Helping Veterans Through Donations


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A donation is a gift for charitable purpose or for the benefit for a particular cause. It is gift given by one's own freewill. Donation can include different kinds such as cash, goods including vehicles, clothing etc. and also services.

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Helping Veterans Through Donations

  1. 1. A donation is a gift for charitable purpose orfor the benefit for a particular cause.It is gift given by ones own freewill.Donation can include different kinds such ascash, goods including vehicles, clothing etc.and also services.
  2. 2. It may comprise of humanitarianaid, development aid or medical or of relief oremergency.Donations are given through organization andof the various organizations; one of them isthe veteran organization through whichdonations are done for the veterans.
  3. 3. Veterans are those who serve or work in aparticular field for a long time. They are mainlythose who people who serve in the military.Since they are subject to illness duringservice, they need medical aid and thesevarious aid or donation also extends to warveterans who made a great sacrifice for theircountry by putting their lives in line and bydoing so some of them became handicap forlife time.
  4. 4. So donations are needed for such people.There are various organizations in the worldthrough which donations are done.One such important organization is the WorldVeteran Federation which is established inFrance in 1950 and founded by veteranorganization from eight countries;Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Turkey, U.S.A and Yugoslavia.
  5. 5. They are nonprofit, non-government and freefrom government and politics. Also there arevarious such organizations in some countrieslike American legion, in America.The Royal British Legion, U.K, GeorgianVeteran federation, Royal New ZealandReturned and Services associations, Returnedand Service League of Australia, Veterans ofCanada, South African Military VeteransOrganization of Australasia.
  6. 6. The above mention organizations providefinancial, social services to the veterans.Some of them help in their rehabilitation andstarting of new life for those retired.The donations are mainly use for the welfareof the veterans.
  7. 7. These organizations also fight for thecompensation of the victims in a war.Such are their functions that the donations wedonate to these organizations are of greatbenefits for veterans.But there are some instances where theveteran organization does not spent all thedonations.
  8. 8. Mention may be made of some instanceswhere all donations received are not spent.Survey Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaperabout the 121 organization Across UnitedStates registered with Florida Department ofAgriculture and Consumer Services plan toraise money reported that money raised inFlorida for veterans or military related charitiesshow that out of dollar 472 millioncollected, only dollar 439 million was spent.
  9. 9. Also Allied Veterans collected dollar 402,042in 2008 but spent only dollar 2,700 on theprogram for veterans.It spent dollar 456,295 for administrativepurpose and a deficit of dollar 55,953occurred that year.
  10. 10. Although, donating to veteran organization isgood and beneficial for those veterans, onemust be careful in choosing which veteranorganization to donate.One must see the recent activity of theparticular organization before donating. Ifdone without proper observation, thedonations we gave might not reach theplace where its meant to be.