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wesite here: http://www.jacobking.com/broken-tiered-link-building

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  1. 1. 1Legendary HackersPPD Journey to $249/dayℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя
  2. 2. 2First of all hello guys,So today i am going to start my own journey thread. I know it seems very disgusting when u see suchthreads but i cant help myself from creating this. Before anything else first let me tell you about myself.Well i am not completely new to ppd(pay per download) thing. I have started working on Fileice sincefebruary. In First month i earned around $110, 2nd month $116 and 3rd month i got whooping $1165.This boost was because of a hot niche i found back then. I already had a blog so i just posted that nicheon my blog and made 1 vid with only pic of that niche and theme song. I managed to get my vid + blogon 1st of google. But since then i have lost my way to earn and now going around $2/day to $5/day.Biggest problem with me is that i dont stick with 1 method. If i see someone earning from movies then igoto movies niche, if i see someone earning from games, then i goto games niche. This is one of thereasons i am making this thread.What i know:I know how to rank vids,I know how to do on-page seo and small off-pageI can make good blogs and vidsLast and most important, i am hardworking and quick learner.I will be doing only blogger + youtube. My goal is to atleast post 2-3 post daily on blogger with around 2videos on each niche.SO i will try to achieve this goal asap. I will try to regularly update the thread too. Thank for reading. Ihope someone else will also get something to learn from this thread.I am later gonna post what i did on first day and my earnings screenshotMy so far earning screenshot: puu(.)sh/ZDeH (Just remove the brackets.)PS: English is not my mother tongue, so please dont mind my grammatical mistakes
  3. 3. 308-29-2012, 03:29 PMThx to everyone who replied.Well So from today i will be starting my journey.WHAT I WILL DO TODAY1. I will find two niche with almost no competition and getting good search per month.2. Will make post on my blog with download link for that niche.3. Will make an youtube account and upload 2 high quality vids about both the niches manually withoutany proxy.4. Will alot 1500 credits to each vid.Thats all i have planned to do today. Will later post my earnings screenshot.PS: if anyone here can help me working with fb apps then it will be great help.Best of luck to all.Peace08-30-2012, 03:31 PMYesterday earnings:Yesterday $2.50low!!Whatever. My todays Plan:Find two hot niches with minimum competition.Upload 1 vid each for both niches.Post on my blog about the niches.Lets see what i will earn.08-31-2012, 07:46 AM
  4. 4. 4Earnings Today: $3.85LiveTotal/Average 213 5 2.35% $0.77 $0.02 $3.85Not much but it has risen. I hope it will get better and better.I will later post what i did today,08-31-2012, 06:37 PMWhat i did today:Made 1 youtube account and posted 2 Very HOT niche videos.Made post of these 2 niches on my blog.Getting good feeling that i will earn good today.Lets see.Will post my earning screen later. Thx to everyone who replied here.09-01-2012, 03:08 PMYesterday $11.40LOL got $9 download from Australia.But seems like i will i start earning big soon.ANd thx everyone for motivation. And pls those who do pm me, post here coz i cant pm yet.09-02-2012, 08:52 AMCan you tell us how to rank videos?Interested in finding out a bit more about youtube. Havent touched it and seems to be a goodearner if you know what you are about. Without exposing your masterplan can you give a bitmore detail on what you are doing to rank the vids ? thanksI dont do much for ranking vids. Just put keyword in title with little twistsfor example: if my keyword is psn code generator then i will write title like: Leaked PSN CodeGenerator 2012 (Mediafire) 99.9% Working
  5. 5. 5I think you got it what to write in title. Now about description write about 2-3 lines what is psncode generator and then how it works. and some extra tagsAnd in tags you know what to put. Various varients of your keywords in " "At last i add my vids in vagex and allocate around 1500 credits to each vid.I know i am not good but hope you got the idea.Thx to everyone for replying and being with me.09-03-2012, 07:34 AMSo are you promoting fake or dummy files or something? Wont it get flagged by your respective PPDnetwork?zupertech:I am making keygens in vb10. So yeah they are fake but not the kind of fake that fileice didnt allow. Iwont gonna have any problem with ppd network.Thx to ya all for being with me.Sorry for not keeping you updated. Here are mine last two days earnings:Yesterday $4.25Today $7.30I will later post what i did today.09-08-2012, 07:30 AMI am subbed man. BTW I think you should get a always make some youtube accounts for sure. Iget deleted every 2-3 days lol.BTW how did your username got this style? Its awesome.My bro got it from somewhere. I will ask and tell ya. Thank youWhat tools are you using ?And are you doing a TV series or something blog ?I aint using any tool. And about blogs usually i make blogs on games cracks and beta keys butnow i am going for real unsaturated niches like how tos.Thanks to everyone for being with me.11-12-2012, 08:30 AM
  6. 6. 6I am back guys. And SORRY from core of my heart for not updating this thread. I dont wannagive excuses for my ignorance but i had pretty hard life in past. But i am back now and with fullmotivation and courage.I have changed my plan. Now i am going to work with cpa +yt+blogs.I will make sure to update this thread everyday.Also i got stable earning of $10/day in past. Later i will post what i did today and my earnings.Thank you for supporting me.12-04-2012, 06:55 PMHello guys, I know many people here, will think i am shitty guy who just bump and dissappears, but shitshappening in my life everyday.Also tbh i gave up. Yes my biggest mistake. I gave up because when i looked my $2 and others making tonfelt bad and thought this is not for me. But soon i realized making $2 a day for a 16 yo is good when ibelong to country like India.I realized failing helps in learning and being successful.SO i am back. Mentally, physically, strong and motivated to make big and this time ready to fail and learn.Thank you for being with me.Regards12-05-2012, 02:07 PMHeya frendz,Hello,Welcome back..Hope you get success on what you are doing?I got question, you said you will be doing cpa+yt+blogs but how you will make youtubeaccounts??Regards!I am currently doing yt+landing page+ppdI dont really like to say many things so just straight to point:My Yesterdays EarningYesterday $18.60Total/Average 187 14 7.49% $1.33 $0.10 $18.60
  7. 7. 7Got lucky downloads from GB.I am Confused whether to use cpa or ppd. Coz i got account in 007cpa, adworkmedia and fileice.SO if anyone can help me it would be great help.Later i will post what i did today.Thank you for being with me.12-06-2012, 02:44 PMNow about Update:Yesterday $4.20Total/Average 139 7 5.04% $0.60 $0.03 $4.20Also i put content locker on one of my blog and got this:Imp. Clicks CTR Leads CR EPC Earnings234 51 21.79% 3 5.88% $0.07SO i am pretty satisfied with results.What i will Do Today:Seeing that i got lead from content locker i got an idea for new project. So i will make new blogbased on my idea.My todays job will be finding nice template and adding some posts.Hope you guys doing great and following me. If you have any questions post here i will try mybest to answer.Thank you and good day.12-12-2012, 05:08 PMHey guys,Last days were good and bad both, But my earning increased coz i changed all of my links from ppd tocpa. Here are my last days earnings:12/06/12Total Earnings: $4.08 | 7 conversions | 208 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.02 | Conversion Rate: 3.37% |12/07/12Total Earnings: $9.38 | 10 conversions | 240 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate: 4.17% |12/08/12
  8. 8. 8Total Earnings: $16.57 | 15 conversions | 276 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.06 | Conversion Rate: 5.43% |12/09/12Total Earnings: $35.05 | 18 conversions | 261 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.13 | Conversion Rate: 6.90% |12/10/12Total Earnings: $23.10 | 16 conversions | 235 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.10 | Conversion Rate: 6.81% |12/11/12Total Earnings: $38.96 | 18 conversions | 253 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.15 | Conversion Rate: 7.11% |This is all autopilot earnings. I didnt did a thing last days and not going to do this month because i amgoing to have exams from 19th. My earnings increased because my blog ranked in google. It startedgetting google traffic almost 300 UV a day.I wish you all good luck and thank you for being with me and for your support. Work hard and neverGive up.12-13-2012, 07:25 AMNice earning so far OP, are all your pages blogger blogs? Also which networks locker are youusing, and are you using the content locker or link locker?Thank you and yes my all pages are blogger blog and only 1 of them has custom domain, allothers are like xxx..blogspot.com. I am using adworkmedia and they are really good cpa. I amusing both but get my most profit from link locker, as they convert well.Time for quick update:I didnt made much yesterday but better than nothing.12/13/12Total Earnings: $12.35 | 16 conversions | 247 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.05 | Conversion Rate:6.48% |I got almost same amount of leads and click but didnt got high paying leads like last fewdays. But atleast i am getting steady leads everyday,now i only have to do is to scale it up. Iam really excited and looking forward to work more hard after my exams.Once again thank you all. Have a good day.12-13-2012, 07:51 AM
  9. 9. 9Originally Posted by Valeforwow thats nice for you! BTW how many videos uploaded on youtube ? because I would like tocalculate the number of videos that you have in making $10 or so. please let me knowI really dont know exact number of videos up atm, but i guess around 7-8 vids are bringing somevisitors on content locked blog, while other site which making me most money is getting onlygoogle traffic.Btw can anyone recommend good seo service for me?Thank you all.12-13-2012, 02:15 PMQuick Update:Yesterday i ended the day with this:Total Earnings: $15.00 | 19 conversions | 269 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.06 | Conversion Rate: 7.06% |I am thinking to get some seo service to get my blog ranked in google for other niches. It will of greathelp if anyone could help me decide which service is realiable and good.Thank you.12-16-2012, 07:40 AMOriginally Posted by pwcbb11Yes how many more blogs?And if you are not converting, redesign them using this guy: fast image ads (do a search for him)he designs graphics that follow the users eye. Awesome stuffRight now i am working with my new blog, trying to get it ranked for all keywords. Dont knowif i am going to make new blogs or not. And thanks for help, i will surely try that guy.why you have low convertion rate?Because i am getting clicks from India too and they are not converting properly.Now time for Update:12/13/12Total Earnings: $14.60 | 10 conversions | 202 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.07 | Conversion Rate:4.95% |12/14/12Total Earnings: $7.63 | 8 conversions | 181 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate:4.42% |
  10. 10. 1012/15/12 (Day not finished yet)Total Earnings: $10.21 | 9 conversions | 244 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate:3.69% |My earnings decreased in fast few days. I think there is problem with awm, they are nottracking leads from one of my blog. I hope everything gets resolved aas soon as possible.One more good news guys. Its not related to IM. I won a trophy in a annual sports dayfunction held in my school for playing good cricket and reaching finals.Thanks again everyone for being with me. I will start working again after my exams.12-16-2012, 05:27 PMOriginally Posted by avi619Nice journey dude! Do you make your own videos or you copy others? Before you askedsomething about FB apps. I have some experience with them, so if you wish to talk, we can.And where are you from?I have some old videos which i made myself and they bringing 1-2$ a day, while i have somecopied video which are bringing some traffic to my blog. Btw i am from India too.Adwork is doing a database migration, probably the reason your leads arent being updated, theyare still being tracked and should start showing up in a few days.Are you doing one video per YT account with a separate blog for each YT account?Yeah probably you are right. I am doing 2-3 videos per yt account currently. I have 2 main blogswhich are bring most of the conv and i am promoting one blog with 2-3 accounts.Now I wanna share some of the things i learned in last few days regarding yt and blogs.1. When you upload video dont put direct or mediafire link. Write something like:- You have tolike the video, and comment some nice things and after that you will pm them "your niche"2. I always use Extra tags in description and my videos usually get ranked on first page.3. Use tags with , and dont copy others tags. Think different variations of what people mightsearch to get to "your niche". Also to get tags simply type your niche in search bar of youtubeand press space and you will see many keywords which people are searching.4. If you thinking to copy the tags then here is simple and effective way:a) First Goto the video you want to copy tags from. For example; let us say our niche microsoft
  11. 11. 11points generator, then type this inyt search and open first video you see.b) Copy the id of video. (Everything after "v=" is id)So in this example XAMG18tF_GE is id.C)Now open youtube keyword tool. https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_toolAnd choose the option shown in pic below:D) Now paste the video id you copied after = and click "Get Keyword ideas"E) Thats it now you have many keywords which you can use as tags in your video.Thats all for now. I will share more info later.Thank you for being with me.Be happy and Kind.Last edited by ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя; 12-16-2012 at 05:32 PM.12-17-2012, 02:33 PMHey blackhatters,Hope you all doing good. Yesterday was good day. As i said earnlier i am not doing anything
  12. 12. 12apart and this is all autopilot earnings. I also got some $$ on fileice too.12/16/12Fileice:AdworkmediaAnd here is my this months earnings ssFileiceAdworkmediaSo far my earnings are good. After my exams i will surely try to scale this up. Thank you allGood luck12-17-2012, 03:54 PMOriginally Posted by prashanth502Different screenshots i am confusing.presently wht u using PPD or CPA ?I am using both cpa and ppd.How?I locked ppd link with awm link locker so people have to complete survey from cpa to unlocklink and then survey from ppd to unlock file.
