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Is Network Marketing a Scam - Empower Network

  1. 1. ==== ====If you are really interested in building a strong Marketing Network please watch this video to seereal people makeing real money! Money hits your account instantly! ====This unique business has millions of distributors doing billions of pounds in sales annually. It isconducted in nearly 100 countries around the world. It has been praised by leading businesspeople and also by heads of state for boosting the economy. Yet most people in the UK are stilltotally confused by it.Network marketing has created many millionaires and spread that excitement to millions more, butjust what are the realities of this business?So what is network marketing?Network Marketing is based on the concept of networking. We all have a circle of people we knowthrough the circumstances of our daily lives and each of these people will have their own circle ofacquaintances, colleagues, family and friends. Network Marketing involves tapping into thesenetworks not only to sell product but also to offer the business opportunity to potential newdistributors who then start the process of developing their own networks for selling and recruiting.In network marketing, services and products are distributed to the final consumers through anetwork of independently contracted distributors or agents (also known as consultants). Thesedistributors are then financially rewarded in two ways: a) from commissions and overrides fromsales generation and b) for their contribution to the building up of the network by getting newrecruits to be downline distributors. The network marketing business model works because of theprice differential that is generated from the distributor to the consumer. If the recruits of the oneyou recruited generate sales, you get a percentage of the price differential for the sales, and soon.Network marketing is usually associated with pyramid or ponzi scams. This is because the mainstructure of the two models can be quite similar at first glance. However, if one takes a closer lookat the models, there is one big and defining difference between them. The main differencebetween a legal network marketing firm and a pyramid scam is that the first one offers realproducts and services, the latter only promises opportunities and generates money from the costof entry of the recruited members. A pyramid scam re-channels the incoming funds from the feesthat newly recruited members pays for entering the scheme and does not generate any kind ofprofits from other endeavors. The masterminds of the scam benefits while leaving most, if not all,of the downlines in financial burdens.oAs the networks widen, so the individual leader benefits not only from their own sales but also apercentage of the sales from their network. As more people join the network, so residual incomeincreases.onetwork marketing allows its distributors not only to network outwards in order to sell the product
  2. 2. but also to benefit from their downlines downline, either to a limited depth or ad infinitum.However, the two terms tend to be used fairly indiscriminately.oAs with any other home-based business, distributors need to work hard and have courage anddetermination. Finding a good sponsor is just as important as finding an interesting product and agood compensation plan which offers flexibility and just reward for effort. Contrary to expectation,the newcomer has the same potential for success as the long-term sponsor provided that thenecessary research and skills training takes place. It is not necessary to be in at the beginningand in some cases it may prove more difficult and risky to join at the beginning than to join a planwhich has reached a more mature phase. Network Marketing is particularly suited to marriedwomen with family commitments as it offers them an opportunity to start a business on a part timebasis with very little capital. The opportunity now exists for enterprising women to use their talentsand the skills gained from motherhood to build businesses based both on selling and on findingand supporting the efforts of others.There are 2 trends that are driving this industry forward:a. General shift towards self-employment.b. Peoples quest for a better lifestyle - They no longer want to work 40 or 50 hours a week just topay bills.For many people Network Marketing is the only way to Create Financial Freedom in the UK today.One business magazine wrote "Network marketing is so far ahead of the competition when itcomes to money and lifestyle that is in a league of its own."With a traditional career you only get paid for the hours that you work. When you leave youremployment your monthly salary stops and all you are left with is experience and perhaps apension, which is rarely enough to live on. Network marketing is entirely different - Your efforts aremultiplied by helping people succeed with their businesses, so that your investment comes backmany times over, to create time and financial freedom. The longer you work at it, the easier itbecomes. The more you help others become successful, the more successful you become."Network marketing offers people an opportunity to build a business of their own, with a smallamount of capital, in their own time and with the help of a sponsor who is willing to help themevery step of the way". Prime Time MagazineAs you leverage your efforts you create a residual income - by helping enough people becomesuccessful. Over time, you can build a truly passive income that keeps paying you long after youhave done the work.Network marketing offers people an opportunity to build a business of their own, with a smallamount of capital, in their own time and with the help of a sponsor who is willing to help themevery step of the way". Prime Time MagazineAs you leverage your efforts you create a residual income - by helping enough people becomesuccessful. Over time, you can build a truly passive income that keeps paying you long after youhave done the work.Consider this-
