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Vfm corporate presentation v1

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Vfm corporate presentation v1

  1. 1. Our mottoExpertise in Niches thatSave Costs, Drive ROI for Enterprise IT. VFM Systems & Services (P) Ltd. The NICHE is our mainstream. Corporate Backgrounder
  2. 2. Talk to Us… To solve problems in the Layers 4 to 7
  3. 3. Solution Areas Security Network Virtualization
  4. 4. Security & Compliance Web Security – Email Security – 2 Factor Appliances & Appliances & Authentication Managed Services Managed Services Solutions Next Generation Image Auditing & SSL VPNs Firewalls Compliance Web Application Firewalls
  5. 5. Network Wireless Load Bandwidth Network Balancers – Management Infrastructure Link & Server Solutions Web App DC-DR Load DC-DR Acceleration Balancing Replication Solutions Media Split WAN Streaming & Optimization Caching
  6. 6. Storage & Virtualization Application Server Virtualization Virtualization Solutions Services Desktop Virtualization Solutions
  7. 7. Some of Our Customers
  8. 8. A trail of Firsts … 1999 • 1st Application Virtualization Solution 1999 • 1st QOS Solution Implementation 2001 • 1st Two Factor Authentication Solution Implementation
  9. 9. A continuing trail of Trends… 2004 • 1st SSL VPN Solution Implementation 2005 • 1st Outbound Email & Web Security Implementation 2006 • 1st Internal Email Security Implementation
  10. 10. Accumulated expertise …. The first 25 Application Virtualization Customers • …..over 50 customers today The first 25 QOS Customers • ….. Over 50 customers today The first 10 Security Customers • …. Over 25 customers today.
  11. 11. Expertise gained from Experience 7500 seats in Application Virtualization Installed base across over 50 customers 1000 installations of Network QOS aggregating to over 15 Gbps of managed bandwidth across more than 50 customers 50000 seats in Security solutions across more than 25 customers
  12. 12. Some Recent SuccessStories…
  13. 13. Countrywide Refresh of QOS Solution For a leading Global IT Services Organization Over 35 installations across the country Upgrade from older platform to the new platform Products:  Packetshaper 3500s / 7500s / 10000s
  14. 14. Secure Proxy for IT Services Organization A leading Tier-2 IT Services Organization Requirement for secure Web access to Internet through Proxy Product:  Bluecoat Proxy SG
  15. 15. Email Gateway Solution Dual gateway (India & Europe) Email Gateway solution for leading Indian Engineering Organization – 7500 users  Single Policy Console  Single Report Console  Message Tracking across Gateways Product  Mimesweeper Enterprise
  16. 16. Web Application Acceleration Leading Indian IT Services organization 30000 users access about 35 different Intranet applications from the Internet Slow access speed to applications DC based asymmetric acceleration solution  2.5 to 10X acceleration for Sharepoint, OWA, Weblogic based applications
  17. 17. Web Server Availability and Performance Leading Engineering Multinationals Needed load balancing of its Web servers running on Sun Solaris Highly Available redundant pair of Load Balancers implemented
  18. 18. Enterprise Grade Wireless Leading Telecom focused IT services organization Uniform wireless infrastructure across multiple locations in India Rollout across new facilities globally in progress
  19. 19. Secure Remote Access for Design Engineers Leading Semiconductor design firm Needed to cut costs, increase volume of work by moving outsourced engineers to their respective company premises Heavy investment into Compute farm could only be at the central site Being IP driven security of data and access was crucial Secure remote access for 250 engineers
  20. 20. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  Leading Manufacturer  Needed Virtual desktops for easy manageability and security  Wanted Non stop operation of Virtual desktops even if the backend server failed  Designed the Solution, setup POC and demonstrated the complete setup  In discussions for deployment  Leading European BPO Organization  Needed Virtual desktops for compliance and agility of provisioning resources  Needed the VDI solution to accommodate Smart card authentication as that was the existing mode of authentication  Designed the solution, set up the POC and demonstrated the ability  In discussions for deployment
  21. 21. What do you get from us? High level Right High Touch of Attention Experience Expertise
  22. 22. Our Alliances
  23. 23. e-mail: solutions@vfmindia.bizRESPONSE GUARANTEED