Lose Inner Thigh Fat


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Lose Weight Fast Reviews with tips and tricks on the best ways to lose weight fast. Click Here: http://looseinnerthighfat.com

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Lose Inner Thigh Fat

  1. 1. ==== ====Get ready for the summer and lose inner thigh fat now! Click here:http://looseinnerthighfat.com==== ====A lot of women are looking for the best way to lose inner thigh fat.Most women think the best way to lose inches on your thighs is to use the inner/outer thighmachine or use some new exercise gimmick that they see on an infomercial.This article will show you some great ways to lose inner thigh fat that does not involve thetraditional methods that are so commonly used.3 Killer Ways to Lose Inner Thigh InchesTIP #1: You need to lose fat all over your body.This is a very important concept to understand for someone who wants to lose fat in their legs.If you are going to lose fat, you cannot do it in one specific area. This is a common myth that alsoapplies to losing belly fat. The effort to try and lose fat in one specific area is called SpotReduction, and unfortunately it does work for losing inner thigh fat.When you gain fat, you do it all around your core and in other areas of your body. The same waythat you cannot gain fat in one specific area you also cannot lose fat in a specific area either.Therefore, doing lots of inner/outer thigh exercises when attempting to lose inner thigh fat is not aneffective approach. If you want to lose inner thigh fat, you will have to lose fat all over your body.The best way to do this is to have a combination of diet and exercise that will help you to loseinner thigh fat and total body fat.TIP #2: Resistance training and interval training to raise your metabolism.To lose inner thigh fat and overall body fat, you will need to make your body into a calorie burningmachine. Doing lots of inner thigh exercises and long bouts of time on a cardio machine will nothelp to raise your metabolism. Instead, it will just burn calories that will not help you lose the innerthigh fat you want to.Total body resistance training performed in a circuit is the best type of strength training to loseinner thigh fat and lower your overall body fat percentage. An example of an effective fat losscircuit training program would look like this:1. DB chest press
  2. 2. 2. DB lunges3. Seated row machine4. Hamstring curls on stability ball5. DB squats6. Overhead shoulder DB press7. Side planksREPS: 10-15ROTATIONS: 2-3By performing a circuit like this, you will crank up your metabolism by adding lean muscle mass.This will help you lose stubborn flab because the increase in metabolism will help you burn fat allover your body!Interval training is great to lose inches in the thighs because it will help you burn lots of caloriesand also raise your metabolism. Interval training involves using both high and low intensities whiledoing cardio. For example, you might use a recumbent bike and do 2 minutes slow and then 1minute fast. Repeat this format 3-6 times, and you will be well on your way to lose all the innerthigh fat you want! It goes without saying, but you will not lose inner thigh fat or any other body fatif your diet is not spot on.So remember, to lose inner thigh inches you need to exercise and eat the right way. Do not try tomake progress by doing lots of "same speed" cardio or lots of inner/outer thigh exercises! Workhard, train hard, and you WILL reach your goal of losing inner thigh fat!For more information, visit http://www.TheGreatCardioMyth.com to learn about the biggest mythsabout nutrition, cardio, strength training, and more.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nate_Worthington
  3. 3. ==== ====Get ready for the summer and lose inner thigh fat now! Click here:http://looseinnerthighfat.com==== ====