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  1. 1.
  2. 2. A little about aboutmanaging up, down, andacross…
  3. 3. Managing Up Many see it as brown-nosing or sucking up These views are mistaken Forging effective relationships with your superiors Can help one be seen as an asset to the company Can lead to promotions and overall success Makes the boss happy, creates efficient working environment Paying attention to his or her personality or preferences and adapting one’s work practices accordingly
  4. 4. Managing Up - Pay Attention to Personality Some people are more analytical and technical managers These people respond better when their employees use data and numbers to support the information and proposals they present Some are more people oriented May respond better to framing information based on how it will help or hurt the customers
  5. 5. Managing Up - Communication Good communication important for success in any company Written vs. verbal If both in what order Frequency of communication Amount of details desired How do you find out what boss prefers? Look at the way he/she communicate with you
  6. 6. Managing Up - Idealworking attitude Provide solutions not problems Be honest trustworthy and committed Go above and beyond your job description to solve problems Makes manager’s job easier Careful to do this without neglecting original responsibilities
  7. 7. Managing DownManaging down influences employee health andwell-being as well as individual, group, andorganizational performancePolicy leaders should emphasize, train people in,and evaluate good management practices withinorganizationsEmployee involvement influences the manner ofall other organizational practices
  8. 8. Managing Down Research There are clear links between organizational culture and performance organizational culture and management management and performance management and psychological consequences psychological consequences and employee behavior
  9. 9. Managing Across Establish peer network – alliances Social capital Trust Team cohesion Task interdependence Power & Influence Referent power Soft influence tactics
  10. 10. Managing Across Research "People mostly go wrong by establishing a good relationship only with their bosses and ignoring peers and juniors. In a volatile business environment, all three are equally critical” S.Y. Siddiqui, Managing Executive Officer for administration, in charge of human resources, finance and information technology of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. with-boss/1/11550.html
  11. 11. Managing AcrossResearch Organization is made up of teams Shared goals Work together Keep emotions at bay “Coexist amidst healthy competition.” Ashu Khanna, Executive coach with-boss/1/11550.html
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Atlas Air Worldwide HoldingsAviation Leasing Holding CompanyComposed of: Atlas Air, Inc. Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc. Titan Aviation Leasing Ltd. Global Supply Systems (49% stake)
  14. 14. Atlas Air, Inc. Wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Founded in 1993 by Michael Chowdry Began operations the same year on an ACMI contract basis
  15. 15. Atlas Air, Inc. In 1998, Atlas Air ordered 12 new 747-400 freighter aircraft By 2000, the fleet held 36 aircraft Adopted holding company format in 2001 in order to acquire Polar Air Cargo Worldwide
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Atlas Air, Inc. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) began trading on the NASDAQ in 2006 Currently the world’s largest operator of Boeing 747 aircraft Currently headquartered in Purchase, NY
  18. 18. Corporate Services Wet and Dry Leasing CMI (Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) contracts Customer Specific Commercial Charter Services Related Aviation Services
  19. 19. Some Statictics In 2011, Atlas operated 18,500 flights to 250 destinations in 90 countries 2011 net income for stockholders- $96.1 million 2011 revenues- $1.398 billion Nov. 20- $42.37
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Corporate Services Wet and Dry Leasing CMI (Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) contracts Customer Specific Commercial Charter Services Related Aviation Services
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  23. 23.