  13. 13. 1312-17-2012Originally Posted by Fernando TorresSubscribed, Looks like a nice journey and dont give up youre doing great.How many videos have you got up at YT now? and what are you doing to rank them? Do you useviews exchangers?Sorry for many questions but Im starting a similar projectCurrently i have 7-8 videos up. I just put good title, description and tags. Also i only use vagexfor views and likes12-19-2012, 07:00 PMOriginally Posted by matevosAre you using free blog like blogger or paid blog on your own host?Thanks for following my journey. I am using free blogger.Now time to update:12/17/12Total Earnings: $7.75 | 11 conversions | 197 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate:5.58% |12/18/12Total Earnings: $13.43 | 12 conversions | 188 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.07 | Conversion Rate:6.38% |Earnings not good, but its better than nothing. Today was my first exam. It was good. Justbeen waiting till my all exams will be over. Till then i am on autopilot. Hope i will makeatleast $8 a day.Thank you all and good day.12-21-2012, 05:36 PMHey guys,Good news is only 2 exams are left and bad news i f***ked up my Maths exams with silly mistakes.My earnings are not too good as well but they are ok and i hope it will increase after i start workingagain. Time to update:12/19/12Total Earnings: $19.73 | 16 conversions | 174 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.11 | Conversion Rate: 9.20%
  14. 14. 1412/20/12Total Earnings: $7.75 | 9 conversions | 219 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate: 4.11%Good day everyone and enjoy12-22-2012, 08:13 AMOriginally Posted by Unclesam2how do u use a content blocker on blogger.com?when i applied my script to the landing page that i link people to (my blogger site) googledeleted my blog..I dont know how but my blog is still up and getting good traffic. My content locker pops up after8 sec.12-25-2012, 07:35 AMHey guys. First if all merry christmas to all blackhatters.Secondly, i would like to tell you guys that i am going out of my town to play a cricket tournament. So iwont be able to update the thread for a week or so.Now Update of my earnings:12/21/12Total Earnings: $14.20 | 10 conversions | 195 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.07 | Conversion Rate: 5.13% |12/22/12Total Earnings: $10.92 | 10 conversions | 241 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.05 | Conversion Rate: 4.15% |12/23/12Total Earnings: $14.23 | 14 conversions | 238 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.06 | Conversion Rate: 5.88% |12/24/12Total Earnings: $17.65 | 11 conversions | 167 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.11 | Conversion Rate: 6.59% |These are my earnings for past few days. Hope i will do better.Thank you all and again merry xmas12-31-2012, 08:11 AM
  15. 15. 15@Revolution i just think of something that might be popular, search about it and find good niche.@everyone I am back guys. It was a good tour. Now as my exams are finished i can work now. I will postwhat i did later. Bfore that Earning Updates:================================================== ==========================12/25/12Total Earnings: $8.75 | 5 conversions | 199 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate: 2.51% |12/26/12Total Earnings: $24.05 | 14 conversions | 257 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.09 | Conversion Rate: 5.45% |12/27/12Total Earnings: $5.70 | 9 conversions | 197 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.03 | Conversion Rate: 4.57% |12/28/12Total Earnings: $7.63 | 12 conversions | 216 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.04 | Conversion Rate: 5.56% |12/29/12Total Earnings: $7.61 | 9 conversions | 222 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.03 | Conversion Rate: 4.05% |================================================== ==========================Thats all about earnings. Now i will work on new niches and blogs.Thank you all and take care.12-31-2012Originally Posted by cashcrateaddictKinda low conversion rates. Have you tried cleanfiles?Yeah i tried and got bad conv. I dont know why01-01-2013, 07:43 AMFirst of all happy new year to all. May 2013 bring prosperity to you.Now yesterday i bought a site from a designer and made another site myself. I already had youtubevideos up for those niches so i just changed links. Now i am trying to seo myself. They are bringing good$$. Now update:
  16. 16. 16================================================== =========================12/30/12Total Earnings: $17.60 | 16 conversions | 258 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.07 | Conversion Rate: 6.20% |================================================== =========================Thank you all and good day.01-01-2013, 08:00 AMOriginally Posted by cashcrateaddictAbout how many videos do you have uploaded (estimate)?1 video for each niche website.01-01-2013, 08:10 AMOriginally Posted by cashcrateaddictAbout how many niche websites do you have?Do you plan on adding more?I got many sites with diff. niche and videos. But yesterday i bought 1 site and made 1 myself.Both the websites linked to youtube video. Its very saturated niche and i am thinking to not makemore instead seo these 2 sites.01-01-2013, 08:53 AMI just cant give exact numbers but i guess i have around 15 niches. Acc to adwords 1 niche getting 32kexact search and other getting 28k exact. Currently i am not ranking on google but getting traffic fromyoutube. Both niches getting ~30 clicks a day.01-01-2013, 09:43 AMQuick update:December was decent month for me, here is mine Decembers earning:Fileice:
  17. 17. 17Adworkmedia:Sharecash:Total earnings in December: 675.66Hope i will double it in next month. Thank you01-02-2013, 02:48 PMOriginally Posted by pinayoverloadHello, may I just ask. Are you using one admedia account for all your websites?Yes and also fileice for some old old sites.Do you use Youtube Keyword Tools for searching niche? I can think some good gaming nichesbecause I have pretty nice amount of experience in gaming but the problem is that almost everykeyword that I can think (and it should be pretty popular I think) has no information on thatkeyword. It just doesnt show any number on monthly searches. If you type pretty abstract niche,then therell be results (e.g. - Lineage 2) but if not so abstract (e.g. - Lineage 2 gold hack/goldgenerator/etc.), then no information about montly searches will be shown.As others suggested use gkt. Its better than ytkt.@everyone time for update. Today i am not going to do anything else except making my sitemore perfect and buy seo package.My yesterday earnings:
  18. 18. 18===========================================================================1/1/2013Total Earnings: $14.39 | 14 conversions | 254 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.06 | Conversion Rate:5.51% |===========================================================================Not too good but ok. I am sure i will make more than $30/day if i could get my both sites on1st page of google.Thank you and good luck.01-04-2013, 12:27 PMHeya blackhatters.Sorry for not updating yesterday. Actually i am fed up of this small things. Making new site, not finishingand starting new. So i am thinking to "go big or go home". I have decided to make a big blog on hacksetc. Everything will be custom. Nothing copied. I will do manual link building and will submit those link tomy friend to blast via senuke for $$.Thats my plan for future. I will update daily with what type of link building i did etc. I am open for allsuggestions from my fellow blackhatters.******************************************************************************************Update:1/2/2013Total Earnings: $21.82 | 12 conversions | 226 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.10 | Conversion Rate: 5.31% |1/3/2013Total Earnings: $20.36 | 14 conversions | 159 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.13 | Conversion Rate: 8.81% |******************************************************************************************Conversion increased a bit. I hope i get constant good conv.
