Why You Should Hire Veterans?


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When the veterans come back from war, they usually need to find jobs that will help them cater for the day-to-day needs. But it can be a challenge for these young men and women to get jobs in the corporate world.

For more information please visit: http://www.GreenCollarVets.org

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Why You Should Hire Veterans?

  1. 1. When the veterans come back from war, theyusually need to find jobs that will help themcater for the day-to-day needs.But it can be a challenge for these youngmen and women to get jobs in the corporateworld. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  2. 2. Over the past few years, statistics haveindicated that there are a lot of youngveterans who are unemployed, somethingwhich caused the White House to start aninitiative that is focused at encouragingbusinesses to be hiring veterans and alsomake the department of labor to come upwith toolkits for the employers for hiring thevets. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  3. 3. But why should you hire vets?There are a number of benefits that yourcompany will get when you hire veterans.Due their life skills, experiences as well astraining, the veterans will make outstandingemployees for your company. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  4. 4. With this kind of maturity that the veteranshave, when it is translated into your businessthen you are bound to see a lot of success.When these men and women are on activeduty, they are usually faced with differentsituations that need them to be so adaptable. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  5. 5. Those problems skills that they learn in themilitary can be applied to any job in thecivilian workforce be it customer service, dataanalysis support or decision-making.Vets are amazing when it comes to teamworkskills compared to their civiliancounterparts, and they are usually more loyal. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  6. 6. If you consider hiring vets to work for you, thelevel of commitment that they will give to yourorganization or company and the work theyare doing will be very high, and for thatmatter their service can easily translate into alonger tenure.But even with those amazing skills thatveterans have, there are still hold ups fromsome companies and organizations onemploying them. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  7. 7. Some employers think that it will be difficult forthe vets to translate their skills in theirbusinesses, and also that the veterans mayredeploy and neglect their job for a very longperiod of time.Other business leaders are more concernedwith the mental health of the vets. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  8. 8. They think that the returning soldiers might behaving post-traumatic stress disorders whichmight affect the productivity of theirbusinesses.The hold ups mentioned above may not bealways true in many cases because manyveterans have shown their ability to handletheir jobs in the civilian world absolutely well. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  9. 9. But in order to get the best services fromthem, it is crucial that you help them transitionsuccessfully.After you hire a veteran, you will need to givethem adequate support as well as trainingthat will assist them transition and adapt tothe corporate world. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  10. 10. Note that there is a big difference betweenthe military culture and the culture in thecorporate world.The military usually has a chain of commandand structure that is very clear and the dutiesto be performed are well-defined. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  11. 11. So you will need to help the vets that youhave employed understand the officeculture, their duties and what you expect fromthem.Do you want to hire veterans today? Thedont hesitate to go towww.GreenCollarVets.org www.GreenCollarVets.org