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Educational proposal

  1. 1. Volunteer Foundation Nepal {Shelter Home}Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, thosethe art of living well.IntroductionWHO ARE WE?Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) was founded in 2010 by Lalit Shahi. VFN is aservice orientated, non/profit, non/governmntal and non/political organization. VFN isregistered in the District Adinistration Office (Reg. No. 3295) and with the Districtdevelopment Committee. VFN is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Aff. No.32125) and with the Child Home Federation Nepal.WHAT DO WE DO?Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) provides both short-term emergency shelter andlong-term accommodation in the home environment of Papas Home for child victimsof natural disaster and conflict, as well as orphaned, abandoned, abused and streetchildren.The establishing members of the organization take an active part in the running of theorganization, they carry out different social activities and all have a common desiredgoal.WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE?Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) main purpose is the provision of a normal, caring,loving home environment for vulnerable and needy children, especially those who havelost one or both parents.WHAT ARE OUR OBJECTIVES?Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) objectives are to ensure that all our children haveaccess to education and care in keeping with the UN Declaration on Childrens Rights:The child shall enjoy special protection, and shall be given opportunities andfacilities ... to enable him to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually andsocially in a healthy and normal manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity.
  2. 2. VFNs objectives are to provide continuing accommodation, food, education, shelter,health-care and love to the orphans, child victims of natural disaster and conflict, as wellas abandoned, abused and street children.To find continual sponsorship and funding for children from poor economic conditionsand poor family backgrounds.WHAT IS OUR VISION?Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) aims are to develop a purpose built eco-friendlyhome and school, together with vegetable producing gardens utilising organic and bio-dynamic methods of cultivation.DESCRIPTION OF OUR PROPOSALIn the least developed countries like Nepal where millions of children can not eat, get clothing oreducation .These children are in unfortunate positions in life, and the impression that you leaveon them will remain for the rest of their liveswe are trying to help at least some of them so thatthey can at least find the true meaning of life through quality education. Today’s children will betomorrow’s Parents. We believe that good children can make the good society and also thebetter world to live. This is the Reason that our organizations are seeking funding tosubsidize school fees, provide a compulsory uniform, school supplies, and attendance toan afterschool program. Educational tutoring and life-skills training classes will bedesigned to strengthen academic achievements, socialization skills, and commitment tothe children’s education.Currently we have 20 Children under which 17 children are going to School and threeChildren are getting sponsored. The list of children is given below: S.No Name Age Class 1 Gokul 11 1 2 Nishant 5 Nursery 3 Pramish 4 Nursery 4 Pratima 5 L.K.G 5 Babita 5 L.K.G 6 Manish 6 Nursery 7 Bhupesh 7 Nursery 8 Niraj 6 L.K.G 9 Roshan 7 L.K.G 10 purnima 9 2 11 Bikram 12 3 12 Jay Prakash 13 5 13 Upendra 7 1 14 Chakra 13 7 15 Maan 12 6
  3. 3. 16 Pabitra 11 5 17 Dhansari 9 U.K.G 18 Saroj 10 1 19 Pasang 12 U.K.G 20 Dipesh 16 Informal EducationBudgetCost of School fee700 pre month/childrenTotal Amount for 17 children= 10200 NPRCost of Stationary200/month/childrenTotal amount for 17 Children= 3,400 NPRTotal Amount = 13,600/Month NPRTotal Amount / year: 163200 NPRWebsite: www.vfnvolunteer.orgVOLUNTEER FOUNDATION NEPAL Profile of KidsMan Bahadur Baniya Six year old Manish Bahadur Baniya was born on 22 June 2006.His school friends call him ‘Man’ for short, a term he likes!Manish comes from Mugu District, one of the remotest and coldest places in Nepal.
  4. 4. Totally isolated, with no vehicular transport connections to other villages or far-offcities. Life is very difficult here owing to unavailability of basic needs and lack of jobopportunities. There are no good schools, hospitals, shops and transport facilities.When Manish was 4 years old, he had lost his father and his mother abandoned him. Fora short while, relatives cared for him. But after some months, his relatives made theimmense journey from Mugu to the city of Kathmandu, taking Manish with them. Theyfinally heard about ‘Volunteer Foundation Nepal’ and brought Manish to us. That was in2011.Manish is happy in his new home where he is studying and playing with other children.Man is a one of the smartest little boys at VFN Papa’s Home. He is always studying witha big smile on his face and has a great interest for all activities and school subjects.Although English is not his mother tongue, he nevertheless communicates comfortablyin either English or Nepali. He is a fast learner and good listener. He is always one of thefirst to complete his homework and obtains good marks in class!Manish enjoys playing football and reading simple literature. He is a good boy, alwayscooperating with those who care for him. His dream is to be a Pilot!Chakresh Shahi My name is Charesh Shahi, but my friends call me ‘Rocky’. Iwas born on 3rd January, 1999 in the remote region of Dolpa, surrounded by beautifulvalleys and mountain peaks.When I was born, my papa and mama owned land and they made a living growingvegetables and rearing goats. But sadly, that was all to change when I was born. I wasdiagnosed with a heart problem and my mama with severe stomach problems. We bothhad to have operations.In my country, we have to pay for all our medicines and treatment, including the operations. This costs somuch money. My papa had to sell his land piece by piece to pay for everything.After my operations, I had to have special injections every three weeks, but these alsocost money. A kind sponsor paid for the first year, but after that there was no-one to payand my parents did not have any money either and could no longer care for me. So therewas nothing to do, apart from sending me away to a home in Kathmandu. I was 10 yearsold.
  5. 5. Now I am 14 years old, having been at VFN (Volunteer Foundation Nepal) for 4 years. Ilike it here. I have lots of friends and go to school. I like learning about different things.I was very happy this year as I am able to travel all the way back to my village forDashain and Tihar. To get to my village takes 12 hours on old bus and then another 30mins on an airplane. It also cost lots of money and my Papa has been saving all the lastyears just for this…that I can visit him and Mama. I am so excited about seeing my Mamaand Papa again. It will be so hard to leave and come back to Kathmandu. But I must,because the doctor say I must have injections for many more year. He say until I am 35!I will be old then!When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. But now I like to play football!Dipesh Timalsina My name is Dipesh Timalsina. I am from Kavre District (Nepal).Now I am 16 years old. During my childhood my friends used to call me by thenickname: DeepuWhile talking about my childhood and about my family, I had very sorrowful childhoodas it passed in such a way that I can’t express in terms of words.To be true, my father always used to drink alcohol and beat my mother. There wasalways strife in my house. The daily routine was that my father used to torture my mother both physically and mentally. My heart beat always used to rise and I couldn’tcontrol my tears and cry openly.When I was 11, my mother left home as she could not tolerate the burden and torturethat my father used to give her. Even I could not endure so after my mother had left, Ialso left home, and moved wherever I liked, and I wanted to go.Neither family nor neighbour helped me in such tragic circumstance, and then I loved tojoin the group of street children. While with them, we used to beg money for ourlivelihood. Now I became one of the members of street children.Neither any festivals nor any feast that our culture uses to celebrate could not make mesmile. My 4 years in street passed by begging and taking cigarettes, gum and other badthings. Even I tasted the Dendrite (glue-sniffing) because it is believed that Dendritewould erase the hunger. In those days, we don’t have enough money even for filling ourhunger. I don’t like to think on it, it is of such a bad time that if I remember now, my eyesfill with tears.The life had been so difficult, and it’s too boring and depressing.
  6. 6. Then I met Papa in Boudha. He fed us and Papa introduced us street boys to Lalit Shahi.Papa and Lalit make ‘Papa’s Home’ for street boys. One day Lalit offered me a place in‘Papa’s Home’ and I got chance for education and now I got new papa Lalit and muwaDhanusha. As well as new Swiss mama called Hildy who she sponsors me for everythingI need.Now I am happy and I love to express my millions of thanks from the depth of my heartto all people with ‘Papa’s Home’ (VFN).Opindra Shahi My name is Opindra Shahi, but my friends call me ‘OP’ ….Ilike that! I’m EIGHT years old! I like that too! I was born, so Iwas told, in 2004. I don’t remember. My mama thought it was on the 18 March that year,so that is what they put down on my papers. My village is Tripurakot in the District ofDolpa. I don’t remember much about that place either.There’s a lot I don’t remember. My Papa for one. His name was Bhakt Bahadur Shahi. Idon’t know what he looked like, for he was killed in the civil war in 2005. My mama hadno photos of him. That is sad.When my papa died, the government gave my mama Nepali rupees 300,000 for ourliving and my education. That is sooo much money!! It was kept safe in a special bankaccount that only my mama could get into.My mama’s name is Jun Kumara Shahi. After my papa died, she was lonely and therewas no-one to care for her, so she married another man. I don’t remember his name.And I don’t want to! After he married my mama, he demanded that she give him themoney that was in the bank. All NRs 300,000 of it! He forced my mama to hand it over tohim. We never saw him or the money ever again! He was a bad man.My mama was now so poor that she could not even earn enough money from begging tofeed us both. My poor mama, she had to send me away to a home to be cared for. I crieda lot.Although I was very sad at leaving my mama, I was also very lucky for I was given aplace to live at Papas Home VFN (Volunteer Foundation Nepal ) in Lalitpur,Kathmandu. (NB: VFN Founder/President Lalit Shahi).I am very happy in my new home. I love having so many other brothers and sisters toplay with, and a new mama and papa always there for me. I feel safe and I love to havebig hugs! But I still miss my real mama, even though VFN is my home now. I will helpher when I am big and get good job!I go to school with the other children and I work really hard. I am going to be a
  7. 7. policeman when I am grown-up, so I must learn a lot of good things so I will be a goodpoliceman, not a bad one. Lalit says that I am a clever boy. I like learning English. I canchat to the volunteers who come from western countries who speak English language.Babita Magar Babita Magar is one of the smart and active child at VFN. Shewake up early in the morning and do her work according to timetable. She is welldeciplined and always curious about to learn something new. She is intrested in dancingand singing. Her Aim is to be a good dancer.HistoryBabita magar was born on 2007 at Jajarkot District in Nepal. she is called by her nickname boby by her friends. She is one of the smallest kids at VFN. While talking about herchildhood when she was 4 year old she had lost her father in an accident. It was acritical situation of her family because her father was a source of income and livelyhoodof her family.aftersome time owing to grief of her father death and burden of familyrespondibilities her mother became mentally disabled. There was no one in herrelatives who could take a responsibility of Babita. For One month she was cared by heruncle in village but after contact with VFN she came to VFN. She has been living here fortwo year. She is studying in L.K.G (lower kinder garden). VFN provides her not onlyfood shelter and education but also provides a family enviroment with a lot of love andhappiness. She is enjoying her childhood with other children at shelter home. Owing tosmall kid at VFN all staff, Volunteer and children love and care of her.Purnima Shahi
  8. 8. Purnima Shahi is a Sweet girl even though she lives on a children’shome. She is always Studying with a big smile on her head and is a Talanted in allActivities. From Sunday to Friday she goes at School with the other kids. Compared tothe other kids of her age, she is very intelligent and always second in her class. Everyday she finishes her homework with great satisfaction. She is good in English as well asNepali. Concerning her future there is no doubt that if she studies hard, she will be agood personality. Furthermore she is talented in Various Activities like dancing, singing,running, and also shows her interest in cooking. She always keep smile in he face. She isin general a tough little girl with a good temper.HistoryPratima Shahi was born on 22 April 2004 at Rupandehi district, makrahar VDC ward no-8 in Nepal. She is a Daughter of lalit Shahi. About her childhood when she was 2 yearold her mother left Purnima and her father lalit shahi. The reason was ideologicaldifference between mother and father. Her father wants to become a social worker anddevoted his life for the orphan and other vulnerable children but her mother didnt likehis social activities. Due to misunderstanding she decided to live seperate from purnimafather. Now she is being fostered and cared by her second mother dhanusa and now sheis enjoying her study and she never feel alone anytime. And her second mother lovesher and provides all the cares and happiness.Bhupesh baniya Bhupesh baneya was born on 12 Nov 2004 at mugo District in Nepal.He comes from a poor lower cast family. About his Childhood his family background isnot good. During his childhood he and his father used to work in agricultude field andother labourer work for earn their livelyhood but unfortunately when he was 7 year oldhis father was died in an accident. At that time he had one elder and three younger
  9. 9. sisters and his mother was not educated. It was a big burden of his mother how tosustain along with her four small children. Bhupesh family also had a lot of debt. Owingto this critical situation his mother decided to send him at an orphange, where he canget proper care and education. With the help of his relatives T Bhupesh was brought toVFN (papas Home), which provides him with food, clothes, a warm family environmentand proper education. Now Bhupesh is in good physical condition. He is regularlyprogressing in his studies and other works. His Aim is to be an Artist. Now, His motheris satisfied and she is hopeful for his bright Future.Dhansari budhathoki Dhansari Budhathoki was born on 12 septemar 2003 at dolpaDistrict in Nepal. When she was 5 year old his mother left her family afterthat his fatherRemarried but her step mother couldnt give him proper care and love. She always usedto illtreate and discrimate her about food, education and also loves. After some time hisfather had to separate his legs from the body. He had physically disabled. After thisunfortunate circumstance he could not afford the fee of school, food and other expensesand there was no hope for her step mother. Finally his father took her to VFN (papashome). Now she go to school every day. She has totally merged with other childrenwhere she never feels lonely. Her aim is to be a journalist.Niraj Karki Niraj Karki was born on 05 May 2005 at Banepa in kabhredistrict of Nepal in a very poor family. His father left his mother and got remarried.Shortly after, his mother broke her leg badly in a bus accident and was unable to work.His grandmother helped him few days. It was difficult for him to study in village.Owingto bad financial situation, absence of father and unability of his mother Niraj could notattend school before he came to VFN. That is why he is only in LKG even though he isseven years old. He has problems with pronunciation but except from that he is doing
  10. 10. well, He is a happy and very active child. He likes to play games and dreams of becominga doctor.Roshan shah Roshan shah was born on 14 Nov 2007 at LamagungDistrict in Nepal. About his history his father never supported his family. His Fatheralways used to take alcohol and playing cards with other local villagers. Many times hisfather used to beat his mother for money. in a whole his father was not live at home anddidnt earn money .one day his father left him, his elder brother and mother. His motherhad to work all day to support them. But at village it was impossible for her mother tofoster two sons. she decided to come at kathmandu along with two children. AfterReaching Kathmandu, she is hired as an employeein VFN to cook and help around thehouse. Now roshan, his brother and his mother living at VFN and getting food, educationand shelter. VFN pays for Roshans education and gives His mother a little salary everymonth for personal needs. Roshan is now five years old and in nursery class. He likes toplay football and wants t become a football player.Jay Prakash Baniya Jay prakash Baniya was born on 25 June 1999 in MuguDistrict. He is called by his Nick name J.P. when he was saven Year old his mother diedfrom leprosy. His father could not take care of him and his elder brother. So, J.P. wassent to live with his friend from their village to Kathmandu. He had not been attendingschool since the death of his mother. In Kathmandu J.P. met Rocky and Maan whomwere also an orphan kid and lived at VFN. They invited him to VFN. Lalit heard his storyand decided to take him and provide him to education and other basic necessities. NowJ.P. is 12 years old and is studying in grade 5. . He is well deciplined and intelligent boy.He likes to play football and wants to be either a football player or an engineer.
  11. 11. Pashang RaiPasang Rai was bor on 12 Nov 2003 near bauddha in kathmand. Every body calls him bynickname prashant.About his family; his family contains eight Members including him.He has six siblings including two elder sisters, one younger brother and sister, and oneelder brother. His father is not educated and also has not any property. His father isworking as a carpanter in small shop where he earn little money which is not enoughfor family expenses. Due to lack of fanancial stability it was impossible for his father toeducate all his brother and sisters. His father always usesd his money for drinkingalcohol, gambling and other extravagent uses which was different from family needs.Always his father beat and tourted his mother.When his elder brother matured, hedecided to quiet home and joined the street boys. He met some boys who used to beg atthe Bauddha and he joined them in begging to feed himself and also started takingciggarates, gum and other baleful foods. Even he tasted the dendride because it isbelieved that dendrite would erase the hunger. In those days, he did not have enoughmoney even for filling our hunger. His elder brother had forgotton all his familyresponsiblities. When pasang turned 8 Year his brother brought him to street life wherehe used to motivate him for begging, inhale glue and drugs. In this small age pasangcouldnt know the bad effect of drugs and glue And Drugs, in particular, are often takenby Pasang to help him forget about their problems and overcome hunger. As a result hehad totally addicted to drug habbits and didnt feel shy for begging money to the people.Owing to his bad habbits in small age all people used to abuse him and also beat him.At that age he had no vision for his life and always used to run from responsiblities andhard work. His father never tried to inspect his children situation and never guide himfor good things. One day he was seen by lalit shahi, He was inhaling glue. After knowinghis family situation and his child activitied he brought him to VFN (Papas Home). He hasbeen living here for three months and trying to improve his habbits and lifestyle. Nowhe wants to live as a healthy and civilised life. He is play with other children andlearning from them. From this December he is about to join school and start hiseducation. He has been addmitted by VFN (Papas Home) in a English medium Boardingschool. He is happy with his new family. He is smart, claver, intelligent and active in all
  12. 12. activities. He likes cycling and playing Basket ball. He wants to become an army officierin Nepal.