Support Veterans Organization Helping The Homeless Veterans


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It may be true that the number of jobs offered to military veterans have increased in the past few years and a lot of companies have started to realize the advantages of hiring veterans. This increase in awareness is because of the campaigns to support veterans’ organization.

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Support Veterans Organization Helping The Homeless Veterans

  1. 1. It may be true that the number of jobs offeredto military veterans have increased in the pastfew years and a lot of companies havestarted to realize the advantages of hiringveterans.This increase in awareness is because of thecampaigns to support veterans’ organization.
  2. 2. The Homeless VeteransHowever, it is also true that over the past fewyears the number of homeless veterans hasalso increased.According to the Department of VeteranAffairs, many veterans who have returnedfrom Afghanistan and Iraq have lost theirhomes or on the brink of losing their homes.
  3. 3. In September 2012, it was recorded thataround 26,600 veterans are in the previouslydescribed situation, and some of theseveterans are living on the streets, temporaryhousing, and others are provided with federalvouchers just to pay for their apartment orhouse rent.This situation is alarming especially when in2010, the number of homeless veterans hasbeen just around 10,500.
  4. 4. Why do they become Homeless?There is no single reason why a veteranbecomes homeless.It is actually a combination of scarcity ofreasonably priced housing, minimum veteranpay, and the lack of access to healthcare, drug addiction because of the traumaand sometimes due to the effect of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  5. 5. A Glimpse of HopeThis alarming situation has already been takeninto consideration;President Barack Obama himself has startedencouraging to support veterans organizationand program from both government andprivate institutions to look into this situation.
  6. 6. For the last few years, a number of supportveterans organization has teamed up with thegovernment in order to help military veteransregain their dignity, their lives, and their healthand to once again reintegrate into the society.What does these support veterans organizationand program do? In order to help these homelessveterans, the DA together with different supportveteran organizations have come up withprograms such as the following:
  7. 7. Safe Housing. In order to help veterans havetheir own houses, the DA is currently workingtogether with the Housing and UrbanDevelopment department to allocate houseand land to veterans.Aside from this, some private support veteransorganization have also allocated a programlike Acquired Property Sales for HomelessProviders Program to help homeless veteransown a house that can cost 50% less than theoriginal price.
  8. 8. Health and Mental CareAnother type of program that has beenestablished to help veterans get back on theirfeet is the Health Care for Homeless Veteransthat aims to help veterans stay healthy whilethey try to get their lives back.
  9. 9. Since mental health is an important aspect ofa sound individual, the VA and other supportveterans organization also focus theirattention to taking care of the veteransmental conditions.
  10. 10. Training and EmploymentTo help the veterans find a stable source ofincome, a lot of training, development andemployment programs are offered for free.Most of these programs are through the helpof a partner organization that wouldimmediately hire the veteran after he or shecompletes the training.
  11. 11. Though the number of homeless veterans iscomparatively few to the number of veteranswho successfully reintegrated themselves intothe society, the alarming rate of increasingnumbers has caught the attention of supportveterans organization.It is important to address this issue now so as toavoid a larger problem later on.