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  2. Internal to Wipro UNDERTAKING BY THE STUDENT I am Mr. Navin more, having admission no. HPGD/JL21/2394, declares that project work done for Project We Like is my own work conducted as part of my syllabus. I further declare that project work has been prepared personally by me after viewing the content under ‘We Tube, We Lounge and Newswire’ and it is not sourced from any outside agency or any other student. I understand that, any such malpractice will result into I being debarred for the subject viva and will be considered fail for that subject. I also understand that I will have to face very serious consequences and my admission to the program will be cancelled without any refund of fees. I am also aware that, I may face legal action, if I follow such malpractice. I hereby abide to take the viva faculty’s decision as final for evaluation of Project We Like. Mr. Vaibhav Sawant
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  5. Internal to Wipro MY LEARNINGS.. • That Mr. Rajesh Seshadri is very knowledgeable man, DSV Air and Sea played a very important role in making him a very sustainable in growth of his life. • He has been a key player in establishing a start up company which has grown ten time over in past eight years. He is a man who believes in constant learning and has acquired various qualifications and is still pursuing then even now. • Mr. Rajesh Seshadri started his career way before graduation. Challenges and focus kept him engaged in his life. • Challenges and focus has played an important role in his journey to create Mr. Rajesh Seshadri. • He started his career from ANG resources and then moved to Geoffrey Manners Group which got merged with another company later. He was working there for more than 11 years.
  6. Internal to Wipro - After working for ANG for more than 11 years then Mr. Rajesh Seshadri moved to DHL company which is German company it was a big challenges for him from Indian company to German company from manufacturing to service industry was big challenging for him. - Mr., Rajesh Seshadri worked for DHL for more than eight years after working than again moving to New company was challenging and it’s shows Rajesh Seshadri accept challenges in his life to grow more and to create new opportunities. - Mr. Rajesh Seshadri started working for DSV Air and Sea and it was also startup. Experience and learning and taking people along with himself and accepting challenges made him successful in his life.
  7. Internal to Wipro - DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. They have offices in 70 countries and international network, partners and agent’s making them a truly Global player. - DSV India was established in year 2006 and today DSV has offices in 9 cities, and approximately 200 employees with annual turnover of 50 millions. - DSV has 3 Division - 1 Air and Sea. - 2 Logistic solution - 3 Road. - On logistics Industry- Mr. Rajesh Seshadri says in India logistics grows roughly 1.5% to 2% times then GDP. If the growth is 6.5 to 8 % then logistics industry grows from 12 to 29%.
  9. Internal to Wipro MY LEARNINGS.. - We have with us a result oriented professional with over 20 year of diversified experience in fright forwarding, contract logistics, warehouse management, an Out-of-the-Box thinker with a proven track record of increasing revenues, streamlining workflow and creating a teamwork environment to enhance productivity. He comes with expertise in marketing plan, execution & implementation of business strategies to accomplish targets. He has an innate flair for accepting challenges with entrepreneurship abilities in taking strategic business decisions to achieve desired targets. - Persuasive with excellent negotiation skill and decent experience in handling international clients. His specialties are in formulation and executing
  10. Internal to Wipro • The journey started with DHL Global Logistics and there was no looking back. It was a quite interesting journey. He work six years with DHL Global Logistics the reason behind it was be stable in benning of career so that you can get max knowledge of one product. If you keep on changing you will not become master of anything. After that he moved to BDP Logistics and then to Perma Global Logistics. • Mr. Anup always want to run the company on his own ,So he have finally got this opportunity at Perma Global Logistics as president for Indian subcontinent. • After joining company, He have to go for lot of challenges in running a company, as you are responsible for certain activities like be it Marketing, be it Customer Service, be it Accounting, be it Fund
  11. Internal to Wipro • His first salary was way back in 1994 he was paid 1800 Rs. • This role has taken him to peak of his career and long way to go. • He like this job as it keep him active all the time, as there are lot of challenges in day-to-day work. And least thing about this job is the regulatory that are not giving us to do our job freely. • Describe Anup in one word --Innovative, Describe Perma Global Logistics in one word -- Challenging, One love -- Traveling. • There is lot of learning in his last 22 years of his career, one thing that he learn that every problem has solution and there will be always a sunshine and don't lose your patience and keep calm and always discussed with people don't live with problem.
