Veterans Going Green


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The veterans in the military nowadays are the ones who are faced with problems of getting a decent job that can get them through from their separation or retirement from the military. Most of their military benefits have also been discontinued. There are several careers that veterans can involve themselves in, even after their service in the military and still get the benefits that they deserve.

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Veterans Going Green

  1. 1. The veterans in the military nowadays are theones who are faced with problems of gettinga decent job that can get them through fromtheir separation or retirement from the military.Most of their military benefits have also beendiscontinued. There are several careers thatveterans can involve themselves in, even aftertheir service in the military and still get thebenefits that they deserve.
  2. 2. The most popular and in demand arecompanies from the green sector who haveopened their doors to veterans.There are also several organizations who offermilitary transition services to provideopportunities for the men and women inAmerica who were able to render an extraordinary national service for the country.
  3. 3. The transition to the world of the civilians canbe very challenging for previous militarypeople.One major problem that needs to beaddressed is the fact that the percentage ofunemployment for veterans are higher andmore rampant compared to theunemployment rate of the generalpopulation.
  4. 4. Good thing is that there are organizations andconcerned groups that give assistance tothese former military personnel to make thetransition to the world of civilians smoother forthem.Success in job searches may be a little harderthan usual due to the fact that some, if notmost of these veterans have never had anyexperience working for civilian groups andcompanies.
  5. 5. The green sector can provide training andjobs for these military personnel. Becomingpart of the green sector is something that cancontinue the streak of good service made byveterans to our country.From the military, they can continue servingthe country by working for companies andorganizations that can contribute great thingsto the environment.
  6. 6. Veterans can join trainings and coursesrelated to sustaining a green world.They can become part and be employed inorganizations and green companies that dooutdoor conservation, home energyefficiency, work in green warehousesintended for home improvement.
  7. 7. They can also get employed by companiesthat promote renewable and clean energyand alternative energy sources.Environmental remediation andresponse, sustainable agriculture, greenconstruction, and conservation of naturalresources are also fields that veterans canjoin.
  8. 8. What veterans just need to do is to becomepart of organizations and groups that cater tomilitary transition services, military benefits,and those who care enough about thewelfare of the veterans.Most of these organizations have websitesand forums where veterans can register forfree and express their interest in wanting anemployment from the green sector
  9. 9. Again, green companies have become verypopular in coordinating with these groups tohire veterans for their companies.This must be because of the kind of trainingand discipline that is imposed on formermilitary personnel which can definitely be wellapplied in a sector or company that takestheir goals seriously.
  10. 10. Saving the environment and working forsustainable growth and renewable energy isthe goal of the green sector.Veterans are the best people for these kindsof jobs.This time, theyre not just serving the country;theyre serving the world to fight the greenrevolution.
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