Veteran Transition Skills


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When veterans leave military jobs, they usually need to undergo job re-training for them to be able to tackle the green careers very well. The veterans have the ability to get acquainted with new skills as well as concepts and they can easily be absorbed into your workforce with skills that can be transferred as well as identified in the real world situations.

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Veteran Transition Skills

  1. 1. When veterans leave military jobs, they usuallyneed to undergo job re-training for them tobe able to tackle the green careers very well.The veterans have the ability to getacquainted with new skills as well as conceptsand they can easily be absorbed into yourworkforce with skills that can be transferred aswell as identified in the real world situations.
  2. 2. When the veterans get out of service, theytransition back into civilian life and thatimplies that they have to get a job that will besupporting them in their daily living.If you have got a company and you have gotjobs, you might want to consider employingthe veterans for they bring with them uniqueskills as well as experience.
  3. 3. They have got outstanding work ethics whichthey got as a result of the training in themilitary and therefore they will make veryoutstanding employees.They may however need job re-training sothat they can be aligned with the activitiesthat go on in your company.
  4. 4. Some of the outstanding attributes that theveterans have included the following:They have got superior decision-making skillsthat are accompanied with quick as well aclear line of thought.
  5. 5. Their leadership skills are exceptional, andthat is as a result of successfully serving in verychallenging operational environments.The veterans have got the right know-how aswell as experience that enable them to workas great team-leaders as well as natural teamplayers.
  6. 6. And with their outstanding work ethics, theveterans have got an undying commitmentto producing the best results in the work thatthey are doing.But when it comes to transitioning to civilianlife and finding jobs in the green careers, theveterans are faced with some hurdles.
  7. 7. The government of the United States ofAmerica together with other corporations iscoordinating in order to meet the needs ofthe veterans with various programs, resourcesas well as services.The government, through the department ofdefense and veterans affairs offers bootcamp services that are aimed at transformingthe military vets to training, education as wellas the qualifications for the service members.
  8. 8. In the boot camps, the veterans getcounseling services and the informationabout the opportunities that they can go for.The boot camps are of great importance inhelping the veterans to acquire the righteducation programs as well as job re-trainingprograms that are aimed at meeting theirneeds and leave them ready for the nextcareer they want to pursue.
  9. 9. Businesses like Accenture, Amazon, AT&T andmany others are also doing their best to comeup with programs that will equip the veteranswith the skills that will help them secure a jobor start a business to support themselves.Accenture for instance is one of thecompanies that are working with othernonprofit organizations to broaden IT trainingprograms, professional skills as well asmentorship programs that will help theveterans get jobs or start their own businesses.
  10. 10. Are you a veteran who are looking for help inyour transition in the civilian world?Then Green Collar Vets can help you!We can offer veteran friendly employers andother help that you need.Visit us today at !