  13. Internal to Wipro MY LEARNINGS.. • Introduction • Mr. Malia has 27 years of global work experience India, Southwest Asia, The Middle-east and the U. S. Mr. Malia joined Essar from Coca-Cola India where he was heading the Human Resources function for India and Southwest Asia. He started his career at Godrej group where he spent close to 9 years handling roles like Sales, Human Resources, Training and Development. Post his stint in the Godrej group, he worked with GE Appliance in India and U.S. as General Manager (HRD and IR). Prior to Coca-Cola he served as the group General Manager(HRD) at Ai Futtian sons for their middle East Operation. He joined Essar in August 2006, he is responsible for Human Resource strategy, policies and programs for the entire group and plays a critical role in providing vision and leadership to the Human Resources function to deliver on the group's strategic and operating goals.
  14. Internal to Wipro • He has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce as well a law and, Aster’s Degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences. He has also done an Advanced Management Program from the Wharton Business School and Senior Leadership Revenue Growth from Georgia Tech University. • Winner of several Awards and Recognitions for his work in this industry. Won the ET award for 4th Best HR. • He writes for Newspapers, Business Magazines, he is also a keynote speaker at several seminars and conventions globally. • HR believes in 4 G's Give, Get, Grow and Guard. • Secret of success • 1 There is no shortcut to hardwork. 2 Be good human being. 3 Be a student for whole life.
  15. Internal to Wipro • He started his career journey at age of 19. This journey was full feeling, and it was challenging career. • has listed his as 100 powerful personality in Human Resources Domain he was very humble about this. • Actually, rewards don't change anything in life, but it make you feel a sense of return on your investment all career are matter of serious investment that people make in terms of learning, in terms of time and so many things. So, this rewards are returns on investment to make your career. • He started as lawyer before joining TATA Institute of Social Sciences and he study Human Resource Management. In start of his career, he did some part of sales, some part of marketing and was in legal, over a period of time he found that actually that behind every success there is Human being who was making role successful. • He thereafter took up the Essar in 2006 this is one of the high-point of his career.
  16. Internal to Wipro WE TUBE
  18. Internal to Wipro INTRODUCTION • Most of the people have a vague idea of where money goes. When people get their salaries, money flows into account and cannot keep a track of it. People are not able to identify whether they are meeting their financial goals. • With help of personal budgeting, keeping a track of money, savings and expenses becomes easy. • What is a budget? - It is an itemized summary of income and expenses. It is a plan which keeps a track of income v/s expenditure. It is an easy concrete organized breakdown of inflow and outflow of money. It is a valuable tool to prioritize savings and expenses.
  19. Internal to Wipro IMPORTANCE OF BUDGETING • Identify and helps to achieve financial goals. • Manages money. • Directs money flow. • Increases savings. • Ability to Adapt quickly as financial condition changes. • Budget will breakdown your expenses. • It will decrease stress level. • It provides a state of financial security.
  20. Internal to Wipro WHAT IF ONE DOES NOT FOLLOW PERSONAL BUDGETING? • Without budget people may be in dark. • Struggling surviving month to month. • No proper savings. • No proper investment ideas. • Chances of being in debt.
  21. Internal to Wipro SEVEN MANTRAS/STEPS FOR EFFECTIVE BUDGETING • 1. Choose a proper system: - Determine the basis on which budgetary information can be tracked, whether weekly or monthly. Choose a recording system whether pen/pencil or some software. • 2. Determine Income: - Calculate income from different sources like salary, interest, dividend, rental income and business. Be conservative while calculating income & take only which are sure and are fixed in nature .Average out income for over a longer period like 6 month rather than one month. • 3. Determine Expenses: - This step is more important and time consuming. It is necessary to have control over expenses. • Divide expenses into 3 categories: - First category: Fixed expenses like home loan, auto loan, insurance, personal loans, taxes, child education, savings and so on. - Second category: Variable Expenses like Household expenses (glossary, vegetables etc.) fuel / transport phone bills / clothes / laundry /medical/professional services / repairs. These can be modified and controlled too.
  22. Internal to Wipro 4. Compare the expenses: Whether income > expenses Or incomes < expenses Or Income = expenses. Segregate into above categories. If expenses>income, then make changes. Borrowing money to cover monthly expenses can put in more troubles and it gets harder to escape. 5. Determine & define financial goals: Goals like child education, child marriage , retirement and so on. Establish budget and work towards achieving these goals. 6. Improve situation: Budget helps you to improve your financial health and positions. Increasing income is not so easy and also not impossible ,so it is necessary to work to improve and Manage expenses wherever needed. 7. Review & evaluate progress: To monitor is more important than planning. Monitor budget on ongoing basis For example, fix a date in every month to check progress.(like 15th on every month).Review periodically and If identify deviation and immediately take necessary steps. -Third category: Discretionary expenses like recreations / entertainment / vacations / gifts etc. After noting expenses, they should be tracked for 2 3 months. Tracking all the expense no matter how small they are is important.
  23. Internal to Wipro ART OF WAR BY SUN TZU PROF. PERCY VAID
  24. Internal to Wipro CHINESE SCHOLAR SUN TZU USE TO HELP KING'S SETUP RULES, BUSINESS LEADER & MILITARY MIND. The best battle is that which is won without being fought. If you know your enemy & yourself. You shall win all battles. In peace prepare for war… in war prepare for peace. Strike at vulnerable points, attack in unexpected quarters. If enemy is invader, cut his lines of communication & occupy the roads by which he will have to return.
  25. Internal to Wipro The spot where we intend to fight must not be made known, for then he will have to prepare against an attack on several fronts. Without harmony in the state, no military expedition can be undertaken, without harmony in the army, no battle can be won. Presence of mind is the General’s best asset…enabling him to inspire courage & discipline. Don’t swallow a bait offered by the enemy… The wise man considers both positives & negatives… seeing a way out of adversity and is not blind.
  26. Internal to Wipro Fear makes men restless… If attackers & the attacked are evenly matched…only the able general will fight. Attack is the secret of defence, defence is the planning of an attack. If an enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in… Use spies to minimize damage & maximize success…
  28. Internal to Wipro WHY BE A BRAND? It's a world of 'First among equals' The one who 'stands out' gains The one who inspires confidence gets a buy-in Home-work on your counterparty is a two- way street
  29. Internal to Wipro HOW TO CREATE OUR BRAND? • Have an unusual flavour • Highlight a unique quality / interest / achievement • Weave it in gracefully to create a recall • Create a well-rounded online profile • Give people a chance to form an opinion before they meet you • Publicize your achievements • Get a supervisor to be a brand Ambassador
  30. Internal to Wipro • Get peers to be Brand Ambassadors • Network selectively • Make your mark in Industry & Career publications / local press • Create a presence at Institute / Industry events • Branding without substance will surely and steadily collapse • Be genuinely good and thorough at what you showcase • Do it gracefully
  31. Internal to Wipro ‘Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not Going to get business’
  33. Internal to Wipro SIX THINKING HATS • Thinking- • The Ultimate Human Resource - We can always improve our thinking skills. - We should emphasize what can be, not what is. • What is it? - Six thinking hats is a concept by Edward De Bono who is an expert in creative and lateral thinking. - Six thinking hats is a powerful tool to look at decisions from different points of view.
  34. Internal to Wipro • How Does it Work? - It encourage lateral thinking - Parallel thinking - Uses all resources - A facilitated discussion process - Everyone looks at every perspective - Less confusing and more organized • What is it all about: - Six hats reduce confusion - The main difficulty with thinking is confusion - We try to do too much at once. Emotions, information, logic, hope and creativity all crowd in on us.
  35. Internal to Wipro THE BLUE HATS- MANAGER / ORGANIZER •Organize the conversation •Summarize •Overview •Plan •Responsible for overviews, summaries & conclusion •Focus on the big picture
  36. Internal to Wipro THE WHITE HAT- INFORMATION •What information do we have? •What information do we need? •What’s missing? •What question do we need to ask. •Neutral, just the facts.
  37. Internal to Wipro WHAT IS BLACK HATS- REALITY CHECK •Caution and criticism •Stop us from doing something illegal, immoral or unwise. •Identifies risks, obstacles, weaknesses to be overcome.
  38. Internal to Wipro YELLOW HAT- SUNSHINE •What are the positive aspects? •The bright side •What are we building? •Opportunities •Vision
  39. Internal to Wipro THE RED HAT- FEELINGS, INTUITION •About emotions •How do you feel about it? •Simple: Mad, sad, glad, afraid, etc. •Don’t analyse the feelings.
  40. Internal to Wipro THE GREEN HAT- CREATIVITY •Creativity and growth •New ideas and ways of looking. •New concepts and perceptions. •Brainstorming.
