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Why Hire Veterans as Employees Today?


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There is a great need to hire veteran managers and employees today more than ever. If you think your business is not getting anywhere when it comes to discipline and when there is high employee turnover even if your company provides the best working environment and benefits, one of the best things to do is to hire veteran managers and employees.

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Why Hire Veterans as Employees Today?

  1. 1. There is a great need to hire veteranmanagers and employees today more thanever.If you think your business is not gettinganywhere when it comes to discipline andwhen there is high employee turnover even ifyour company provides the best workingenvironment and benefits, one of the bestthings to do is to hire veteran managers andemployees.
  2. 2. What is the basis of this statement?Why would anyone want to hire veteranworkers who have endured the war andpossibly have post traumatic disorder thatcould affect his or her relationship with others?
  3. 3. Characteristics of a VeteranThere are a lot of reasons why anyone wouldwant to hire veterans for their business.Here are a couple of reasons why anemployer or a company should considerhiring veteran employees for their workforce:
  4. 4. Self-reliantMilitary veterans are trained to be self-reliantas they are asked to work in some of the mostdangerous environments in the world.They have the ability to work and adapt toany kind of situation.
  5. 5. Team SpiritAside from being self-reliant, the other thing thatsets a veteran apart from most of the civilianemployees is their ability to work well in a group.They are trained to trust and assess theirteammate ability as well.Most high-ranking veterans also know how tomotivate their team making sure that each andeveryone have enough spirit to continue withtheir tasks.
  6. 6. DisciplineOne of the best attributes of a veteran is theyare disciplined. They know the rules, and theyfollow it.They respect their superiors and dedicated tofinishing their goals. If you have a veteran foran employee, then they can also help ininfluencing other employees.
  7. 7. LoyalAnother attribute that sets veterans apartfrom others is their fierce loyalty.Once a veteran swears his loyalty to thecompany, he would serve this company tothe best of his ability.
  8. 8. To hire veteran employees means decreasingthe chance of employee turnover and thatwould save the company a lot of moneywhen it comes to training new employees.This is one of the reasons why anyone shouldhire veteran workers especially for managerialpositions.
  9. 9. Well Rounded IndividualsThey have seen the worst and the best inhuman society. They have endured a warand survived to tell it.Most veterans worked with other militarypersonnel from different walks of life, race,social background and upbringing.
  10. 10. When they were on the field aside from thewar they had to endure each other, thus theydeveloped the ability to adopt andunderstand their fellow marines, navy or army.They also had to coordinate with the locals ofthe place where they are deployed.
  11. 11. To hire veteran workers does not only means acompany is able to acquire all these potentialcharacteristics and incorporate it in their owncompany culture, it also means they areproviding a fantastic opportunity for veteransto transition into a normal civilian lifestyle.
  12. 12. It is a win-win solution for both the companyand the veteran.Most veterans work for the society to continuetheir mission of serving the nation.Looking to hire a veteran for your company?Dont hesitate to visit us at Green Collar Vetstoday!