  19. 19. 19Thank you everyone and please post here rather than pming me. I will be more glad to help in anyway i could. If anyone have any question bug me by posting.Good day.01-05-2013, 04:34 PMHello all,Well yesterday according to my plan i made blog and posted one article. Pinged it via pingler.comToday i will post 1 more article and also share to related forum.*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/4/12Total Earnings: $9.17 | 11 conversions | 190 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.05 | Conversion Rate: 5.79% |*****************************************************************************************Nevermind, earnings will rise soon.Thank you all and good day.01-07-2013, 08:32 AMOriginally Posted by LatvianBoyYou buy it or write it yourself?I write articles myself.Yesterday i tweaked offers a bit and result was awesome. Got few big leads.*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/5/12Total Earnings: $36.00 | 15 conversions | 190 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.19 | Conversion Rate:7.89% |
  20. 20. 20*****************************************************************************************One important thing, i stopped working on new site, instead i am going to make a site for aniche i found yesterday. According to gkt it has 40k exact global monthly search. My job isto make good site and start doing manual link building.Thank you all.01-09-2013, 09:08 AMHello guys,Since my holidays are near to end i have to complete homeoworks and therefore less time to spend onnet. But yesterday according to my plan i was able to make complete site and uploaded on 000webhost.Today i will buy domain name and start building some PR8 forum and web 2.0 links. I am thinking to dotier link building.*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/6/13Total Earnings: $19.90 | 11 conversions | 187 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.11 | Conversion Rate: 5.88% |1/7/13Total Earnings: $15.85 | 13 conversions | 165 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.10 | Conversion Rate: 7.88% |*****************************************************************************************Thank you all and good day01-12-2013, 05:49 PMHello everyone.Sorry for late update but i was just too busy with all the seo thing and improving site and my home workofc. Lets me post earnings first:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:
  21. 21. 211/8/13Total Earnings: $15.38 | 17 conversions | 157 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.10 | Conversion Rate: 10.83% |1/9/13Total Earnings: $20.80 | 13 conversions | 176 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.12 | Conversion Rate: 7.39% |1/10/13Total Earnings: $4.38 | 8 conversions | 148 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.03 | Conversion Rate: 5.41% |1/11/13Total Earnings: $26.15 | 13 conversions | 170 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.15 | Conversion Rate: 7.65% |*****************************************************************************************So earnings are okay.For seoing my site i made web2.0 as tier 1 pointing to my site. I used spun articles and made web 2.0manually with video and pic. I social bookmarked, stumble my money site. I am planning to do somemore web 2.0 and then blast web 2.0 with senuke xcr service.I also found new niche and think i gonna make big $$ with it. (Gut feeling )Thats all. If you have any question then dont be shy to post. I will glad to answer.Good day.01-13-2013, 05:05 PMHello guys/It was good day. As i said in my last post, i found new niche and its really great niche. I started gettingfew $$ from it. Let me first update earnings:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/12/13Total Earnings: $18.30 | 20 conversions | 348 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.05 | Conversion Rate: 5.75% |**************************************************
  22. 22. 22***************************************I am trying to rank my blog on 1st page for the new niche. My videos already ranking on 1st page. I amnot doing anything for old site. From tomorrow onwards my school will start and i have to do manypracticals so i dont think i will able to update thread everyday but i will try my best.Thank you all for being with me and encouraging me. I really appreciate it.Good Day.01-14-2013, 02:37 PMHi again everyone.Yesterday was great day for me as i made my highest $$ for this month. As i said earlier, its all because ofnew niche i found. I am sure i will keep earning good money if my videos stay there and i manage to getmy blog on 1st page then i am sure that 100 a day will be nothing. However theres still long path to go.First of all let me update the earnings:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/13/13Total Earnings: $52.13 | 29 conversions | 355 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.15 | Conversion Rate: 8.17% |Total/Average 134 6 4.48% $1.27 $0.06 $7.60Toal made on 1/13/13: 59.73*****************************************************************************************There is another reason for higher earnings, it was Sunday yesterday and also i got 3 big leads of13$,11$ and 5$. Today i wont earn this much but no problem as these are bonus for me as i foundniche accidently.Thank you guys, i will soon write a guide and post but currently i am busy with my school. I want thatas i want to pay back to this great community in any i could and i guess this will be best way.Thanks again guys. I am really glad to be part of this community.
  23. 23. 2301-14-2013, 03:03 PMOriginally Posted by jake042Congrats on your success. Seems like your new niche is very good as your clicks doubled!Keep it upI am working very hard to get on google first page. In form of videos, blog, forum, anything andit seems working good.01-15-2013, 06:53 PMOriginally Posted by tritinaNice work! I see that your earnings are increasing.How many videos / sites do you have right now ? And how many niches are you targeting ?Good luckI am not sure but i think around 15 videos and ~10 blogs and sites. I am targeting many smallniches withing big niches. Ex: Blog on hack niche and xxx hack is subniche for my blog.So all you niches only work with generators that you do with vb? Or you have a not VB relatedniche?No not all. TBH i am earning more from non vb niches than vb niches.@ EveryoneHello guys. I am really happy coz yesterday was best day of 2013. I made my highest $$ and itsall because of new as well as old niches. First of all updates:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/14/13Total Earnings: $46.50 | 32 conversions | 270 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.17 | Conversion Rate:11.85% |Total/Average 126 7 5.56% $2.56 $0.14 $17.95Total : $64.45**************************************************
  24. 24. 24***************************************Well i know i was wrong yesterday but today not good at all. Good days over now i guess.But nvm, i will work hard and start making $50 daily. Its not really tough but it just needhard work.Thanks a lot guys and have a good day.01-19-2013, 05:14 PMHey guys,I am sorry for late update.I was busy with many things both in my life as well as my sites.First let me update the earnings first:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/15/13Total Earnings: $19.75 | 16 conversions | 243 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.08 | Conversion Rate: 6.58% |1/16/13Total Earnings: $14.30 | 12 conversions | 199 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.07 | Conversion Rate: 6.03% |1/17/13Total Earnings: $23.43 | 13 conversions | 200 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.12 | Conversion Rate: 6.50% |1/18/13Total Earnings: $26.45 | 24 conversions | 242 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.11 | Conversion Rate: 9.92% |*****************************************************************************************Earnings back to normal. But no problem coz i managed to get my blog in google for new niche. Notranked 1st but i think soon i will be. I bought a seo service from bhw to rank my blog. I have nothingmuch to say currently. If you have any question or need any help post here and i will answer gladly.Thank you.
  25. 25. 2501-20-2013, 07:53 AMOriginally Posted by bigliaHello ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя, where is your blog hosted? Did you buy a .com domain?Mostly no domain but sometimes i buy .com, else i have .blogspot.com01-20-2013, 08:52 AMOk guys, Here is small tutorial i wanna share for those who are unfamiliar with all these things.I will divide the tutorial in 3 Parts:1. How to Find Niches2. How to make landing pages for your niche3. How and where to promote.HOW TO FIND NICHES?1. Think what you know most about , i mean what topic interests you most. In todays time i wont lie,money lies in Gaming niche or software niche.2. So, i am starting with gaming niche. To find gaming niche you can goto various sites like:http://www.ign.com/games/upcoming3. There you see list of upcoming popular games. Select any of the game you think might be popular. Forex, in this tutorial i will select Crysis 3 as my niche.4. Now goto http://www.google.com/trends/Enter your niche and search:
  26. 26. 265. You will see something like this:6. Just check below is you niche popular or going down and also in which country your niche is popular.Country you should target are: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Norway, Netherland, South Africa,Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland.7. Now if this niche fulfilling the criteria, you should then think what you should give of Crysis 3. I meanlike Keygen if its in beta stage or crack or cd key or Full game.8. Make a list of everything you could think of which people may want like this:Crysis 3 keygenCrysis 3 CrackCrysis 3 Full game DownloadCrysis 3 Full game + crackCrysis 3 cd keygen
  27. 27. 27etc etc9. Goto adwords.google .com and enter all these keywords one by one and see how many searches theygenerate a month(Exact searches)10 Now make a list of those keywords which get more than 2k exact searches a month. Keep the Listwith yourself.How to make Landing Page?1. Ok first think if you wanna invest some money or not. Investing money will increase your conversionbut if you are new then go for free. I am earning more from free thing than buying .com or hosting2. If you decided how you wanna go then good. I never buy hosting but sometimes buy .com3. I am giving template for blogger which is very good single post Landing page. Here it is how it lookslike:http://far-cry-3-full-game-download.blogspot.comNo liying its one of my successful niche. her is template download link:http://www.mediafire.com/view/?4fzdhyh94ocgxz74. Now make a bloggger and follow basic tutorials and Write metatags, Good title, Description. Checkout my blog for help.5. Submit the sitemap to webmaster tools for indexing.How to Promote?This is very important step. If you want to earn big then you have to work hard in promoting. Lets start1. The most common promoting method is Youtube. If you know how to make videos then make oneyourself or if you dont then download others video and upload. Tbh If you make your own video thenyou will earn 10x than what you earn from copying.Lets start how to seo your video. I will continue with my example niche i.e. Crysis 3 Full game crackIn title Write : (Leaked) Crysis 3 Full Game with skidrow Crack DownloadDescription: First write some description about game like when its announced, recommended systemrequirement, game description etc/ Then what you offering like: Crysis 3 Full game is leaked. We foundits crack as well To download you have to goto our blog "your blog link"Keywords: Enter many variants of your niche like : crysis 3 full game, crysis 3 download, crysis 3 crack,free download crysis 3, etc etc
  28. 28. 282.Seo- I cant tell more about seo than this forum itself. But soon i post the complete tutorial on Seo, aswell as Ranking youtube videos.3. Forum Posting- Post many thread on forums related to niche. Write something like Crysis 3 Full game-is it real?Post link and asked if this is legit.I know this is very basic but sorry i am following this. If it helped even one person i will be happiestperson.I will soon post earning updates.Thank you allLast edited by ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя; 01-20-2013 at 08:59 AM.01-20-2013, 09:38 AMOriginally Posted by SeriousBlackHow do you create Youtube account?I try so many methods I found, it always ask me for phone verification before I can uploadingvideo. Have tried pinger as well but never received the verification codeI cant find a method as well. But you can buy sim cards. I have made many yt accounts andsaved them, i am using them currently. If i figure out any method, i will surely post here.Sorry01-20-2013, 09:50 AMHello once again. Here is earning update:*****************************************************************************************Earning update:1/19/13Total Earnings: $51.35 | 32 conversions | 378 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.14 | Conversion Rate: 8.47% |**************************************************
  29. 29. 29***************************************Earning high today as i managed to rank on 1st page. YipeeThank you all.01-20-2013, 12:06 PMOriginally Posted by QuattroporteAmazing tutorial Legendary. I too, am quite knowledgeable in the gaming niche (love my videogames, hehe), but I do have a few questions...1. Do you only go after upcoming games? I didnt really think about doing this, but it does soundlike a good idea. Ive really been struggling to find games...been trying all the keywordsimaginable. Skyrim, Runescape, League of Legends, Far Cry 3, GTA IV, Diablo 3, you name it,Ive plugged all these words in to the Google Keyword tool and just not sure what to make of theresults.2. If you do try and pick games/software that are currently out, what do you look for incompetition? I dont think Google Keyword Tool gives you exact numbers, but you probably plugthe keyword into Youtube and see how many search results there are. For instance, if you founda niche with 40k searches, what kind of competition would you accept from Youtube? 20k orlower results or something like that?3. Do you content lock these Blogger blogs? Google is known for deleting these blogs thatpeople content lock. Not sure if you knew of this or not...just letting you know!Thanks again.Thanks for reading.1. Mostly i do.When u enter the keywords see how competitve the niche is. Also how manysearches it generates a month.2. Yeah u are right. Something like less than 50k results.3. Absolutely no. I use link locker/ Never use awm content locker on blogger.Any more queries just post.01-20-2013, 04:43 PMOriginally Posted by iwillnbdNice thread bro!How do you find the files to promote !?And, do you use proxies to make those Youtube accounts !?Thank you for your interest1. I just think whats upcoming. Just lookout for news, gamingforums, trends etc and you will find niches to promote.2. No, i dont use proxies.
