E Products of the Veterinary Science Library


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E Products of the Veterinary Science Library

  1. 1. E-products of the Veterinary Science Library, University of PretoriaLaunching Veterinary Science in UPSpace South African Veterinary Congress 2010
  2. 2. We Support E-scholarship strategy, UP Library Services by  Creating an electronic environment for scholarship  Open Access
  3. 3. Veterinary Science Library, University of Pretoria The only faculty in South Africa Unique products Unique information sources
  4. 4. E-information products, Veterinary Science Library Web portals Self-generated e-publications Digitised_collections
  5. 5. Web portals: The Ostrich
  6. 6. Web portals: African Goats
  7. 7. Web portals: Poultry
  8. 8. Web portals: Sir Arnold Theiler A web page was created to showcase a part of this collection. A brief description of Theiler’s life was included with photos which primary school children could source and use in their school projects. This Theiler web page has since been enhanced through the Theiler Collection in the university’s institutional repository.
  9. 9. Web portals: Jotello F Soga
  10. 10.  Self-generated e-publications : Infomania (newsletter of the Veterinary Science Library) http://www.library.up.ac.za/vet/infomania/infomani.htm
  11. 11. Self-generated e-publications : Proceedings of the 5th ICAHIS
  12. 12. Digitised_collections:Institutional repository
  13. 13. 3 Digitised collections Arnold Theiler SA National Veterinary Repository Christine Seegers Biomedical Illustrations
  14. 14. Digitisation – definition The conversion of analog material (hardcopy materials) e.g. written manuscripts, printed material, photos, video clips, film, sound recordings, tapes, microfiche, glass negatives, maps, paintings to an electronic and easily accessible format
  15. 15. Digitisation – workflow 1. Project identification 2. Selection of material for digitisation 3. Dismantling of material and copyright clearance 4. Basic paper preservation 5. Scanning 6. Storage 7. Conversion process for web display 8. Meta data and Technical data 9. UPSpace 10. Finalisation of documentation
  16. 16. Arnold Theiler Collection Collection of photos and memorabilia of Sir Arnold Theiler (1867 - 1936), widely known as the founder of veterinary science in South Africa. The collection was donated to the Library by Prof A. Verster. View photos of displays about Sir Arnold Theiler in the Veterinary Science Library. Provided for educational purposes only. It may not be downloaded, reproduced, or distributed in any format without written permission of The University of Pretoria, Academic Information Service. Any attempt to circumvent the access controls placed on this file is a violation of copyright laws and is subject to criminal prosecution.
  17. 17. Arnold Theiler Collection
  18. 18. Arnold Theiler Collection Theiler was featured in the pictures that were placed in chocolate packets in days gone by! We found one in the collection the library inherited from his daughters. It is interesting to note that during the Anglo Boer War, Theiler was the official veterinarian of the Boer forces.
  19. 19. Arnold Theiler Collection  Title: Malaria des Pferdes  Author/s: Theiler, Arnold, Sir, 1867-1936  LC Subjects: Veterinarians Veterinary medicine -- History Horses -- Diseases Theiler, Arnold (1867-1936) Malaria - Africa African horse sickness  Keywords: Arnold Theiler Horses Diseases  Issue Date: 1901  Creation Date: 2005 Publisher: Art Institut Orell Fussli (Zurich)  Sponsors: Theiler family.  Abstract: Dissertation (Doctoral) of Sir Arnold Theiler submitted to the University of Bern, Switzerland, 1901.  Description: PDF Reader needed to open complete thesis  More Info Available Online: http://www.ais.up.ac.za/vet/theiler.htm  URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2263/172Theiler’s thesis was  Rights: No rightsalso digitised  Type: Book  Language: de  Appears in Collections:Arnold Theiler Collection
  20. 20. Arnold Theiler Collection The OP rugby team 1921
  21. 21. Arnold Theiler Collection  Postcard from H.S. Altenroxel posted from Münster on 30th November 1909 sending best wishes and greetings for Christmas and the New Year to Dr Arnold Theiler and his wife
  22. 22. SA National Veterinary Repository  Unique collections of photos / slides  Valuable information for Africa and rest of the world  Consultation / collaboration  Veterinary Digitisation Proposal  Copyright issues
  23. 23. SA National Veterinary Repository  Parties involved  Faculty of Veterinary Science, UP  Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (OVI)  Veterinary Science Library, UP  OVI Library  The History Committee of the SA Veterinary Association
  24. 24. SA National Veterinary Repository  Collections in this community  Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria  Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute
  25. 25. SA National Veterinary Repository The 2 collections
  26. 26. SA National Veterinary Repository:Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute collection
  27. 27. SA National Veterinary Repository:Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute collection  The ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (ARC-OVI), has a long tradition of veterinary research since its founding in 1908 by Sir Arnold Theiler. It is nationally and internationally recognised as a veterinary centre of excellence. The ARC-OVI is a flagship institution of the Agricultural Research Council and plays an important role in maintaining the health of our national herd and wildlife. The collection consists of the following sections:  General veterinary history collection  African animal trypanosomiasis (Nagana) collection
  28. 28. SA National Veterinary Repository:Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute collection
  29. 29. SA National Veterinary Repository:Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute collection
  30. 30. Christine SeegersBiomedical Illustrations Unique drawings of scientific importance  Elephant  (Buffalo, horse, dog, cat to follow)
  31. 31. Christine Seegers Biomedical Illustrations Preparing an illustration for digitisation
  32. 32. The final results
  33. 33. The final results
  34. 34.  If you would like to contribute to the National Veterinary Repository (photos, old documents, letters or any historical material) we would like to hear from you. Tel: +27 12 529 8007/8/9 Fax: +27 12 529 8302