Vfm bluecoat proxy sg solution with web filter and reporter


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  • The ProxySG is feature rich and enables the highest performance Web Gateway on the market today. Let’s review just a few of the benefits a separate proxy appliance can offer for the Enterprise beyond the firewall.<click> Besides performance, per user granular controls extended to the branch and mobile workforce (ProxyClient)<click> Dynamic Next Generation Content filtering support by a robust Cloud Security Service <click> Inline Anti-Virus protection scanning web downloads, encrypted traffic and looking behind user-credentials <click> IM control to block or limit IM usage which can carry malicious code and support Data Leakage <click> Peer to Peer control <click> Rich Reporting tools on a per user or per application basis across the enterprise (including remote workers) <click>Spyware and adware protection <click> Best in Class Wan Optimization Application Acceleration for all types of application – SLL, HTTP, CIFS, MAPI, FTP, Rich Media etc. <click> Granular content management via the Director configuration tool.
  • So let’s explain how Cloud Security Works in detail <click> First a user goes to access web content. If it’s a good site, ProxySG allows the access to the content. <click><click> So what happens when the user requests for unrated content? <click> The ProxySG running Web Filter then communicates to the cloud to request a rating. <click> The Cloud then uses either or all of the three methods to rate the site, either dynamically using the dynamic rating engine (DRTR) or human raters to return a rating. It then notices that this site has malware hosted on it <click> The rating is then provided in real-time to the ProxySG via WebFilter updates. The malware category is updated immediately. All ProxySGs in the enterprise are updated as well as ALL Blue Coat Customers.We have effectively controlled access to the known malware and pre-empted an infection.
  • Vfm bluecoat proxy sg solution with web filter and reporter

    1. 1. Bluecoat ProxySG Solution withWeb Filter and Reporter VFM Systems & Services (P) Ltd.
    2. 2. URL Filtering & ReportingThe Bluecoat Proxy Hybrid Solution Cloud threat protection ProxyClient Cloud Defenses Remote Users Web Gateway Protection Real-time web content ratings Inline threat analysis w/SSL Web threat & malware detection Web filtering & content controls Reputation ratings Media optimization + B/W Mgmt WebFilter WebPulse Reporter WAN Web ProxySG & ProxyAV Industry’s leading collaborative cloud defense with 73M users Real-time inputs of any new web content and dynamic links Web protection, visibility, and reporting in any location Architected to Deliver On-Demand Security Intelligence 2
    3. 3. ProxySG Granular Policy Control Accelerate Business Web &SaaS Internet Malware & Block Bad Web Group/dept Who are you belong Your Good Web you? location Control Content to Category of Application Keyword web site Fully align network & Date/Time Browser Content web use to make IT a of day type type Business Value Center Customizable Policy Engine3
    4. 4. One Platform, Multiple Safeguards High Performance WebPulseIntranet Web Granular Per User content mgt Server policies Control Public Web Server Acceleration & Dynamic URL Bandwidth Filtering Internal Management Network Internet ProxySG Spyware blocking and Web Security Anti-Virus reporting Protection Per User Peer-to-Peer Activity Control Reporting
    5. 5. Good User experience of Web Media with LowerBandwidth utilization  Stream Splitting  Object Caching  Bandwidth Management Live Media Cache Web Objects Breaking B/W News Time 5
    6. 6. WebPulse™ Cloud Security Multiple Threat Engines Web Content Content Ratings Machine Analysis Human Raters ProxyAV ProxyClient Users K9 Users6
    7. 7. How WebPulse Works Web contents Real time update Multiple Threat Engines It’s Bad It’s bad Machine Analysis Human Raters Internet Web contents w/ malware WebPulse Datacenter It’s good Don’t Know ProxySGUsers ProxySG ProxySG 7
    8. 8. WebFilter/WebPulse on ProxySG  80+ categories, 50 languages, over 8B ratings per day Analyzes content, form, link and origination URL Web reputation rating for suspicious sites Cross categorization for blended policy rules  Supports 4 URL lists, including IWF and regional lists Allow/deny lists, plus custom overrides & exceptions Header inspection/rewrites for safe search mode Advise and coach users with custom alerts  Real-time web content rating service (DRTR) WebFilter • Objectionable Content • Image Searches • Search Engine Caches WebPulse • Translation Services • Proxy Avoidance ProxySG • Phishing Detection 8
    9. 9. Options  WebPulse Service On – Ask cloud Off – Update cycle  Dynamic Categorization Real-time (now) Passive (background) Off (use local URL list)  Malware Feedback Refer input User Agent Input ProxyAV input 9
    10. 10. Web 2.0 Content & Threat Filtering 10
    11. 11. WebFilter Cycles & Inputs  Web gateways & clients are cloud connected No downloads required for protection 5 Ops Centers, plus 4 Rating Centers Analyze over 2B requests per week  For efficiency, web gateway updates occur: 5 minute change cycle for Security categories 6 hour updates for General categories  Public “site review” service with 1 day resolution process  User driven from over 70M users Coverage of web head and tail with DLA No web crawlers or artificial analysis  Cloud connected with Google for malware feeds Plus third party malware and phishing feeds 11
    12. 12. Blue Coat ProxySG Models Leader in SWG Web Security SG9000 Series Application & Web Company SG900Series 40,000+ Appliances Sold Over 73M WebFilter Users SG600 Series 2B Content Rating Requests/Week Feature Rich Policy Options SG300 Series Advanced Technical Partnerships ProxyClient Webfilter 12
    13. 13. Reporter 9 – 100% New Interface REPORTER 9 Simplified work flow & options Custom dashboard & reports per user 50 Users with Local Directory access ~5X performance improvement Database included, no extra fees Three Versions: - Standard: 50M log lines, 750 users - Enterprise: 2.5B log lines, 35K users - Premium: 10B log lines, 150K users 13
    14. 14. Flexible, Role-based Dashboard 14
    15. 15. Flexible, Customizable Dashboard Interactive Graphics Interactive Lists 15
    16. 16. Report Options Easily locate reports on • User Behavior • Security • Bandwidth Usage • Recent Reports • Favorite Reports • Archived Reports • Scheduled Reports • etc. 16
    17. 17. Create and Organize Reports 17
    18. 18. View Reports Online18
    19. 19. Download Reports to CSV or PDF19
    20. 20. Scalable Performance Scale Limits Standard Version 50 million log lines 500 users, 90 days Enterprise Version 2.5 billion log lines 35,000 users, 90 days Premium Version 10 billion log lines 150,000 users, 60 days All versions support all Secure Web Gateway solutions (ProxySG, BC Web 20 Filter, ProxyClient, and ProxyAV)
    21. 21. For your attention and time!Questions?Write to solutions@vfmindia.biz Response Guaranteed