  30. 30. 3001-20-2013, 04:45 PMOriginally Posted by KoolkitkatSo now you just rank your blogs and dont rank your youtube videos? Make a fake keygen etc..what if the file was blank with just some words in it. Would that PPD company be likely to banyou?I rank both. Well you should atleast make fake gen, Companys ban if you say u giving full gamebut actually you giving a blank pdf. Avoid this..01-20-2013, 05:47 PMOriginally Posted by KeyNyckelnThis file/link you get from a company that pays you for each person that completes a survey??What company?Actually the cpa company has link locking option. I go there and link lock for ex say i gotmediafire link for a game. i just link lock the mediafire link and it looks like linkz.it/xyzMy cpa is adworkmedia.01-20-2013, 06:41 PMOriginally Posted by iwillnbdBy "File" i mean the keygen/crack etc. (and NOT the niche)I make all keygens myself. by "some" i meant i dont use keygens like niche a lot.Originally Posted by [URL="http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/members/372421-koolkitkat.html"Koolkitkat[/URL]]Thanks for all of the information! You truly motivate me! Do you use thisservice for both the youtube video and the blog? Thanks again! : )I use this service for blog only, no video.hi..i never use fake gen, I usually give the real download link (in pdf). but dont know they will banme or not.is CPA company will ban your account too if you give a fake gen?They really dont care but u give unless and until you u do really blackhat. They wont banmostly. but why take risk. Use different cpas ppd for different niches.wow...thats awesome...keep us updated and good luckThank a lot for kind words.01-20-2013, 07:09 PMOriginally Posted by Koolkitkat
  31. 31. 31Thanks for your answer! If you dont use that service for your video then what do you do? Isthere any quick gigs from fiverr or something that I can pay for to get my video ranked quicker?Thank you!!! : )I do basic seo on videos by putting correct title, description and tags and use vagex for views andlikes. thats all.01-21-2013, 04:02 PMOriginally Posted by QuattroporteHave you tried games that arent for PC? I wonder if they work, the whole "crack and keygen"niche, lol.Nope, never tried. But i guess full game leaked thing might for xbox or ps3 games01-21-2013, 04:08 PMHello friends.Here is earning updateEarning update:1/20/13Total Earnings: $35.40 | 24 conversions | 400 clicks | AVG EPC: $0.09 | Conversion Rate:6.00% |*****************************************************************************************Click increased which is good. But conversion not good. Nevertheless i want to get atleast$30 a day from now on. Hope i will reach that.Thank you.Last edited by ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя; 01-21-2013 at 05:45 PM.01-24-2013, 05:08 PMHey guys,Sorry for late update. And sorry again as i wont be updating thread regularly. First let me post earningupdates then i will tell the reason.*****************************************************************************************Earning update:
  32. 32. 321/21/131/22/131/23/13*****************************************************************************************Earnings low coz my blog dancing from page to page on google for my keyword. I hope it will finishsoon. I am not working at all these days since i am in 10th standard and from 31st i will have my pre-boards. Its very important time for my career, so i wont be able to update thread daily.Thanks you for reading. Good day.01-24-2013, 06:24 PMOriginally Posted by jsuryaGood journey and appreciating for updating the thread!Do you get more traffic from Google or from youtube?Google than youtube01-26-2013, 10:06 AMOriginally Posted by banksyare you using blogpspot for landing pages what do you use ?Yes i mostly use blogspot. Sometimes i make custom landing pages but thats rare.@EveryoneHey guys,Earnings not bad at all. I am getting decent traffic and i guess it will remain as it is.*****************************************************************************************
  33. 33. 33Earning update:1/24/131/25/13*****************************************************************************************I am not doing anything at all. I am really worrried about my examsOne more thing, I tried new thing and my conversion increased. I will test this for one week andif my conversion increase i will share here. I guess you all will love it.Thank you and good day.01-26-2013, 04:38 PMOriginally Posted by GodHandDo you use mediafire to upload your stuff?No, never01-27-2013, 05:11 PMOriginally Posted by psyclogicI see you have knowledge about blogger. Can you tell me ( hope others will also be interested)how you setup robots.txt . Do you optimize this option or you leave it as it is?qThanksI leave it as it is.@Everyonehey guys.Earnings are ok. Nothing new to write here about. So i will update the earnings only :*****************************************************************************************
  34. 34. 34Earning update:1/26/13*****************************************************************************************One more thing, as i wrote about experiment with new thing and its working great.thank you.01-27-2013, 05:45 PMOriginally Posted by mak3rcan u tell me what methods of getting traffic u using now? ur website? or youtube?I make blogger landing page and then seo some of them while some getting yt traffic.01-28-2013, 07:39 AM@EveryoneHello guysThis is my best day since i started my journey thread. Instead of talking first i put the pics:Earning update:1/27/13-Adworkmedia-Fileice- Sharecash
  35. 35. 35Total: $90.41*****************************************************************************************Still 2 hours left in Server time change so i guess i will get 2-3$ moreThe conversion and epc is good in awm because i spent hours to select offers which areworking for my traffic. Its like a week or so since i didnt did a thing. SO its great feeling toearn money from past hard work. Also the reason for high earning is high paying mobileoffers and a holiday, Sunday today. So i wont earn anywhere near to this tomorrow butdoesnt matter.One tip to all cpa guys:Dont select offers which are working for network. Choose only those offers which areconverting for you. Adworkmedia shows the offer with both my epc and conv and overallnetwork wide epc and conv so its easy there.Thank you for helping me where i needed and providing a great platform where i can sharemy happy and sad times.Thank you a lot.01-28-2013, 04:53 PMOriginally Posted by patomicaThis is one of the most successful ppd/cpa journey ive seen. Just going to ask if whats the bestname for an actual file. For example youre promoting cracks/keygens. Is it better to give the.exe file or wrap it up to a rar/zip file?Thanks man. Its my opinion and i feel like its best to wrap it up as rar/zip file.Originally Posted by GodHandlast time you said to me you use fileice to upload your content.but where do you upload your files when you use adwork medias link locker? do you uploadyour files first in your PPD after that you lock the link with adwork media?I upload some files on sharecash and some on fileice and link lock all the links.01-28-2013, 05:41 PMOriginally Posted by emaloy97One question I had: Are you happy with AWM? I want to join them. Have you received payment yet?Thanks!!
  36. 36. 36Never got epc and conv like that on any ppd yet. Payment proofs? here are mine01-29-2013, 07:51 AMOriginally Posted by jakubsasHi, thank you for a journey, really interesting! We can learn very much on thisI want to ask - do you use only legal content to upload in PPD sites? If not dont you have a bigrisk to be banned by uploading illegal things like a game cracks or cd keys?I dont do legit content.Only fake.Originally Posted by skadsterEarnings are looking great Legendary Hacker.You said dont be shy to post new questions, so here goes.Are you still sticking to the original niche research posted earlier, or have you moved on tosomething new?You said you look for low competition. With that in mind, if you see the number of competitorsare low, but there are a few monsters inhabiting that niche e.g. 100K + views, hundreds ofcomments, likes, subscribers and favorites, do you still attempt an assault on that niche, or doyou stay clear?You mentioned "go big or go home" are you still adhering to that? Are you still concentrating onone big website encompassing the majority of your niches? I know you still use landing pages,but is the goal still the big website.With the above said. When you hit it lucky on niche selection and have a landing page for thatniche, do you immediately build that landing page into a multiple page blog, or create multiplelanding pages?You mentioned you still used the same IP. Dont you worry that if Google or YouTube decide tomass ban your blogs or YouTube accounts, youre going to be left holding the baby...basicallyruined.
  37. 37. 37Sorry for all the questions. Ive been doing CPA a bit now, and Im not making a thing.Obviously its a viable way of making money as youve demonstrated, its just not happening forme at the moment.I am still saying dont be shy and dont be sorry. I made this journal to help others and as well asmyself.Yeah i am still with that model. Look i want to add one more thing. Dont research for games orsoftwares which are released under big names. Like G** V , Dont research for this, if u wannabank hard then make videos and upload to different account. If you are seo guy, then make alanding page and seo.1 request to you all. Dont ever flag your competition video. IF he stole yours video then ok, butif he make everything himself and then you pay someone and flag his video, this is really cheapand you wont go any far.In youtube if u in gaming keygen, crack etc, dont be scared from monster vids, go for it. IF u doeverything correct, u will outrank that monster.Yes i am still working on one big project which could wipe out all the small thing and i willwork only on that.Yes i will build that into many post blog. It will be lot easier to rank and when i gain authority, ican rank my posts w/o backlinks.I have dynamic ip, so whenever i restart my router it changes.01-29-2013, 09:39 AMHi Everyone,Time to post my earning updates:Earning update:1/28/13-Adworkmedia-Fileice- Sharecash
  38. 38. 38Total: $72.98Earnings good even on Monday. Surprised meOne more thing: Dont know if this is right or not, but if anyone want to sign up under meon awm or fileice, then pm me. I will help you if you stuck but not spoonfeed. Ask me 1000different question but dont ask silly question like tell me your niche, show me your blogetc.Any other help, i will glad to reply. BTW its not necessary to sign up under me and thenonly i will help. You can ask anything w/o signing up under my ref link but if you think ideserve it, then sign up.Sorry if i talk rude here or sellfish. If this is not appropriate mods can remove this.Thank you.01-29-2013, 05:28 PMOriginally Posted by jakubsasThanks for answer, but i dont understand what actually you upload to PPD, can you show usexample if you can? For example I want to promote crysis 3 crack, what should I upload toPPD site to not broke their TOS?TBH, what is written in TOS is not followed. Upload anything except P0rn, Movies etc. Almost80% ppd users earn from fake files even when ppd terms say not do so.I wont say anything exactly but think what u get if you ever completed a survey for such thing.Originally Posted by RumReaperHi,I followed a few threads, and this is one i cant take my eyes off from.I just wonder how you make multiple youtube accounts and then post 2-3 videos on each ?The phone verification is a buzz kill. (Perhaps this question has been answerd in another threadbut after searching, i still could not find it).Keep the thread alive !IDK any method to make accounts. I am soon going to buy accounts. Either buy pva accounts orbuy simsAnd yes 2-3 vids on each account.Thank you for reading.
  39. 39. 3902-01-2013, 07:07 AMHey guysSorry i dont have much time to update the thread and reply everyone. I Will reply everyones querysoon. But coz i am very busy with my exams and studies i will not update this thread till 8th feb.Sorry again and one more thing, Fi registration are closed, if you want to sign up under me on awm, thensign up here: http://bit.ly/VrgXyL (NOTE: referral link)Please dont enter fake info. Write legit application with REAL info and you would be approved. Myguarantee. After signing up and getting approve pm me.Earning are ok, jumping between 20-50 a day.02-01-2013, 06:11 PMHi guysI got some time free, so here posting my Januarys earning. I am really happy that i am able to achievemy target. I made around $1200 in January, almost 2x of December earnings. I wont bore you withdetails.JANUARY EARNINGS:-Adworkmedia- Fileice- SharecashTOTAL:$1243Its all possible because of your love and faith and wishes. Working hard isnt the key always. You haveto work hard but smartly. Dont put all your effort in one niche and then if didnt work you lose andget discouaged. Do little work and promote little. Then see how its going. If its going according to yourplan and then work your ass off. And then you will see success. I know its not much, but its starting.You all remember how i lose courage and gave up and stopped posting. It was the biggest mistake idid. Never stop working, never lose courage. WOrk, work, work and soon you will see everythinggoing your way.
  40. 40. 40One more thing, if you earn big or anything dont stop helping others. By help i do not meanspoonfeed. I mean show them the way to success. They will themself learn how to walk on that path.Also registration for fileice is open, so register now, otherwise who knows when they will close again.(Mine ref link if you wanna sign up under me: http://bit.ly/14uTfro) :PMy best wishes with you all. I want to thanks again from core of my heart for being with me andguiding.Good day. (Y)02-04-2013, 04:45 PM---------------------------------EXAMS------------------------------------Thank you and good day.02-05-2013, 07:46 AMOriginally Posted by OkanenaiyoMan can you teach us how to get a niche? I really dont have an idea on how to get a good ppdniche. Im always using saturated niche.. Im only earning 0-4$ a day.. Thanks! and Goodluck!Man there is no such thing as saturated. Use that niche with different angle which no one isdoing and you will see no competition.Originally Posted by Oblivion13I am curious also as to whats working. I have tried beta downloads, Fake keys, even upcomingevents and I am not getting anywhere near what others are. I am doing the same thing also.Making the site, doing 5 vids a day, and posting on relevant forums and blogs but still notcoming close.Do what you are doing. I didnt started and will not earn good $$ if i stop working. You may benot making money from niches you working now but as you might have heard "Drop Dropmakes and ocean". Make many blogs, upload many videos nd after 2-3 months you will see highearnings. Dont ever stop working.Originally Posted by IMpossibleGreat to see you succeed. Is AWM fine with your traffic source or do you fake/blank the referer?I dont know how to fake referral.Originally Posted by triboHey legendary, lemme ask you... Do you use adwork for lock and then you redirect them to ppdor do use a url shortner to clean footprints?I use awm link locker to lock fileice links.Originally Posted by masterboy56Great journal, keep up the good work!Im thinking about switching PPD to a CPA network as Im earning not much on FileIce. Mywebsite got 600-900 unique visitors a day and Im earning not a stable income on FileIce. It
  41. 41. 41ranges from 1-10$ a day. What do you suggest, should i switch to a CPA network or just staywith FileIce?Switch to cpa network as soon as possible. Even though you earn 5$ a day, but its much easier toscale this on cpa than ppd.Originally Posted by valentinas25one question: if you find the jackpot nishe(that earns you 30-60$ per day) what do you do?Imean do you dublicate videos and start buying views etc in the same nishe or you just search foranother nishe and leave that only with 1 video?If i find such niche, firstly i will make best blog i could. Then i will upload 2-3 videos and boost2. Next i will try to seo or if possible buy seo service.02-05-2013, 07:55 AMHi blackhatters,I got some free time to thought to update the progress. As you all know i found a new niche which wasearning me most of $$ is now not getting traffic, so what i am earning now is of my past works and newblog which i created 2 days before.I will only post Awm earnings:Earning update:2/1/132/2/132/3/13This was all my Feb earnings. My new blog got me few leads, so sign of good start. I am not going tobuy any backlink or seo service or seo myself. I live leave it to get ranked naturally. I am just uploadingvids and posting on related forums.Thank youDear brothers and sistersPS: I cant guarantee if i could update thread till 8th, so please excuse me for this.
  42. 42. 4202-10-2013, 06:06 PMOriginally Posted by valentinas25And if one video in that nishe earned you like 30-40$ in day,but it doesnt now(rankingsdropped) would you dublicate much more videos in same nishe and try to boost the again? Asim in this situation,rankings are basically the SAME,but earnings dropped,when that video wasin 1-st position for 70k broad monthly searches it earned me like 50-80$ a day,but now its in 6-th position and gets like 20 download per day,has 100k+ almost 100% retention views,1k likesetc..The problem is that that video is in LQ as it was stolen,but the website is very professionalso in this case would you try to boost again this video?(even when almost everything was done?backlinking too)or you just dublicate that video and re-upload and buy high retention viewsagain?I will leave that vid as it is and make new unique vid and then rank new vid. I will get 2xearnings and also in case one of my vid removed, i will make money then also.Originally Posted by digitalacidIve just started with PPD a few days ago(now cpa link locker after seeing this thread seeing asIm already signed up to adworkmedia)and I was wondering which cpa offers you use on your locked links if you dont mind me asking.Thanks, this thread has given me lots of ideas and has helped me a lot!No problem, this thread is for asking question and helping each other. I select offer myself andonly select offers which has epc of around $0.10.02-10-2013, 06:16 PMHi,Hope you all doing good. First of all i want to say sorry for not updating. I was enjoying my time afterexam finishedWell, here is earning update first, then more talking:Earning Update:2/4/132/5/132/6/13
  43. 43. 432/7/132/8/132/9/13Clicks increased, earnings decreased. Nvm, I dont really worry about earnings as my job is to work hardand i am sure once i get 500+ clicks $50 a day wont be tough to achieve. I am doing 2 things atm. One isblog on new niche i told about and 2nd, targeting specific countries. Actually i am learning how to targetcountries so i could target high paying offers. Nothing much to say now.My goal is to make atleast $1k this month.Thank you for reading.Good day and always smile.02-15-2013, 08:30 AMOriginally Posted by drkwrldDo you use adsense on any of ur blogs?No.Originally Posted by dwpg002Just to know some information. You make blogs and Video for CPA offer and PPD. Will youprovide to user come to site what they need for or just make them cheated after filling the offer.For example I will create a blog with “download 10 best PC game”. Also I will put the video onYouTube. When user goes the content locker the fill the CPA offer after they will get the 10 PCgame or I will cheat them.How you r doing you cheat them or you will provide the what they came for your siteAlso need to know how you r creating video is by some software. Is your video is PPT based.
  44. 44. 44I dont give them exactly what they came for but include something that worth same. So theydont go empty handed.I use Hypercam for recording screen. NO ppt.Originally Posted by triboLegendary, what template do you use on your link locker?Mostly Last one.02-15-2013, 08:38 AMHi guys,My earnings are pretty bad atm. And i guess soon its going to be in single digit as one of my main blogdeleted. It was getting pretty good traffic and ranked fairly high. I am totally shattered atm. DOnt knowif i should continue to what.Earning update:2/10/132/11/132/12/132/13/13As you can earnings not so good. Today clicks are half than what i use to get. I will continue working oncountry targeting niche and see if i could get some $$. Dont know what else to say or do.Thank you and take care/02-16-2013, 10:45 AMOriginally Posted by Kronic
  45. 45. 45I wouldnt give up. Youre still making money from it.not only that, but your thread has been extremely motivating to many people. Ive been followingyou myself, have learned alot from the conversations on this thread, and have taken action on thePPD as well.as you said earlier:so dont give up man!on a side note, you use blogs and YT vids for traffic. I know you said you got more traffic fromgoogle than youtube. are you ranking your videos in the SERPS for traffic? or relying on theblog to be in serps and video to bring in extra traffic?have you considered or experimented with other video networking sites? metacafe, dailymotion,ect. there are alot out there, are you uploading videos to other sources?is there a reason you only upload fake content vs real content? i understand the reason for mostfakes in the gaming niche, but people do create some legit stuff as well. another angle to bring intraffic would be legit stuff and social media, let others bring new traffic to you. cleanfiles doeshave a nice social app part.on your cleanfiles optimization, do you rig the upload date and download quantity? any adviceon this if you have experimented with it would be handy.on youtube videos, are you using voice overs and audio to enable captions? or...a question imreally looking for an answer, can you upload caption text to videos with no audio? not sure howmuch weight the captions have for keywords, but any amount helps.you mentioned experimenting with targeting specific countries to maximize profits. id love toknow more about any results youve gotten, or what youre experimenting with. im wanting to dothe same but dont have much to go on besides country specific backlinks and countrys nativelanguage.for making unique videos, do you have access to any video editing software? if so, i gotsomething that may help you out. id be interested in exchanging ideas sometime. hit me up viaPM if youre interested.Thanks alot bro for being with me. I will definitely not going to give up. I will work hard till i getwhat i want.I upload videos and leave them as it is. I try to rank only blogs on google, not my video.If i know this niche is really hot and could bring me $$, then i definitely upload videos onDailymotion and metacafe.I rwally hate myself for promoting fake content and i believe you shouldnt upload fake. I haveboth fake and legit but fake bringin most $$ coz they are fake. They dont exist thats why peoplewant them. But once i start getting regular $100 a day, i will start promoting real only and see if i
  46. 46. 46could get better. I dont use CF. But i am learning fb promotion.As i said, i dont use CF. But you should try rig the download quanity with some acceptablevalue. DOnt put 10,000 downloads when you uploaded file yesterday and showing stats of sitepublicaly.I dont use voice overs. My vids are either gameplay or proof vids. I dont have any idea aboutcaption Thing. Sorry.Yes i am trying to target specific country which pay high $$. So far not much success. I willdefinitely write about it when i get some success with it.No, i dont have such tools.Thanks i will definitely contact you when i will be free.02-16-2013, 10:52 AMHello,dear bro and sis(if any)As i said earlier, my main blog deleted and mine earnings really suffering because of this. Not doinganything else but finding niches so that i could target specific country i have in mind. I have not got muchsuccess with country targeting. I think it will take time and once i start getting 100 clicks a day, i will seegood $$. But thats different story. Here is update first.Earning Update:2/14/132/15/13Clicks low, conversion low. Indicating i have to work really hard.Have a good day and take care.Thank you.02-16-2013, 11:01 AM
  47. 47. 47Originally Posted by youssfyJust read your one of blog or deleted. I would recommend you to get a self hosted site instead ifhosting a blog in blogger,etc.I will consider that but for me still blogger is easier and better. Also its my 1st blog deleted inabout 50 blogs. SO just bad luck on my side. Thanks for telling me though.02-16-2013, 11:33 AMOriginally Posted by ral07Are all of the traffic comes from YT video. How many YT accounts and videos you currentlyhave?Sorry but i have posted this many times. Please read before posting next time.I currently have 20-25 videos and 20 accounts and most of traffic from yt.Originally Posted by digitalaciddo you use pin submits, trial and purchase offers with AWM? or just email submits anddownloadsMostly email or zip submit, then first page and lastly Pin submits which make me most $$02-17-2013, 11:35 AMHi guys,Hope you all doing good. Yesterday was great day as i made my highest for this month. All because of Pinsubmits. Here is update:Earning Update:2/16/13Epc is awesome. Hope i will get similar epc coming days. Doing nothing new than posting a new articleand video. I have many ideas to work on but cant implement all so i will first only work on countryTargeting niches. Then i will implement other ideas.Thank you all for constant support and love.Good day and take care.02-18-2013, 02:29 PMHi guys,It seems that my bad luck continues and yesterday my other blog deleted too. Yesterday i made only $8off 127 clicks. Pretty shit. I am sorry but i cannot reply any of your posts here coz i am really broken atm.I am taking few weeks off from all this so that i could recollect myself and start working again.
  48. 48. 48Thank you all for understanding.-ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя02-18-2013, 02:45 PMUPDATE:Just noticed my yt account which had like 3 very important videos ranked on yt for saturated nichesdeleted too. To me it looks like pre-planned attack to shut my earnings.NVM, i seriously need break, coz more i surf, more my mind will burn.Take car02-19-2013, 07:08 AMOriginally Posted by triboLast year I started this IM bussines. I was doing almost the same thing you are doing today. Mymain traffic came from youtube videos and to generate such large amounts of traffic, I didcoment rating scheme. I even generate 200 dollar / day with 1 single video in a single niche. Butunfortunately, when they realized it was a niche that gave money, competitors have my videodeleted and I lost all those 200 dollar / day cause I was using just a way to generate traffic.Today, almost a year later, Im trying to start this all over again. One lesson I learned is to neverrely on third party services, such as youtube because, once that delete your video, your traffic islost. Now I bought a domain and a host, Im planning the whole structure of links in order tostudy the best way to get traffic and thus not spend my efforts in vain.If I could give you some advice, it would never stop to continue working even if they fuck withyour work and your earnings tumble. Always have new ideas and always put them into practice.Staying whining will not do anything and in the future youll look back and regret not havingcontinued.Those are my 2 cents for you and for everyone who thinks about giving up some project andLegendary, dont give up now.Appreciate your advice. Thanks. But i am not giving up. You understood me wrong. I said i amtaking rest and start working again after some days. I will never give up but just relaxing.02-20-2013, 02:30 PMHi,Hope you all doing great. As you all know that i lost my 2 blogs and a yt account. After i stopped working.Now i am back. Motivated enough. Thanks too all who replied and understood me and my position. Lastdays were good, well great i must say as earnings are high even after all this. Here is update:Earning Update:2/17/13
  49. 49. 492/18/132/19/13Total on 19th feb:$69.75Yesterday earnings were very high. Not many leads but coz i am targeting high paying country so $$I will try to make more niches and get more traffic.Thank you all.Have a great day and keep smiling.-ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя02-21-2013, 02:26 PMOriginally Posted by RumReaperHi Legend, curious on the CPA, When redirected from YT, they get to your page directly with acontent locker popping up ?Or in the landing page you explain about the niche and then at click of a button they get thecontent locker ? And as your not actually giving stuff, didnt the CPA network kick u out yet ? ibelieve that there is a complaint or spam button of some sort on those things.Cheers !Thanks for reading. From yt vid, they reach my landing page and there on clicking downloadbutton, my link or content locker pops up.Yes there is complaint button. But i am not giving real stuff, but something worth same. So theydont have any problem yet.02-21-2013, 02:38 PMHI,Hope you all having great day.For me last 2 days were good and it seems my effort paying off now. Well, from last few days i learnt one
  50. 50. 50thing. Nothing is constant. I cannot stop working as who knows, might be tomorrow my blog and ytaccount get deleted. So, just working hard to rank my country targeting blog and make more and morevideos. Here is yesterdays earning update:Earning Update:2/20/13There is scope for more improvement. I have to get more traffic so that i could double my earnings (lolgot $9 lead for today. )And since 14 leads can also get me $10, so no way i could feel secure from these earnings. Nvm, I hopethese earning remain as it is.Thank you for reading.Have a good day.-ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя02-21-2013, 04:21 PMOriginally Posted by LeerBusinessHey sorry legend, I am in office so i cant read your own thread, are you using CPA or PPD if sowhich network do you use it on ? btw my stragegy is purposely not get on first page so it dontget flagged, but i have multiple videos on page 2 - 3; that way my projects stays on youtube forlonger and once established i can leave it to run on auto-pilot while i work on other niches orother money stufff..I am using both. Adwokrmedia(cpa) and Fileice(ppd).Hmm. cant say anything till you try and get result. Well my view is that you will not get manyclicks on 2nd page as people rarely get to 2nd page and even if they, they wont complete survey.Its my opinion though, so maybe it will work or maybe not.But good luck with that.02-21-2013, 05:28 PMOriginally Posted by RumReaperHi legend, i am following your thread from the beginning and will keep on doing so as its reallyhelpfull, unfortunately cant Pm u yet as i dont have enouph posts yet. But i would like to followup on your response. To avoid people complaining, what kind of downloads software,information rederict do you provide to your traffic ?Cheers mate, hope you will keep this thread alive for a long time :-)
  51. 51. 51Thanks for following. Well, i provide them something worth same as software but not exact. Forex, sayyou are providing crysis 3 crack, so instead of crack, i give them list ofsites where they couldfind crack when it will be released. Got it?This is what i do. Cannot tell exactly but almost same.I will definitely keep the thread alive until i reach my goal.02-21-2013, 05:40 PM02-23-2013, 04:49 PMOriginally Posted by molabeeI hope you will succeed on your journey. btw do you create yt accounts manually or do you buythem?Thanks bro. I buy pva account.02-23-2013, 05:02 PMHi,Hope you all doing good.Last two days were ordinary, nothing special. As i said, the country i am targeting, didnt get me any lead,so not good. Nevermind. Here is earning Update:Earning Update:21/2/1322/2/13What I Did?* Uploaded 5 videos* Made new posts* Promoted on Forums.Thats all i did. Hope to get some big leads.
  52. 52. 52Thank you all and have a good day.02-25-2013, 03:12 PMOriginally Posted by nightwishhey man.. im just wondering how many videos you uploaded ang how many are running andhow many videos are taken down from you?PS: what a great earnings you gotThanks for reading. I have already answered your question. But answering again. I have like ~50videos uploaded, out of which ~25 are up and all others deleted.Originally Posted by .orionDo you use HQ videos ? Or just simple and highly promoted ?Also how many views to you have one your videos ?Thanks.First i upload random vid to check the niche. If i get some conversion then i make HQ videos andboost them. As i said if i uplaod videos for checking then i give each video 1000 vagex credits. Ifvideo performs good then i upload HQ vid and boost with 5000 credits.Originally Posted by jake042How many unique visitors do you need for like 100 clicks?Because I need around 300 visits to get 100 clicks which is imo kinda low conv rate.Sorry to ask but which sites do you use too boost? Still u2bviews and vagex? As I use vagex butwhen I put tons of credits after some days I have no credits left and barely any views. Is thisnormal?This is tough question to answer since i get clicks from different blogs, so could not check howmany UVs you need. But i guess around 400 UVs are needed to get 100 clicks if your landingpage is simple and not so effective.I use vagex for boosting views and likes. Well is normal, i put around 1k credits and i get like02-25-2013, 03:20 PMHey guysHope you all doing great.Earning are good and nothing much to say. Check the updates:Earning Update:23/2/13
  53. 53. 5324/2/13Total on 24: $ 56 (Got $13 on Fileice too)As you can see pretty good. I have done nothing these days other than checking earnings. Notplanning to do anything soon either as i am feeling bit tired. And also Final exams from 12th March. Iam in 10th Class so you know how important this exam is for me. Actually i am not going to doanything else than studying. In april i will start working again. So lets see how far i could go withoutworking.Thanks for readingHave a good day.02-25-2013, 03:39 PMOriginally Posted by vahnz13do you change the offer to just pin submit offers at adworkmedia?Nope, i am running email submits too but i am targeting high paying country, so i get Pinsubmits mostly.02-26-2013, 02:09 PMHello Bhw,Hope you all doing good.As i said earlier, i am not going to do anything till exams so earning will surely go downhill. Here isYesterdays Earning update:Earning Update:23/2/13Conversion is pretty bad. I hope awm will improve Offers.One more thing i wanted to share with you guys. I had a bet with my brother yesterday. Since i want tobuy Note 2 but my Father has to pay a debt of around $20k. So my brother challenged me if i couldearn 13k till October, then i could buy Note 2. Since in October we have abig Festival, Diwali, so thatsbest time to buy new things.