  24. 24. Corporate Hierarchy Senior Vice President (2) COO Vice President CEO (17) Senior CCO Director
  25. 25. INTERVIEWS… Robert Wood Senior Director of Safety and Internal Evaluations Stephanie Biraglia Manager of Document Services Kira Kremski Document Procedure and Fulfillment Specialist
  26. 26. Mrs. Stephanie Biraglia Manager of document services department Produces all company manuals Used on planes and at different stations Ensures compliance with the FAA
  27. 27. Her view on Atlas Air’sCultureCompetitive Departments work together to stand out Cover Ups Everyone trying to get aheadNepotismMost superiors are ex-military “Old-school” “Big personalities” “Arrogance” Don’t like to be questioned Hard for a women to get ahead
  28. 28. Her view continued… Difficult to be a women 1 female senior director out of 30 total “Have to walk a fine line” and manage egos Old manager had a strong personality and did not get along with her superiors Gave women a bad reputation in the company
  29. 29. Mrs. Biraglia on ManagingUpLarge part of her jobCommunicates with her boss constantlyGreat relationship with superiors HonestyAlways knows what is expected of herExperience has helped her manage all thedifferent personalities at work
  30. 30. Managing up continued…Not encouraged but can be done Harder for womenManaging personalities is keyHave to filter information to decide what to tell superiors andwhenNo formal training Its on the job trainingTraining would help workers learn how to manage theirsuperiors.
  31. 31. Mrs. Biraglia on ManagingDown Six direct subordinates Important because of FAA’s strict regulations Has to make sure job details and expectations are clear to avoid being audited Training is not given but would be helpful Close with her team but sometimes she has to be stern with them
  32. 32. Mrs. Biraglia on ManagingAcross Not many managers in the company Little interaction with people at her own level Deals more with her superiors and subordinates
  33. 33. Ms. Kira Kremski Procedure and Fulfillment Specialist Manages up and across Being at an entry level position, does not have to manage down
  34. 34. Ms. Kremski onCommunication Communication is key at Atlas Air Communicates with all different departments and offices E-mail, face-to-face and telephone Can be improved, information can get lost along the way
  35. 35. Ms. Kremski on Training No formal training Some people in company could definitely benefit from training Learn overtime If there is a new responsibility, she is made aware Been in department for along time, this makes her knowledgeable of many of the expectations
  36. 36. Ms. Kremski on Managing Up Not encouraged, but very prevalent Very fast paced environment, so necessary to step in Always respect ideas and opinions Flexibility is key Always show you are trying to make an effort If you disagree, come to an agreement and try to accommodate
  37. 37. Ms. Kremski on ManagingAcross Can be difficult Need to be respectful May need to work through person
  38. 38. Mr. Robert Wood Senior Director of Safety and Internal Evaluations 14 Years with Atlas Air Manger of Ground Safety Senior Manager of Safety Senior Director of Safety and Internal Evaluations
  39. 39. Job Responsibilities Ground Operations Coordinating third party audits Managing any Occupational Safety and Heath Administration concerns Oversees Document Services
  40. 40. Mr. Wood on Managing Up Daily communication with superiors Most important part of his job No formal training on handling relations with superiors
  41. 41. Managing Up continued… Listening is a key skill Make recommendations in one-on-one situations Keep it short and sweet
  42. 42. Mr. Wood Managing Down Respect and honesty Avoid public embarrassment Allow employees to feel involved
  43. 43. Managing Downcontinued…MBO system helps employees be aware ofexpectationsGives employees measurable goalsIncreases employee motivation
  44. 44. Mr. Wood on ManagingAcross Listen to everyone’s opinion Don’t just say no; try to incorporate aspects of each person’s idea Keep an open mind
  45. 45. Managing Acrosscontinued… Non-confrontational style most effective Compromise is an essential component
  46. 46. RecommendationsTraining – managing up, down and acrossTeam building / group cohesionMale/female dynamicsCommunication
  47. 47. Training In all interviews, they said they could have benefitted from training. Simulated situations To minimize cost – one time seminar
  48. 48. Team Building Current hierarchy does not foster team cohesion After work social events where employees can mingle with upper associates like directors Not expensive and easy to organize Monthly gathering after work More inclusive weekly meetings
  49. 49. Male/Female Dynamics Such a male dominated industry, it is hard to change the dynamics… but can start by alleviating tension through… More inclusive social events Company golf outing? Invite the females! Company picnic for everyone
  50. 50. Communication So much done through e-mail Information overload Say things wouldn’t normally say in person Encourage more face to face time Encourage more phone calls or video chats for international employees