  41. Internal to Wipro BENEFITS OF SIX HATS Allows you to say things without risk Is a convenient mechanism for “switching” Focuses thinking Leads to more creative thinking Improves communication Improves decision making
  43. Internal to Wipro BEHAVIOURAL RECIPROCATION • This is the behavioural way of responding or reacting of the recipient person to the stimulus created by the person initiating communication • It depends on: - Brought-up - Education - Belief system - Society culture - Emotional Quotient - Spiritual Quotient
  44. Internal to Wipro TYPES OF BEHAVIOURAL RECIPROCATION • The 2 types of Behavioural Reciprocation are: - Responses - Reactions • Responses: - Love, Sympathy, Empathy, Assertion, Concern, Request, Confidence, Happiness, Joy, Calmness • Reactions: - Anger, Frustration, Dictation, Rudeness, Sadness, Guilt, Shame, Arrogance, Nervousness, Hatred, Indifference, Humiliation
  45. Internal to Wipro A BEHAVIOURAL MIRROR •We cannot see our own face. We require mirror to see it. •We also have the behavioural and emotional 'faces' that we need to 'see' for leading a qualitative life. •We cannot see them ourselves
  46. Internal to Wipro TECHNIQUES TO DEAL WITH RUDE BEHAVIOUR Conduct yourself professionally Don't take it to your heart Evaluate the situation Know 'defective' pieces of God Use your 'objective' lens Optimum use of limited choices Thought behind thought Address their perception Offer compassionate help Upgrade yourself Maintain your dignity
  47. Internal to Wipro NEWSWIRE
  48. Internal to Wipro WAYS TO REDUCE INVESTMENT RISK IN YOUR PORTFOLIO • The motive of achieving financial goals is to determine the investment ways through which the goals may be achieved by taking minimum risks. But to create wealth or to achieve financial goals with limited resources, one has to take some risks and invest in the instruments having capital risks. • However, there are ways to reduce the risks through diversification, investing throughout the market cycles etc. • Following are the basic principles for risk reduction: - Ensure that the portfolio is diversified enough.
  49. Internal to Wipro BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES TO TRUST IN 2022 • It’s no longer enough to say that disruptive technologies are paving the way for new industries and business models by eliminating obsolete systems. The last two years have revolutionized how we operate in our professional and personal lives. • Time management is critical to how people work today and how they interact and collaborate. • The dust has begun to settle, and one undeniable fact has emerged: “Momentum has shifted to remote and virtual,” as the saying goes. • It’s critical that businesses break down silos, embrace remote working techniques, and change the workplace to better manage their time in the Year 2022.
  50. Internal to Wipro • Top 6 Time Management Techniques: • 1. Create a clear plan • 2. Prioritize your tasks • 3. Delegate • 4. Use timers • 5. Track your time • 6. Use AI-enabled time management tool
  51. Internal to Wipro • Top 5 Time Management Tools: • 1. Basecamp • 2. Work-status • 3. Nifty • 4. Trello • 5. Jira
  52. Internal to Wipro HOW WOMEN SHOULD BUILD THEIR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO • Women have come a long way. Breaking patriarchal barriers, they have scripted stupendous success stories everywhere for all to see. However, the once-in-a-century pandemic has impacted women in more than one way, with many bearing the brunt of losing income and rising domestic work burden. • In such a scenario, women need to craft robust portfolio strategies that help them ride volatility and address crucial goals. • - Arm Yourself with the Right Knowledge • - Start Investing Early • - Buy Life Insurance • - Save up for Emergencies • - Secure Your Sunset Years • - Review Portfolio Periodically
  53. Internal to Wipro HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SKILLS? • Conflict management is the implementation of strategies to eliminate the negative aspects of disputes and accentuate the positive ones. The objective is for the differing sides in the matter to collaborate and overcome their differences in a way that each party is heard and understood. • provides professionally instructor-led training workshops and seminars for employees, managers, and executives at organizations. They provide both in-person and virtual workshops to adhere to convenient methods for you. As they are rated #1 in the conflict resolution training, their workshops are packed with informative methods and skills to improve your conflict management skills. • Managing Conflicts in the Workplace: • - Take immediate action • - Frame the discussion positively • - Focus on the issue, not the person
  54. Internal to Wipro • Examples of Workplace Conflicts: • - Task-Based Conflicts • - Conflict with Managers Leadership Style • - Conflicts with Customers • - Discrimination • - Clash of Personalities • - Performance Review Conflicts
  55. Internal to Wipro TOP 3 PERSONAL FINANCE INSTRUMENTS TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 2022 • Innovation in personal finance makes our lives easier and allows us better choices regarding investments, spending, and savings. Personal finance is rapidly changing with time. In the past few years, we have witnessed the growth of UPI, e-wallets, Sovereign Gold Bond, and many more personal finance instruments in India. • Here are the top three personal finance instruments that you should know of: • - Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) • - Cryptocurrency