  54. 54. 54This means now i have to earn $2k/month to achieve that target. Its not impossible but need a lot ofhard work. Its actually good, as i will now work more hard, so that i could buy my dream phone.Lets see how it goes.Thank you for reading.- ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя02-26-2013, 04:51 PMOriginally Posted by TeamUniqueLol the way you wrote that, youre making it sound like the note 2 is 13K.The worlds most expensive phone lol..Darn my English lol.Actually i meant, that since Note 2 is around $1k so if i earn $13k, i will give $12k to my fatherfor debt, and $1k for buying Note 202-26-2013, 05:53 PMOriginally Posted by triboLegendary, mind to tell what contry are you targeting?High paying countries. Sorry but cant tell exactly. Think yourself which countries pay high andhow could you target them.03-01-2013, 04:16 PMOriginally Posted by RumReaperHey legend, yet another question, On what criteria do you choose your offers from AWM ? CR?EPC? payout ?probably further check the offers for it to be relevant to the niche but i was curious about theabove things.I choose offers based on EPC and payout.Originally Posted by ChamaquitoHey man I read your story, its nice and inspiring. I myself am starting out so I need somecounsel. I mean I have around a week of doing this, and I have 8 videos out. Most of which are inthe front page. Although they are not number #1, yet I get around 9 clicks, and only 1 downloadfor .12 cents xD.Thanks bro. Maybe your niche is popular in low paying countries. Try to upload vids for US, UKand AU. You will earn more.
  55. 55. 55Originally Posted by ddarkoshi, iam sorry to boring you, but how can you bild your landing page in blogger? where did Ihave to put a file (crisys 3 template)?No problem. Well you have to download xml blogger template and upload.03-01-2013, 04:29 PMHi guys,Its been a while since I posted updates. February is over and it was not bad month for me except last 2days. I earned around $7, $8 and $27 in last 3 days. Here is my Februarys EarningsEARNING UPDATE - FEBRUARY-Adworkmedia-FIleice- SHarecashTOTAL FEB EARNINGS: $984.64Not bad at all but less than last month. Nevermind. I could make more than this but not this monthsince i am not going to work at all this month. And sorry, but i wont be updating this thread till 23rdMarch, since its my final exams. But after March and i am free and then i will work harder and try toachieve my goal.Thank you all for motivating me and encouraging me for working harder and not losing motivation. Iam really glad that i am part of this awesome community.~ ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя03-02-2013, 05:49 PMHe guys,hope you all doing good.I sneaked some time to check my stats and post yesterdays earnings. And damn, mine todays earningare awesome. More than yesterday and still 15 hours left. Maybe i will break my record.
  56. 56. 56But thats just a possibilty. Who knows maybe i will get no lead in 15 hours. Nevermind, here is EarningUpdate:Earning Update3/1/13Earnings pretty high compared to clicks i am getting.Have a good day.Thank you.03-03-2013, 03:51 PMOriginally Posted by NoS3DHow did u optimize the adworkmedia offers?I just chose offers with high personal epc and not global. Choose offers which are converting for you.Originally Posted by prashanth502YT always banning my accounts and my IP is static. Is there need to change method of uploading vidoes ?I want to use VPN service to aviod bann Hammers.Sorry bro, but i have no idea about proxy and vpn things. I dont use them.03-03-2013, 04:14 PMHi blackhatters,Yesterday as i thought i broke my previous record and made 3 figures after a long long time. Feels prettygreatWithout much talking, i will post picEarning Update:3/2/13EPC is amazing. Its partially because of new offers and partially coz it was weekend. I dont think it will berepeated in coming days, but who knows, anything can happen.As i already said, i am on complete autopilot for all this month. So all money is bonus for me.
  57. 57. 57And i know, many of you hate me for not saying what i am doing or how i am targeting. But believe meguys, even if i do tell it publicly, it will get saturated like yt is currently and noone will make anything.Money is everywhere but you need o be creative and open up to dig up. Youtube can make you $1/ dayto $1k/day. Its possible but only if you apply twists and be creative. No one ever will tell the secretmethod but you have to find our own. Initially i was doing what everyone else doing. Slowly i learnt,there i wont make much copying and doing what everyone else doing. There is one post here, whichinspired me to think unique.When i was new and when i read top earners saying "Think out of box", i use to say "These guys areselfish. They lie" But today i realized the true meaning behind these words. Even if my niche die, my blogdeleted, but i will rise again because i know what to do. Every top earner out there are unique in oneway or another. So much to learn.Believe me guys. Dont copy others and follow herd. Make your own path and let others walk behindyou. And then, nothing will stop you.I may sound stupid or some kind of preacher, but i thought writing this bit will help others.Thank you for readinghave a great day.~ ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя03-03-2013, 04:15 PMOriginally Posted by IMpossibleDid your youtube videos ever got banned?yeah, many and many accounts deleted too.03-03-2013, 04:54 PMOriginally Posted by OkanenaiyoHey man, ur epc is pretty awesome..What are you using, content locker or link locker?Are you also in gaming niche? Im in gaming niche I get 400+ traffic before but my conversionrate is below 4Yeah, epc is great. I am using link locker. and yes again i am in gaming niches. But have otherniches too.Optimize offers bro.
  58. 58. 5803-03-2013, 05:02 PMOriginally Posted by IMpossibleHow do you deal with deleted accounts since its hard to rank videos. Do you just setup anotherone and dont bother about the lost one even if the video brought you high traffic?Yup thats the rule. Forget what you lost. Start over. Especially when you working with Youtube.03-05-2013, 05:33 PMOriginally Posted by prashanth502For gaming niches are u using Adworkmedia ?why i am asking this Q.when i asked to my Adworkmedia AM he said no we not allowcopyrighted niches. From that time i am using only MGCash.Can any one tell me which cpanetworks allow copyrighted niches ?I dont know what to reply. Do you really think, a reputable network will come up and say "Hey!You can promote fake shit"I dont think so.Originally Posted by ZniperAre you promoting keygens/hacks niches? If yes, then what CPA network are you using? Imthinking about moving to CPA, but Im not sure if theres any network to accept copyright/illegalmaterial.Also, what kind of blogs do you use (.blogpot, .com, etc)?I am using Adworkmedia and xxx.blogspot.com03-05-2013, 05:48 PMHi blackhatters.Hope you all doing good.Last two days were good. I am happy with result.Earning Update:03-03-201303-04-2013
  59. 59. 59+ $9.65 onFileiceTotal: $65.65Earning without working is awesome. I never thought i could make money sitting on chair and buy mesome awesome things. IM is amazing. But now i feel kinda bad, for just studying and not doing any thing.I am too excited to start working again. And please guys if you need any help, post here. I will be glad toanswer.One more thing, those who signed up under me on awm or fileice, pm me your skype, so i could add youand help you earn, if you want to.Thank you and good day.~ ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя03-05-2013, 05:55 PMOriginally Posted by TwixxBut you have got paid, right?Need more proof?03-06-2013, 04:50 PM
  60. 60. 60Originally Posted by triboLegendary, are you doing generator niche? If so, it cant bring trouble cause copyright?I am doing generator niche and i dont think it will trouble coz its not working. If i provideworking generator then i think it will be trouble.03-06-2013, 05:15 PMHey guys,Hope you all doing great.Coz right now i am out of mind. My heart is pounding like it will jump out of my body. WHy? coz i alreadymade $137. Still cant believe it. Tomorrow will be best day i believe.Here is earning update:Earning Update:03-05-2013Earnings pretty good. I am very happy, that mine hard work paying off now.Thank you and have a good day.03-06-2013, 05:20 PMOriginally Posted by Valeforcan you explain why your videos dont get deleted ? because YT can track your IP. ? right ? areyou using any VPN?Because my ip is dynamic. No no VPN, no Proxy.Originally Posted by abdjayedOh Yeah! I got it. 1 IP = 1 Click on AWM...I think we both are doing same category niche. So which you found better? AWM or FI. AWM isgood but i think i need to optimize the offers for more $.For me Adowkrmedia is best. You have to optimize offers and you will have problems initiallylike i had, but now my epc is much better.03-06-2013, 06:41 PMHey guys,I think there is some bug in awm. Coz i am getting lead like hell and some other friends too. COnversionand epc are way too high. I am afraid that they will revoke earnings coz its some kind of bug.I made a support ticket. I am at $200+ already with 48 clicks. I am sure its not real.
  61. 61. 61I will update when i will get any information.Thank you03-07-2013, 03:47 PMHey guys,You might have read already that it was a bug in their system. Here is Earning UpdateEarning Update03-06-2013Its my highest epc in a day.So as many asking, here is quick guide for best offer optimization. This works for me but i cant guaranteeit will work for you as it really depends on your traffic.OFFER OPTIMIZATION GUIDE----------------------ALREADY INPDF---------------------------------------Last edited by ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя; 03-07-2013 at 03:51 PM.03-07-2013, 05:33 PMOriginally Posted by Oblivion13Nice earnings but how the hell are you getting $101 with only 28 conv? I had 49 conv and onlymade $51 yesterday.I am targeting High paying countries.03-07-2013, 05:43 PMOriginally Posted by gimlopI read, you jurnal, really but i didnt find it anywhere. What kind of videos do you make, and doyou rank them for keywords or just boost and leave like that, i mean if you upload them, boostthem as soon as they are uploaded, and forget about them?No problem. I tried almost all videos. But i earn most from gaming and generator niches. Yes, iboost them as soon as i upload. Most of the times my vid get ranked on first page. If i see anydecrease in traffic, then i start uploading videos which are deleted.03-07-2013, 05:46 PMOriginally Posted by BufferOver
  62. 62. 62Does AdworkMedia allows promoting fake generators, fake game hacks?What you think i answer to this question? They wont say they allow, but you can do till youdont get DMCA. They are very strict against facebook promotion and Copyrighted stuff. Otherthan that, its fine.03-08-2013, 03:05 PMOriginally Posted by ichiefdo u boost them with high retention views or only software like vagex,u2bviewOnly with vagex.Originally Posted by QuffsWhats your affiliate id on fileice Legend? Do you use content locker pro with AWM?I cant tell that. I use link locker only.Originally Posted by abdjayedOne more thing to know since im new to AWM.What do you do exactly?Yt > blog > link lockerOriginally Posted by acamsoCongrats on the recent earnings. EPC looks real nice. I wanted to ask you a question about the"fake" generators. Do you simply ZIP a PDF or text file that directs them towards the exact linkwhere they could find said generators?There are no working generators. I make fake gen in vb and give them exe. I give text file withlink of games where they could download for free.03-08-2013, 03:08 PMOriginally Posted by small_town_boyWhat I am having problems with now is the lack of views on Youtube. Do I really have to investin Fiverr gigs that will boost the traffic and comments for my YT vids and then hope it ranks andis not removed? I have had success with Youtube before in terms of views, but I could only getmaybe 100k max and it was after years of being put out.Lets say I have a game or movie or whatever and upload it...it wont really rank now, will it? Imean, there will be tons of other videos just like that. So I guess the only way is to buy the views.Then again, you do risk getting flagged and removed. It might get pretty costly, pretty quick.Well, you will need views and likes with few comments to remain in top rank. And gain trust ofusers. Its must. Either you could buy them from sellers here or fiverr or could use programs likevagex, enhanceviews etc.03-08-2013, 03:20 PMHey guys,I am too happy today, coz finally i managed to break my record of highest earning in a day. I dont knowhow many days this earning will last, but i am enjoying every moment.
  63. 63. 63Earning Update:03-07-2013Dat epcbtw all those who ere rejected by awm, plz pm me. I got something for you guys which could help youget accepted. Also those registered under me, message me on skype or pm me. I have got somethingthat will help you start earning.Thanks guys for reading and supprting me.Good day03-09-2013, 02:48 PMOriginally Posted by francis1017Hello sir!I am a pure leecher in this forum(lol)but because of this thread I decided to make an account. I want to ask questions:1. Since you are using Vagex. How many credits do you use just to rank your vid? How many seconds doyou put?2. Is it worth to buy credits on vagex?3. Are you on gaming niche?4. What would be the best PPD today?And btw I am on sharecash. Been 5months now and I am earning 5$ a day(sucks for a long time)Please help! Thanks in advance!Greetings from the Philippines!I am glad you liked my journey.1. Around 1500 credits for each vid. Almost half of vid lenght. So for ex, your vid is 1 minute long, thenput 30 second.2. If you have money to invest then i think it worth it. You could try other too. I am just too lazy toresearch.3. Yes, i am in gaming niches too.4. Fileice is best ppd in my opinion.Good luck.Originally Posted by popbradleyHey legendary hacker. As you are in adworkmedia like myself. What theme do you actually like the bestand finds works best for you if any? Thanks
  64. 64. 64For me "Modern theme" is working best.03-09-2013, 02:52 PMHey guys,Hope you all doing good.Nothing much to say. I am still on autopilot. No working till exams.Earning Updates03-08-2013One more thing. I wont be updating this thread till 23rd. So sorry for that. Its final exam of 10th, so haveto study hard.Thank you and Good day03-09-2013, 02:59 PMOriginally Posted by acamsoCongrats on your most recent earnings. Looking really nice, man. In regards to your response,do you just include this txt file as a bonus because the generators dont work? And are these linksgeneral links to download games, or direct links to the specific game the generator is for? Arethey torrent files? Thanks.If i could not find the direct game links, then i give general links else direct download link in textfile. Whatever i could find, torrent, direct or any other03-09-2013, 03:19 PMOriginally Posted by ral07Awesome journey, are you uploading in various niches or only one niche?Thanks for reading. I am uploading vids in every niche i could think of.03-09-2013, 04:47 PMOriginally Posted by sai.coolguy54what kind of videos you upload?????would you just upload windows movie maker videos just by making slide????or you ll steal videos??I record my screen, then edit in movie maker and then upload.I stopped stealing videos. Its not good thing.03-15-2013, 03:21 PM
  65. 65. 65Hey blackhatters,I am sorry i could not reply to all your question atm. I am busy with exams and they are not good at all. Ihave got 2 days off before next exam, so updating my earnings. But i promise once, my exam finish, i willanswer each and everyone.Earning Update:03-09-201303-10-201303-11-201303-12-201303-13-201303-14-2013Yesterday was pretty awesome. Actually its my best epc and earning since i started this Journey thread.I have not worked since starting of this month. So i am lucky none of my vid removed yet.Good luck to all.03-15-2013, 03:36 PMOriginally Posted by coolmHow many videos need to be uploaded to have such awesome earnings? ThanksUpload 1000 videos and spam, you will make $10 maybe.Upload 2 videos HQ and perfect. Earn $100 a day.Upload 1000 videos, HQ and perfect, Earn $1000 a day.03-15-2013, 03:57 PM
  66. 66. 66Originally Posted by backtomakemoneywhat kind of niches does they accept? movie sites and that kind of stuff are ok? thanks for yourreply in advance.I dont think, they accept Movies and such stuff. But contact them.03-21-2013, 04:41 PMHi blackhatters,Hope you all doing food.I am really sorry, but not updating the thread and not replying. Well my exams almost over. Last exam ison 23rd, after that i will be free, to answer everything.About my exams, i did worst in maths and that sucks, i studied hardAbout earnings, i have managed to earn over $100/day, so not bad.I feel like earning money is easier than solving maths problems :PThank you for supporting meGood day.03-23-2013, 02:17 PMOriginally Posted by francis1017Hello sir its me again!In using 1500credits how many views and likes do you get?Thanks for answering in advance!And sir please share some of your techniques on how to target a specific country.please please please.I cant tell precise value but think 301 views if you just uploaded and around 80 likes.And sorry, i cant share that method.Originally Posted by acamsoℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя, how many views do you give each video before moving on to the next? Do you doanything at all with likes, comments, and favorites?Depends on niche and competition but mostly 1k credit to each vid with likes on. If niche get me someleads then i do comments else leave at it is.Originally Posted by LeerBusinessHey dude, really enjoying your journey and keep it up man i look up to you bro ! so heres my quickquestion how many videos do you upload per niche and do you upload the same video ? last one is howdo you avoid getting banned.
  67. 67. 67I upload mostly 1 video for one niche. If niche is competitive then i do upload 2-3 more videos but notsame.Upload at most 2 videos in one account, dont upload copied video, dont give direct link to survey etc/Originally Posted by VivaHostHey man! Awesome journal bro.I wanted to ask you if AdworkMedia alows copyright materials like tv shows,games,cracks and stuff like that?I ask because for the past 2 days i have this stats on a tv show site i have using another cpa network :Conversions: 0Clicks: 67Impressions: 671Now i really think it must be something wrong since i have 0 conversions.Well i dont think they allow movies or tv shows niches, but you can ask them. About your stats, its notgood and you should choose correct offers and make your site more legit.Originally Posted by dukiluppHi, ℓєgєη∂αяу нα¢кєя, I would like to start IM with AWM. When I signup, I see that AWM need mywebsite information. Is it possible to tell them the content (maybe game crack) of my website or create alegit website first? Thanks for your help.One more question, how to make a landing page? I am not familiar with php, just know frontpage,thanks.You should show what you gong to promote. Never lie to your manager. It will be best.I have no idea about landing pages since i use blogger.Originally Posted by OkanenaiyoCan you give me some tips on what to type on HEADLINE - HEADER TEXT and BRIEF DESCRIPTION toincrease my conversion rate?Im currently using "ANTI-SPAM: Please prove that you are a human" on header and "Please confirm a PINto download your hack" on description and its not converting well for me.. Thanks!Mostly, use your niche like: Please complete a survey to Download XXXOriginally Posted by TwixxHey mate, I just have to ask you some questions since you seem to be very experienced with CPA by now.Hope its okayIm getting a regular stream of traffic every day, but Im not very good with optimizing offers. Imcurrently use Adworkmedia as well.
  68. 68. 68I just wanted to know how you got the offers setup. In the tab "Optimization center" you may choosehow much the minimum U.S offers payout should be. What have you set it to?Also, what offers are you showing? Do you use any of the "Only downloads" or "Only trials / mobiles"?Im currently split testing between some of the categories, but its too early to tell any difference. Justwanted to ask you since you seem to do pretty good.Thanks,TwixxMy least for US traffic is default and i am running both email submit and mobile.If u want any tut, then i made a tut about how to optimize offer for awm. You should read that.Originally Posted by gimlopHey just one question When i make video, and upload it, should i boost it as soon as its uploaded? Orfirst wait till it gets indexed and leave it for like 1 day and then start with boosting?There are many myths about this. What works for me is to boost instant, then leave for few day, thenboost again.Originally Posted by painy1Have you encountered any kind of "sandboxing" of your video from YT search? Ill think that Ive been avictim of YT sandboxing as three of mine videos that I uploaded recently doesnt appear on the search.The connective thing is that I have used u2bviews for them instead of vagex.No idea about it. I dont really check my vids, until i see traffic drop. I dont think its because of u2bviews.Maybe you have not optimized well.Originally Posted by daserpentWhat makes a video HQ? Need some help.Show proof, Video should be High quality, full screen. You should use your own voice. You desktopshould be clear while recording.Originally Posted by Oblivion13I am doing decent with AWM. My question is how do you target a specific country? I notice France andAU is the big earners but I have no clue how to target it without buying a .co.au or .co.fr Any insight onthat?and if anyone needs help getting into AMW shoot me a PM I can help.Au is great country to target. So does South africa, Norway and Netherland. Use your creatity. I cant helpwith that.
  69. 69. 69Originally Posted by darrenjzyGreat ThreadHow do you do judge competition during KW research for your CPA vids?Ive read to look for kws 10k-40k/global month.30k searches on a 40k results niche is great,40k searches on 200k results is not.no video on google 1st page resultswhat can you add?I have stopped doing that. I just see if its popular in trends and then i upload vid. That niche good if lesscompetition.Originally Posted by MAGNATERHow much money do you make per network per day to stay under the radar as a new affiliate?I make all my money on awm. I dont need to be under radar, coz they know me well.Originally Posted by S1lv3rdo7One thing I want to throw out there is on the example you provided for Far Cry 3 it took me to a newpage when I clicked the link instead of locking the page I was on. For example CLP2 just provides the pop-up instead of redirecting.1) Do you think thats why you get so many clicks but low conversions?2) Also, have you considered using CLPv2 to optimized offers and spread your earning betweennetworks?Thanks1. I dont think my epc is bad from any angle.2. I dont consider this coz: a) I use link locker not content lockerb) I dont need to spread earnings as i am very happy with awm and they are happy with me.But thanks for telling me.03-23-2013, 02:40 PMWow! Very tiring to reply all.Hey guys,My exams are finally over and i am free for 3 months. Last two days were bad, since offers not good. BUti am satisfied with my earnings. Here is update:Earning Update: