Can You Make Real Money with Network Marketing?


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Network Marketing is making people real money and real home-based businesses, click here to see how:
Network Marketing is the only way to build wealth in a short period of time when the economy is down. See how - Click Here:

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Can You Make Real Money with Network Marketing?

  1. 1. ==== ====If you are really interested in building a strong Marketing Network please watch this video to seereal people makeing real money! Money hits your account instantly! ====In this article, were going to cover how you can maximize your network marketing recruitingefforts while dramatically increasing the retention rate and overall performance of your downline. Iam not going to sell you on anything whatsoever. I am not going to attempt to convince you to joinmy opportunity and I am not going to hold anything back on what you need to do to be successful.This information is my gift to you with absolutely no strings attached. Why I am giving thisinformation away for free? My satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made a difference inthe lives of people that are struggling with a home-based business opportunity and I know howthat feels. It also means that my chosen industry of network marketing will continue to berespected as a viable and logical alternative to conventional business and employment.As you find yourself understanding the principles Im going to outline, youre going to have aclearer picture of exactly what you need to do to make it to the top of your companyscompensation plan. Many of these secrets will doubtlessly be very scary to some people.However, if youre the kind of person who is ready for success, youre going to benefit from thisinformation by leaps and bounds.The cornerstone secret to recruiting for your network marketing opportunity is integrity. As obviousas this sounds, there is much more to it. When a person is recruiting for their network marketingopportunity they dont set out to give their prospects the wrong idea of what network marketing is (Ileast I hope they dont) but what sometimes ends up happening, is that their level of excitementcoupled with a misunderstanding of what network marketing is and is not, ends up leading theirnew independent representatives down the wrong road. This leads to frustration and ultimatelyends with a collapse of their downline. With the knowledge Im going to give here, youll be able toavoid this unforeseen pitfall.I have been hugely successful in network marketing, but it took many trials and errors beforediscovering how to succeed in this lucrative business, as well as how to keep people in mydownline and help them succeed. In one opportunity I was able to recruit at least one person a daystarting from day one, but I found that they would soon fall off out of abject frustration that theywere not able to produce the results I was able to. At the time, I didnt clearly understand what Iwas doing wrong but over the years the secrets to network marketing success have slowly beenrevealed to me.What can you do to make sure that when youre out recruiting for your network marketingopportunity that people will stay involved and that youll be successful? You must understandexactly what network marketing is and who actually makes it to the top of your companyscompensation plan.
  2. 2. Here are the secrets that youll need to know and that youll want to cover with your currentdownline and future prospects:Network marketing is neither a job nor a get rich quick pyramid scheme. This may seem like a no-brainer like many of the other secrets Ill be going over, but bare with me and Ill explain the reasonwhy this fact can be so deeply forgotten or misunderstood that the obvious becomes hidden.Understand that most people-even after theyve heard your presentation about starting a home-based business-still may not fully understand what huge differences rest between a home-basedbusiness and a job. People who enter your organization who are stuck on job-think will have putforth the investment to get started and yet they mistake the independent representative applicationwith a time-sheet for clocking in to work. At many jobs, you clock in and regardless of whether youdo anything or not you will still get paid (so long as youre not caught slacking off too much). Whena person is running their own business they will make absolutely nothing unless they market theirbusiness. Once you grow your residual income and the momentum of your downline, then you canrelax...and do it quite comfortably! However, initially its going to mean working hard...very hard.Youve probably noticed the strange phenomenon that almost every single network marketingcompany has someone somewhere complaining that that particular company is a scam, yet yourcompany probably has outstanding products or services and they probably have oceans of peoplewho are making money and who are excited about being involved. Pyramid schemes are illegal,and if a company is found to be a pyramid scheme it is quickly shutdown by the government. Sowhy do some people seem so unhappy with network marketing? This is the secret that fast foodcompanies, recliner chair manufactures, air conditioning manufacturers and insurance salesmanfigured out. The average person wants satisfaction right now. The average person will always optfor the most relaxing position in life. The average person doesnt want to sweat and the averageperson wants to be assured that so long as they keep doing the same thing every month, themoney will be there. Unfortunately, if a person has not been properly informed about what it reallymeans to own their own home business, they will likely give up and join the naysayers. To besuccessful in network marketing a person must be patient as they work