  56. Internal to Wipro BUSINESS WRITING – DEFINITION, PRINCIPLES, TYPES AND TIPS • Business writing is a type of written business communication used in a professional setting by defining the reader, then purpose, and finally providing information that the target reader needs and reads to know or do something. It is written in correct, clear, concise, and engaging language to provide information that is logical, well ordered, and result-driven. • Definition: Business writing is defined as a purposeful piece of writing used in business communication for conveying relevant information and details in an accurate, concise, clear, and effective manner to accomplish some business or
  57. Internal to Wipro business or workplace communication in the professional or business world. From academic writing to a business letter or a PR campaign, professional writers need to polish their own writing following all the principles and key elements of business writing. - Business writing is the process of giving business ideas through writing. It helps the reader to get a better understanding of the business ideas/plans more concisely and clearly. Not only does it help in propelling businesses but also careers. Therefore, businesses get their insights from these business writings, making it the lifeblood and foundation of solid companies. - Good business writing gives importance to the information. Writing to express and not impress would be the golden rule for every business writer. Writing long and rambling documents isn’t what business writing is all about, but the ability to write what is significant and concise is the key. • Types of Business Writing:: - Instructional - Informational
  58. Internal to Wipro • 1o Principles of Effective Writing for Business: • 1. Having Clarity of purpose • 2. Having clarity of thought • 3. Conveying accurate and relevant information • 4. Avoiding jargon • 5. Reading and revising • 6. Practicing the key • 7. Be direct • 8. Avoiding verbosity • 9. Using correct grammar and sentence structure • 10. Being easy to scan
  59. Internal to Wipro • Examples of Business Writing: • 1. Email • 2. Business Letters • 3. Business Memos • 4. Reports • 5. Handbooks • 6. Press releases • 7. Newsletters • Tips for Good Business Writing: • 1. Content is the key substance • 2. Concise Writing • 3. Starting with the Important Points • 4. Usage of Proper Format
  60. Internal to Wipro HOW TO SAVE INCOME TAX WITH ZERO INVESTMENT • Various tax deductions are allowed under the Income Tax Act if the taxpayer makes investments in eligible tax-saving instruments. However, in some cases, the taxpayer can claim tax exemptions even if he has not made any investments. • Here are five ways through which you can save maximum taxes: • 1) House Rent Allowance • 2) Education loan • 3) Housing loan • 4) Medical expenses for senior citizen parents
  61. Internal to Wipro LEADERSHIP SUCCESS IN A POST-PANDEMIC WORLD • Leaders should drive towards creating innovative approaches to optimize how tasks are completed with the importance of the physical and virtual offices and how talent is cultivated and compensated. • Businesses are slowly recovering from the most challenging days of the pandemic. Given the unprecedented circumstances, leaders are now reanalysing their fundamental purpose and the best ways to encourage their teams in the next chapter. That encouragement now goes far beyond business success; indeed, the pandemic has shifted focus to employee wellness and mental health, among other things. With leaders juggling such issues, what can they do to lead their teams to success in the coming year? - Hear and adjust
  62. Internal to Wipro HERE ARE THE BEST PRACTICES OUTLINED WHEN PLANNING TO STUDY ABROAD • Studying abroad is a dream of many but only a few achieve it, given the various factors that act as a barrier. The biggest one being – Finance. • There is a way to break through this barrier and now, everyone has an equal chance to fulfil their aspiration to study abroad. The dream of studying abroad should no longer be bogged down by the heavy costs attached. • To start the fund, set a goal for it, that is achievable considering the time you have to save for it. If you are planning to take an educational loan, then your goal for the fund changes accordingly. • Here are some ways to raise money without disruption; • 1. Financial preparation and role of education fund • 2. Research about scholarships • 3. Consult education counsellors • 4. Take up part-time jobs
  63. Internal to Wipro LEADERSHIP LESSONS ONE SHOULD LEARN FROM LATA MANGESHKAR’S LIFE • February 6th 2022 will go down in history as mournful for music lovers, not just in India but across the globe. India lost one of its most precious and treasured Bharat Ratna awardees, the doyen of film music and the torchbearer of Mangeshkar clan, Lata Mangeshkar. • Lata Mangeshkar has been one of the strongest pillars of the Indian film industry. For over 7 decades she put India on the map with her musical excellence. While her loss is irreplaceable and the void that her absence has created cannot ever be filled, we can still learn from her passion and dedication to her craft.
  64. Internal to Wipro • Here are 5 key leadership lessons I understand , every individual can learn from the exemplary life of the legendary artiste: - Adaptability and staying relevant - Consistent Practice - Don’t be afraid to explore - An Everyday ‘Day 1’ Approach - Push Yourself
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