Veteran Employment Assistance Programs


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Every year, the number of veterans who return home increases and each time these heroes return to their motherland, it is expected that there are a few who succumb to unemployment waiting for the government's monthly compensation.

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Veteran Employment Assistance Programs

  1. 1. Every year, the number of veterans who returnhome increases and each time these heroesreturn to their motherland, it is expected thatthere are a few who succumb tounemployment waiting for the governmentsmonthly compensation.However, a lot of veterans seek employmentthough it is hard for many of them to cope upwith the reality of life.
  2. 2. They still seek veteran employment tointegrate themselves back to the society assoon as possible.Their effort to live a normal civilian life is ofcourse highly supported by the governmentand nonprofit organizations that have set upprograms to help them look for veteranemployment.
  3. 3. So how do these veteran employmentassistance organizations work?What are their purposes, types and what kindof help that veterans can expect from theseorganizations?
  4. 4. The PurposeIt is important to remember that a lot ofveterans that have been discharged formilitary service do not have civilian lifeworking experience.The subject of integrating back into thesociety would be hard for them.
  5. 5. For those veterans that do not have highmanagerial skills, veteran employment mayseem unattainable.That is why veteran employment assistanceprograms have been established allthroughout the country to help them.
  6. 6. The OrganizationsThere are actually different veteranemployment assistance programs andorganizations available.Here is a short list of some of the programs:
  7. 7. -The governments own Department ofVeterans Affair offers a program that focuseson veterans who were disabled while servingin the military.The VA offers rehabilitation, vocationaltraining and employment assistance for theseveterans.
  8. 8. -Another program offered by the Departmentof Labor focuses on providing workshop onthe topic of employment and training servicesfor those newly tenured or retired militarypersonnel.This program is also available for the veteranswives and husbands.
  9. 9. -Private institutions such as the InternationalBrotherhood of Teamsters offer veteranemployment in the construction industry.-The Department of Education has alsoteamed up with the Department of Defenseto implement the program called Troops toTeachers which focuses on inviting veterans toteach different school subjects.
  10. 10. The BenefitsIt is undeniable that even if these veterans areheroes of modern time, they still are discriminatedduring employment or re-employment.That is why state, federal and privately fundedprograms have become rampant today. This is toensure that veteran employment assistance isprovided everywhere and anytime for those inneed of it.
  11. 11. Most of these programs work with veteranswho want to change and improve theirconditions.A lot of them have online websites whereinformation about employment, workshopsand career fairs are constantly updated. It isreally easy to find them online.
  12. 12. All a veteran needs to do is input somekeywords such as veterans programs orveteran employment on the search box anda number of reliable websites are going topop up.For those veterans that have a service-relateddisability, the amount of pension is enough tolive comfortably.
  13. 13. However, it is still advisable to look for veteranemployment programs that could help themfind a job since this will help them cope upwith life and also increase their self-esteem.It is important for these heroes to feel thatthey are needed, and one way to ensure thatis by looking for a job.
  14. 14. Are you in need of Veteran Employmentopportunities?If so, dont hesitate to contact Green CollarVets.We will do what we can to help you.