Veteran Friendly Employers


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One of the best ways that veterans can be thanked for their dedicated and loyal service to the country is by offering them jobs since they still need to support themselves as well as their families when they return from war. There are some employers that are putting up a lot of effort to ensure that they employ a considerable number of veterans to be part of their companies.

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Veteran Friendly Employers

  1. 1. One of the best ways that veterans can bethanked for their dedicated and loyal serviceto the country is by offering them jobs sincethey still need to support themselves as well astheir families when they return from war.There are some employers that are putting upa lot of effort to ensure that they employ aconsiderable number of veterans to be partof their companies.
  2. 2. USAA, GE as well as Verizon are examples ofcompanies that have shown their support forveterans in a large way by hiring them in largenumbers and also coming up with specialcorporate programs that are aimed athelping veterans.A part from USAA, GE and Verizon, otherveteran friendly employers include thefollowing:
  3. 3. CSX CorporationIn 2012, CSX Corporation was halfway throughthe target it had set to hire about 1000veterans.Together with other railroads as well as railsuppliers it supports the Joining Forcesinitiative by the White House which is aimed atsupporting military service members of theUSA together with their families.
  4. 4. It has been recognized by various companiesincluding as one of the mostvaluable employers for the military veterans.Deloitte FederalThis is another company that has shown a lot ofsupport to veterans by giving them jobs. It hasbeen ranked number three among those companies thatare employing veterans in large numbers.
  5. 5. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. takes specialrecognition of the United States veterans aswell the wounded military warriors.It pledges its commitment to the brave menand women who sacrificed a lot to fight indefense of the country in a foreign land.
  6. 6. Part of the way that it shows its appreciationand support to the veterans is by employingthem.It also helps the veterans to undergo transitionfrom the military life to the civilian life.
  7. 7. Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)BNSF is among the companies that showsupport to veterans by employing them inmassive numbers.Since 2005, it has been able to hire more than4000 veterans. Its class I employs more than7000 veterans. This is approximately 18% of itsworkforce.
  8. 8. It is a company that is proud of the serviceoffered by the veterans. The veterans alsohave the core competencies that embodythe company.These include their outstanding leadershipskills, good teamwork skills as well as theirability to work safely in fast-paced as well aschanging environments. It also has veterantransition programs to help veterans transitionto civilian life.
  9. 9. There are a lot more companies that aredoing a great job to make sure that veteransget jobs.Companies like ManTech InternationalCorporation, Combined Insurance Companyof America, General Electric Company, J.BHunt Transport Inc., just to mention a few arecompanies that have been ranked high when it comes to theeffort they are putting in hiring veterans.
  10. 10. The companies that have not started hiringveterans should follow the example thesecompanies have set in order to ensure thatthe heroes and heroines that dedicated theirlives have jobs that will enable them to livebetter lives.If you are in search of companies that hireveterans, we at Green Collar Vets maybeable to help you. Visit us today!