Introduction to Cloud Foundry


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Learn about Cloud Foundry, industry's first open PaaS

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  • There are four key initiatives to Cloud Foundry1.) which is the open source project. The code is on GitHub and licensed under the very permissive Apache 2 license.2.) – which is a VMware-operated service instance. Makes sure we’re eating our own dogfood.3.) Micro Cloud Foundry – this is the “honey I shrank the cloud” version for developers who can run a complete instance on their local laptop.4.) “Project Bento” is the enterprise version of Cloud Foundry designed to run on private clouds.We’ll drill down on each of these…
  • Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete instance of cloud foundry designed to run in a VM on a developer’s machine.So we take the entire cloud model and bring it back to the PCDevelopers have been building their own versions from the open source, so this saves them the work by being pre-built, but also adds an important feature. Dynamic DNS support means you can deploy apps to your micro cloud and serve live traffic regardless of whether you’re in the office, coffee shop, home or wherever.It is distributed as a VM image and works on VMWare player, VMware Workstation or Fusion. Depending on the apps and how much horsepower your machine has, should be able to support 6-12 apps.It is a full instance and fully symetrical with other instances. So can work locally, work offline and then push your app to other instances of CF.
  • Introduction to Cloud Foundry

    1. 1. Introducing Cloud FoundryTMThe first open platform as a service<br />
    2. 2. The complexity enterprise IT and developers face today<br />New infrastructures<br />New Devices and Domains<br />4-6 Months from Idea to Production!<br />New Languages and Frameworks<br />New Data types and requirements<br />
    3. 3. A new platform is required – PaaS<br />Each generation of computing brings a new flavor of application platform<br />The application platform in the cloud era will be delivered as a service - PaaS<br />PaaSmakes it much easier to deploy, run and scale applications<br />Integrated software stack<br />Application execution engine<br />Self-service application deployment <br />Automated application infrastructure provisioning <br />Curated, updated and operated as a service <br />
    4. 4. Cloud Foundry – The first open PaaS<br />MsgServices<br />.js<br />Data Services<br />Private Clouds<br />Cloud Provider Interface<br />vFabric Services<br />Application Service Interface<br />Public Clouds<br />Other Services<br />Micro Clouds<br />
    5. 5. Cloud Foundry – The first open PaaS<br />Open architecture<br />Choice of clouds for deployment<br />Choice of industry-standard frameworks and application infrastructure services<br />Extensible architecture to “digest” future cloud innovation<br />Available as open source<br />Self-service application execution engine<br />Build applications with latest high productivity frameworks<br />Automation engine for deployment and lifecycle management<br />Deploy and cloud-scale applications in seconds<br />
    6. 6. Why should I care?<br />Let developers focus on code<br />IT as a service provider<br />Boost application velocity<br /><ul><li>Friction-free deployment
    7. 7. No machines or middleware to manage
    8. 8. Latest high productivity frameworks
    9. 9. Choice of application services
    10. 10. Cloud portability
    11. 11. More responsive to developers
    12. 12. Elastic and dynamically scalable
    13. 13. Improved efficiency
    14. 14. Digest future cloud advances
    15. 15. Cloud portability</li></li></ul><li><br />Open Source Project<br /><br />Public Cloud Service<br />“Project Bento”<br />Private Cloud PaaS<br />Micro Cloud Foundry™<br />Developer Download<br />
    16. 16. Micro Cloud FoundryTM- “Honey we shrank the cloud”<br />Industry-first downloadable PaaS<br />Instance of Cloud Foundry that runs on a developer’s PC<br />Distributed as a virtual machine image (works on VMware Player (Linux, Windows, free), VMware Workstation (Windows) or Fusion (Mac OS X)<br />Full instance – symmetrical with other Cloud Foundry instances<br />Develop locally, deploy to any cloud<br />Dynamic DNS support allows Micro Clouds to serve live traffic<br />Updated regularly<br />Downloadable from<br />
    17. 17. “Project Bento” (coming soon) - “We will make you heroes”<br />Enterprise version of Cloud Foundry for private clouds<br />Lets IT run as a service (or have hosted on their behalf)<br />Runs on VMware virtual infrastructure<br />Includes vFabric application services<br />Backed by enterprise-class support<br />Hybrid cloud symmetry<br />Service Broker provides gateway to existing enterprise systems<br />To be available in FY12<br />
    18. 18. Introducing Cloud FoundryTM – The first open platform as a service<br /> Dekel Tankel, Product Marketing, Cloud Application Platform,<br />Sign up for the service:<br />Download your Micro Cloud Foundry:<br />VMworld 2011<br />