aims were to empower participants with skills and confidence to:
* build interactive digital prototypes quickly and easily from low fidelity paper sketches
* test prototypes with users to gather feedback, iterate and implement improvements to digital experiences

Published in: Design
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Digital prototyping workshop UXLibs 2019

  1. 1. Digital prototyping workshop Vernon Fowler @vfowler UXLibs 2019 Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash Better experience of reserve a group study room
  2. 2. Outline •Insights to concept •Design a prototype •Test, learn, iterate Leiden University Library, Group Study Room (CC BY 3.0)
  3. 3. Learning objectives 1. Sketch a sequence on templates 2. Scan sketches & link into a flow 3. Test your prototype & gather feedback.
  4. 4. Insight to concept: room reservation Stories
  5. 5. Story #1 When we need to do focus work this weekend I want to reserve a group study room so we can collaborate on our group project.
  6. 6. Story #2 When we need to cram for this afternoon’s exam I want to reserve a group study room so we can learn together.
  7. 7. Story #3 When our group (7) need to rehearse this evening I want to reserve a group study room so we can practice presenting.
  8. 8. Further context Using their mobile Apply story contexts to our reservation system → insights. Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash
  9. 9. Insights Available + desired timeframe + mobile =  •Unavailable slots shown •Scroll ↑ times disappear •Capacit…
  10. 10. Problem statement Mobile users struggle to find an available group study room in their desired timeframe.
  11. 11. How might we …? HMW make it easier for mobile users to reserve an available group study room in their desired timeframe?
  12. 12. Concept: show relevant options •In the desired timeframe •Only show available options •Designed for mobile
  13. 13. Design a sketched sequence
  14. 14. Any template for 3 Cut a template → everyone has 1 frame to sketch.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Sketching
  17. 17. Scan sketches 0:26 to 0:39 of
  18. 18. Install Marvel on your phone Android iOS
  19. 19. Use Marvel app: 1. Create project 2. Name the project: Test 3. Choose your device 4. Add some designs + 5. Camera × 3 sketches → Screens × 3
  20. 20. Link screens 0:39 to 0:54 of
  21. 21. Use Marvel app: 1. Choose screen 1 2. Add Link 3. Rectangle around Next 4. Link to … 5. Choose screen 2 6. Done. 7. Choose screen 2 & link…
  22. 22. Test your prototype 0:54 to 1:20 of
  23. 23. User feedback •Share the prototype •Learn from users •Iterate the implementation
  24. 24. Take-aways •Use insight to frame problems •Prototyping is a design experiment •Test with users •Learn, iterate & implement
  25. 25. Thank you Questions and comments @vfowler Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash