Recognition Events for Veterans


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If you just take a moment to think about what the veterans who served the country at war sacrificed when they went to foreign lands, then you will definitely understand why all of them need special recognition. The veterans who went to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries should be shown gratitude for nothing can compare to what they had to sacrifice.

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Recognition Events for Veterans

  1. 1. If you just take a moment to think about whatthe veterans who served the country at warsacrificed when they went to foreign lands,then you will definitely understand why all ofthem need special recognition.The veterans who went to Vietnam, Iraq,Afghanistan and many other countries shouldbe shown gratitude for nothing can compareto what they had to sacrifice.
  2. 2. Recognition for veterans can be donethrough giving high school diplomas to thosewho left the country before they attainedthem.Since the veterans have to supportthemselves as well as their families when theycome back from war, awarding themdiplomas will help them a great deal inhelping them secure new jobs in the greenmarket.
  3. 3. There are schools that make this possible, forinstance the Vermont public school.The eligibility of the veteran just needs to beverified by the Department of Veteran Affairsafter which their application will be passed tothe appropriate high school where they willget the diploma.
  4. 4. Another way through which the veterans canbe recognized is by them displaying veteranlicense plates on their vehicles which shouldeither be standard cars or trucks.All the veterans should do to get the licenseplates is to provide the Department of MotorVehicles with a proof showing that they haveserved under the office of Veteran Affairs.
  5. 5. The veterans license plate can be applied foranytime, and therefore a veteran will notneed to wait until they re-register their vehicle.There are also other license plates that havebeen made in recognition of the veterans,and they include the Pearl Harbor SurvivorPlate, Former Prisoner of War Plate and thePurple Heart Plate.
  6. 6. There are also those plates that representvarious veteran organizations like the VietnamVeterans of America and the Veterans ofForeign wars, and therefore veterans can getthese too as a form of recognition.Those veterans who served the country sincethe end of the end of the Second World Waruntil the fall of the Soviet Union can berecognized by being given Cold War ServiceCertificates.
  7. 7. These are certificates of appreciation toveterans from the federal government andthey are usually processed by the UnitedStates Army Human Resources Command.The veterans can also get quilts of valor as anappreciation, respect as well as admiration oftheir dedication and service to the country atwar.
  8. 8. In Vermont for instance, the veterans whoserved during Operation Iraqi Freedom as wellas Operation Enduring Freedom and arereceiving medical care at the White RiverJunction VA Medical Center are presentedwith quilts of valor.The quilts are usually presented to veterans anumber of times every year, and thereforeany veteran that needs to be honored with aquilt can contact the eligibility office of themedical center.
  9. 9. There are other events that are targetedtowards recognizing the efforts the veteransput in serving the country at war.These include the Memorial Day and theVeterans Day. It will also be an honor to theveterans if Earth Day Dallas came up with aday of recognition for veterans.
  10. 10. While Recognition Events for Veterans areimportant to help motivate those that arecurrently serving our country.Donating to veterans organization are waymore helpful.