  3. 3. According to a study conducted in the USA in 1995, Out of 100 people who are working at age 25,by the age of 65...o63% are dependent on Social Security, friends or relativeso29% are deado3% are still workingo4% have adequate capital for retiremento1% are wealthyQuestions normally asked about Network Marketing .Q.Can Network Marketing be done successfully part-time?A. Absolutely...its very common in fact. You can start your Network Marketing business on a part-time basis without giving up your current source of income until your Network Marketing businessis generating the income you require. And the best part is that you can continue to operateindefinitely on a part-time basis. What would you do if you were financially independent and mostof your time was free to do with as you pleased? This is why so many people are flocking toNetwork Marketing. And thats why we say that Network Marketing puts the freedom back in freeenterprise!Q. Do I have to sell products door-to-door or hold parties or meetings?A. No. One of the greatest features of Network Marketing is that success can be achieved using awide variety of methods. You choose the methods that YOU are comfortable with. Within Tiscaliwe use amazing internet technologies . No delivering products, no collecting money, no party planmeetings!Q. Isnt Network Marketing one of those pyramid schemes?A. Definitely not. Though Network Marketing and pyramid schemes do share some similarities,theres a very important difference that makes the latter illegal.You see, in pyramid schemes,income is generated solely on the process of recruiting others into the pyramid. Sometimes aproduct or service of questionable value is involved(that is never retailed to the general public bythe way), but generally what youre buying is the right to recruit others into the scheme. This isillegal. Also, in pyramid schemes, those who get in first and who are at the top win, whileeverybody else loses. In a legitimate Network Marketing company, on the other hand, distributorsare paid only on product movement; not on recruiting. Both at wholesale and retail. Theres alsocompensation based on the training and managing of your marketing team. And unlike illegalpyramids, in Network Marketing, no matter where youre positioned or when you join, you canadvance to the very highest income levels and even make more money than those above you inthe network.Q. Im not a salesperson, so this probably isnt for me.A. Actually, studies have shown that people with no sales experience do great in NetworkMarketing. In fact, the studies show that they often do better than those with previous salesexperience. This is because Network Marketing isnt about selling; at least not in the way most
  4. 4. people think of selling. Theres no place for arm-twisting or high-pressure techniques in NetworkMarketing. Rather, Network Marketing is simply about sharing the concepts and products of yourNetwork Marketing company that you use and youre excited about.Q. How much money can I make?A. The bottom line is youll get out of it what you put into it. It works...if you do. But thats thebeauty of it, too; you are in control; its up to you how far you take it. And dont forget, the incomeyou create in Network Marketing is residual. This basically means that for the work you do justtoday, you have the potential to earn money not only for today but for years to come.Q. Whats so important about sponsoring in this business anyway?A. Its like this... it doesnt matter how intelligent, rich, energetic, or dynamic you are;we are alllimited to the same 24 hours a day. By sponsoring, however, you can overcome this limitation. Bysponsoring, you can virtually clone yourself and have dozens, hundreds, even thousands ofpeople all working indirectly on your behalf on their time and receive a cut of everything they do.Sponsoring also builds your security in this business. Why? In most traditional businesses, whathappens if you become ill or disabled and are unable to service your customers? Or perhaps youjust want to take a nice long vacation? Whatever the case, you could lose most if not all of yourincome overnight because it relies on you being there. Thats not owning your own life and thatscertainly not financial freedom.Through the process of sponsoring and building a downline inNetwork Marketing, however, you can create total financial freedom for yourself. With a downlineof independent business people working for you, you no longer have all your eggs in one basket.On the contrary, because each person in your downline has a vested interest in continuing andbuilding their own businesses, you create an income that is non-dependent upon you - an incomethat can continue, even grow, indefinitely with or WITHOUT you.Q. Do I have to stock and deliver products?A. Most Network Marketing companies today allow its distributors (and often even retailcustomers) to order direct from the company. The company simultaneously tracks yourcommissions, credits your account, and automatically sends you a check for the total amount due.Q. Isnt Network Marketing just another "get-rich-quick" scheme?A. No, "get-rich-quick" is a fairy tale. It just doesnt happen in the real world. Sure, there are a fewexceptions, but theyre extremely rare. In fact, if overnight riches is your dream, your odds areprobably better playing your state lottery than doing it in business - any business.Q. I couldnt get involved in Network Marketing. Its not a "real" business.A. Its very real. Network Marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry involving millions ofindependent business people and major U.S. corporations like Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Sprint,and MCI, just to name a few. And its a rapidly-growing international force, too, with thousands ofNetwork Marketing companies already in operation in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia,New Zealand, and the Pacific Basin.
