Veteran Friendly Employers - Their Reason and Purpose


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Every year, the number of veterans who return home increases and each time these heroes return to their motherland, it is expected that there are a few who succumb to unemployment waiting for the government's monthly compensation.

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Veteran Friendly Employers - Their Reason and Purpose

  1. 1. Every year, the number of veterans who returnhome increases and each time these heroesreturn to their motherland, it is expected thatthere are a few who succumb tounemployment waiting for the governmentsmonthly compensation.However, a lot of veterans seek employmentthough it is hard for many of them to cope upwith the reality of life.
  2. 2. Over the past few years, the number ofveteran friendly employers has drasticallyincreased.Before 2003, the percentage of veteranemployment opportunities was just around 60percent, but when the advocacy to provideemployment to these veterans has started, itincreased dramatically.
  3. 3. Today, the percentage of companiesproviding veteran employment opportunitieshas grown to 138 percent.These companies are not only hiring duringthe Veterans day though, they are hiring allyear-round. Thus, ensuring those that retirefrom the service still has a chance at a normaland active life in the society.
  4. 4. Why Are They Hiring Veterans?These veteran friendly employers aim to notonly support the government and the localadvocacy groups efforts to reinstall theseveterans to the society, but also to harnessthe potential that these disciplined individualshave.
  5. 5. Aside from the 138% growth in companieshiring veterans, there is also a growth in theamount of budget for military recruitment incompanies to around 268 percent.The increase of interest in hiring veterans maybe due to the fact that companies haverealized the enormous potential that theseveterans training, experience and expertisecan provide the companies.
  6. 6. Their ability to adapt to different workingsituations and environment as well as the businessstrategies and productivity of these highlyfocused individuals are also a valued asset.These veteran friendly employers also value thefact that most of these individuals are able towork well with a different kind of peopleregardless of the background and educationallevel of those people. These values are thereason why veteran employment opportunitiesabound.
  7. 7. Companies Hiring VeteransLast November, the website militaryfriendly.comreleased a list of the top companies that provideveteran employment opportunities.The list was a result of a survey that is composedof a series of questions that aimed to analyze thecompanys ability to provide employment, itsdedication to hiring veteran employees and itsrevenue as well.
  8. 8. It was found out that among the top veteranfriendly employers are these companies:USAA, CSX Corporation, Deloitte, Booz AllenHamilton Inc., Burlington Northern SantaFe, ManTech InternationalCorporation, Southern Company, CombinedInsurance Company of America, GeneralElectric Company, and J.B. HuntTransport, Inc.These are the top 10 among all the veteranfriendly employers on the list.
  9. 9. It is amazing to know that there are still a lot ofpeople who value the ability of militarypersonnel even after they retire from service.The amount of effort these companies putinto ensuring that veterans are able toreintegrate back to the society after havingundergone a remarkably strenuousexperience such as the war is astonishing.
  10. 10. They continue to inspire these veterans toserve the country, but as a civilian. It is alsoproper to commend the effort of theseveteran employment opportunities providers.If you are looking for veteran friendlyemployers visit Green Collar Vets today