each day to build towardtheir success. They must be willing to step outside of their comfort zone. They must be willing tosweat a little by taking a chance on their own self-determination and they must realize that the sizeof their network marketing paycheck hinges not upon clocking in, but the courage to face downevery rejection while moving with excitement and urgency toward the manifestation of theirdreams. Yes, it is hard work. However, the upside to network marketing recruiting is that if youvebeen trained by a quality company, or upline leader in your opportunity, youll find that workinghard in your network marketing opportunity can be fun and exciting.Network marketing success hinges upon hard work. A person cannot buy their way to top of anetwork marketing opportunity, it must be earned. Yes, it is possible to make it to the top of yourcompanys network marketing compensation plan by simply buying every prospect that you talk toa starter kit out of your own pocket and paying for all their customers (which would take a whole lotof money and very little work), but even if a person has that kind of money to waste, theyd findthat their downline would collapse. The absolute only way anyone every makes it to the top of anetwork marketing opportunity and sustains and continues to grow their massive downline is bymaking a commitment to do network marketing recruiting the right way and by nurturing theirdownline. Nurturing your downline means being available to help them grow their ownorganizations. Recruiting the right way means putting your nose to the grindstone; putting yourbest foot forward to attract and present your opportunity to the right people, and never, ever, everletting up on your success. If I told you Id hire you for a job and that it entails working extremely
  3. 3. hard almost every day of every month and that your reward will be to that get to work like a dog formany, many more years to come, would you take the job? Most people have agreed to that.Would it scare you if I told you that youre going to have to work extremely hard over the next yearto four years in your network marketing opportunity, but your reward will be that youll be able towalk away from your job, would you stick with your opportunity? If you answered "yes", then letsproceed...because you already possess the characteristics that are at the nucleus of what makestop producers tick (courage and self-determination).Network marketing recruiting takes a highly-motivated and disciplined personality. This means thata person must have the discipline to monitor their level of motivation and if they ever findthemselves falling below optimum levels of excitement, they will immediately do whatever isnecessary to change course. That could mean taking the time to watch your companysopportunity videos again and again everyday, so that youll have a fresh feeling of excitement andbe motivated to make it happen. It could mean making a "success collage" created out of picturesof the places you want to go, the kind of house youd like to live in or the kind of car youd like todrive. It could mean calling up your upline leaders for some uplifting advice. It could meanconsistently listening to motivational speakers, playing their audios at home and in the car orwatching their videos on YouTube. To reach your success goals you must be motivated. To bemotivated you must be excited to make it happen. Excitement is contagious, and its the singlemost powerful ingredient for network marketing recruiting success.Network marketing is not a pyramid scheme. People at the top of a network marketingorganization do not necessarily make lots of money. What? Bare with me because this is anothersecret that might sound scary to some people but as I explain it youre going to begin tounderstand exactly why you should be excited about this simple fact. Heres how it works: If Alfredrecruits Bob and Bob recruits Cassandra, we can imagine them in a straight line from top tobottom (A, B, C) with Alfred standing at the top of the organization, Bob standing on the levelbelow him, and Cassandra last. Alfred goes wild, puts his nose to the grindstone and makes thingshappen. Cassandra is off the charts with her network marketing recruiting efforts; shes alwaysexcited to talk to people about her opportunity and ends up building a massive organization. Ifwed look back at Alfred, whose standing at the top, wed see a massive organization below himdue to his own efforts and multiplied by Cassandras diligence and hard work...but what aboutBob? Bob only recruited Cassandra, he decided hed stay involved because he loved the productsand services, but he didnt get promoted to any kind of prestigious title in the opportunityscompensation plan. Why? Because network marketing isnt a pyramid scheme and it isnt a job. Ina true network marketing company you can have someone above you who makes less moneythan you do. The percentages and bonuses you earn in a true network marketing opportunity arebased upon your earned position. The keyword here is "earned". If a person does not acquire thecustomers or independent representatives that they need to quality for their opportunitys higherearned position theyll earn a bit more money from the efforts of someone like Cassandra, but itwill be pennies compared to what Cassandra earns herself. Yes, Bob is at the top of the hugeorganization but its Alfred and Cassandra who are making the real money, and rightfully so. In aconventional business, whether large or small, a persons job position in the corporate pyramidlinearly dictates how much money they make. In almost every case, in a corporation, the people atthe top make the big bucks and the people at the bottom make much, much, much less. Networkmarketing rewards the people who are hungry for success regardless of where they are located inthe organizations structure. Think about that.