  5. 5. Q. If Network Marketing is so great, why arent more people involved?A. That can be summed up in one word: misconceptions. The general public just doesntunderstand what Network Marketing is or its potential. But thats finally starting to change. Rightnow its estimated that only about 2% of the U.S. population is involved in Network Marketing. Butindustry experts predict that that number could climb to 10% by the end of this decade. You canposition yourself to take advantage of this trend by getting started in Network Marketing now. Thetiming is great for getting involved!Q. What are the costs involved in starting and operating this kind of business?A. Virtually all Network Marketing companies require you to first purchase some kind of "StarterKit." This is a one-time cost, and is usually less than $100. In addition, of course, youll havemonthly expenses for office supplies, postage, advertising, etc. A total of £50-£150pounds per month is probably a realistic expenditure to expect. Anyone can afford this amount ofmoney without jeopardising their current lifestyle while theyre trying to build a better one. Andheres some more good news - most, if not all of that, is tax deductible.Q. What if I cant afford to buy extra products.A. Youre not supposed to. Network Marketing companies just want you to replace those productsyou now buy elsewhere with the equivalent-but-higher-quality products your Network Marketingcompany manufactures. By doing so, youll likely save money since you now get to buy atwholesale. Plus, it only makes sense to buy from yourself - to buy from "your own store."Q. Ive tried Network Marketing before and it didnt work for me.A. Lets say youve just moved into a new city and you decided to go out to eat that evening.Unfortunately, the food at the restaurant you picked turned out to be horrible. But just because ofthis one bad experience, you surely wouldnt swear off eating at all the other restaurants in thecity, would you? Of course not! Network Marketing is no different. There are fair NetworkMarketing companies, great Network Marketing companies, and, yes, even some bad NetworkMarketing companies. But Network Marketing works! You just need to link up with the rightcompany and the right opportunity at the right time. See MLM RockStars.Q. I dont have the cash right now to get involved in Network Marketing.A. Get it! If a brand new £60,000 Mercedes were offered to you for £1000, wouldyou find the money somehow to buy it? Go and get the money because your own NetworkMarketing business could be worth a lot more than that Mercedes.Q. I can see how others have become successful, but I dont think I could do it.A. People of every age, every background, from every walk of life are making it in NetworkMarketing today. If you have the desire, you can succeed in Network Marketing.Q. If I would happen to be sponsored by someone half way across the country, how do I getquestions answered? And what about training?
  6. 6. A. Free consultation and assistance from your sponsor, other upline associates(and often thecorporate staff of your Network Marketing company) is a phone call away.Faxes, E-Mail, VoiceMail, and other new technologies also provide fast and efficient communications between uplineand matter where theyre located. As for long-distance training, this is easily handledthrough video training CDs, audio taped seminars, books, online computer and telephoneconferences, etc.Q. I just dont have the time to start a Network Marketing business. Ive got too many irons in thefire already.A. Thats precisely why you should consider Network Marketing. Besides creating financialfreedom, Network Marketing is specifically designed to create personal freedom for you so thatyou can do all the things in life you really want to do that you dont have the time for now.Q. Dont you have to get in at the beginning to make any real money? Doesnt saturationeventually occur?A. Thats another big misconception thats been perpetuated by the media for years. The fact is,there has never been any evidence produced that "saturation" occurs in Network Marketing. Thisvery topic was debated in U.S. courts at one time and that was the conclusion by thecourts.Secondly, realise that because Network Marketing is still a very young industry, there arehundreds of millions of prospects worldwide who have never even heard of Network Marketing. Itwill take years to even make a dent in that.But heres the main reason why "saturation" is a myth:Timing. In the U.S. alone, there are tens of thousands of brand new prospects "hatched" everyyear.Part of that figure is young adults who have only just reached the stage in their lives wheretheyd consider (and could afford) to start a business. Then there are the thousands who have justexperienced a major shift in the direction of their lives because of changes at work, at home, etc.These same people, who just months before could in no way, shape, or form be consideredprospects for Network Marketing, NOW are suddenly very open to the proposition. And this ishappening constantly. Bottom line: The market is wide open and the potential is enormous.Finally, Internationally acclaimed business people agree that Network Marketing represents one ofthe greatest opportunities in the world today.I am an independent associate for a Brand Company in the United Kingdom. if you require furtherinformation .please contact me on []Article Source:
  7. 7. ==== ====If you are really interested in building a strong Marketing Network please watch this video to seereal people makeing real money! Money hits your account instantly! ====