  4. 4. You have to talk to people. This one also seems completely obvious and because of that I neversaw it as something I had to point out in my early days of network marketing. Due to leaving thisout, many people in my downline would complain that they werent making any money. I couldntunderstand what was happening, but now I can share this with you: To be successful in networkmarketing you have to be willing to talk to people and share your opportunity in as many differentways as you can possibly think of. Have you put the link to your opportunity website in your emailsignature? Have you sent a short, gentle but excited announcement to every person you can thinkof, informing them that your home business is open for business? Have you made a YouTubevideo proudly and excitedly talking about all the neat stuff about your opportunitys products orservices? Do you have the courage to give a brochure or a DVD to a complete stranger? Make acommitment right now to inform your downline that to be successful in their own home-basedbusiness they must let as many people as possible know that theyre in business. Reveal topeople that the secret to making money in network marketing is talking, and those who keep ontalking are the ones who make it to the top.The average person will not get rich with network marketing. This fact sounds pretty depressingwhen you first read it, but let me ask you: Do you consider yourself an average person? I canalready answer that question. No, you are not an average person because if you were, youwouldnt be reading this. An above average person is willing to take the time to invest inthemselves and youve invested in yourself by seeking out knowledge that you can use to propelyour business forward. Read this network marketing recruiting secret again and realize that itdoesnt have anything to do with whether or not you are going to be hugely successful in networkmarketing. You must refuse to be average. You must refuse to back down or give up. The averageperson is not self-motivated or excited about putting in hard work even if it means literallychanging the future history of their family tree. Therefore, yes, it is an absolute fact that theaverage person in network marketing will only make a little money or no money at all. The averageperson doesnt have anything to do with you or what you are capable of. You have made it this far.I have gut-checked you over and over, and youve made it this far. Are you going to give up or areyou going to take the bull by the horns and prove that I am right when I say that you are not justanother average person, but an above average success story in the making?You must not be afraid to sell. A person must have no fear of the word "salesman" and no dread ofthe concept of "selling". There are life-saving devices in hospitals because a salesman had thecourage to stand by his product. If you know someone whose life was saved by a defibrillator,thank the doctor, nurse or paramedic...and dont forget the salesman who sold their hospital theunit. If someone asks, "Are you trying to sell me something," respond with excitement, "You bet Iam...and you absolutely have to take a look at this!" Salesman are the highest paid people in theworld. Why anyone would not want to be a salesman beats me. However, in network marketingyou are selling your products or services but you are marketing your business opportunity.Successful network marketing recruiting means knowing the difference between these two areasof your business.Successful network marketing recruiting doesnt mean chasing people. Now that weve movedbeyond the word "salesman" we can get to the pinnacle of network marketing recruiting secrets. Interms of getting people to sign up for an opportunity, a person must understand that successfulnetwork marketers do not sell people on an opportunity. You sell people products or services andselling them on a product or service means that you might need to convince them that it is superiorto the competition or that it is otherwise something that will enrich their lives. Successful network
  5. 5. marketers do not sell people network marketing opportunities, they market them. Marketing meansinviting and inviting means were giving out invitations. An invitation, although it can certainly be anopen invitation, typically means that a person has been assessed and selected to participate in anevent or organization. I have absolutely no interest in chasing anybody to do anything. I will invitethem. I will market my opportunity by letting as many people as possible know that the opportunityis here; that it exists, but its up to them to accept or reject the invitation. To be successful innetwork marketing a person must grow an awareness of the existence of their opportunity and letpeople make up their own minds. Almost everyone I had to convince to make an investment inthemselves didnt make any money no matter how much I tried to help them. I found myself notwanting to help them because they were so negative and required too much of my energy tomotivate. On the other hand, those who are invited to watch a DVD, invited to listen to a businessopportunity briefing or invited to click on a link, and who decide to get involved, are the people youwill want to help make it to the top with you...and they are the ones who are going to help you getit to the top!Ive given you the knowledge that I wish I had years ago. Now its up to you to dig down deepwithin yourself and find the courage to make it happen.I wish you health, happiness and success!Do you wish you had more time or money? I invite you to take a look at an amazing home-basedbusiness opportunity. Watch our video presentation at []Heru K. Minkah is a marketing professional with over a decade of experience in networkingmarketing, sales training and motivational speaking.Article Source: ====If you are really interested in building a strong Marketing Network please watch this video to seereal people makeing real money! Money hits your account instantly! ====