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Give to Those Who Gave


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Veterans are not always old men that had fought in a war. In 2012, veterans mean children, women, wives, and husbands trying to keep our country safe. When they are done fighting, it is a whole new life for them.

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Give to Those Who Gave

  1. 1. Veterans are not always old men that hadfought in a war.In 2012, veterans mean children, women,wives, and husbands trying to keep ourcountry safe.When they are done fighting, it is a wholenew life for them.
  2. 2. They had fought in a country for a long timeand are used to being hunted down.Veterans are scared and hurt and need tocontinue a normal life, a normal life for allwhich is a job and a family.They are one of the biggest unemployedgroups of America. Why do such brave menand women need a hard time to get back tonormal?
  3. 3. Veterans deal with serious physical andmental pain.Organizations can help the veterans. Otherveterans would be there to help everyonedeal with every kind of pain.They are not homeless heroes; they aredeserving people that ask for little. Give anykind of veteran a home.
  4. 4. Open your heart and you can help a hero.Donate to the veteran shelters in celebrationof any day.What is a veteran? It does not always includewarfare.Every person is a veteran of something.
  5. 5. A veteran is someone who has survivedsomething. What have you survived? The listcan be endless.Think of your family and friends, you arecommon veterans. Not all veterans have theirknit circle of friends. Being in a shelter canrehabilitate them and make them stronger.
  6. 6. So they can be another veteran and pass ontheir strength. No one should be left outside.Americans care for everyone, on their street,in their city.Donate your time to a veteran shelter andlearn their stories. Share your stories with them.They are like grandparents, people who loveto share experience and love.
  7. 7. Dont let anyone else die of anything.Wounded soldiers that are gasping on thebattlefield or a veteran trying to find a job,having someone else that seems strongertake the job and not care.Help a veteran anytime; donate time or skill toshelters. Google veteran shelter and scrolldown the list.
  8. 8. These places are put there to spread theword of an open door. They are willing to takeany veteran.They must stay open to continue the traditionof taking care of soldiers. Open your door andsee how many come. The signs arent alwaysthere; there may be a shadow that is in needof help.
  9. 9. Veterans can include anyone and anyperson.Many souls fight for our country, two days arededicated to every branch and soldier.Spread out the days into 363 more days andeveryone would find peace.
  10. 10. Veterans tell tales of mighty courage andcompassion, anyone has that kind of story.Widen the range ever more so that everyhuman can hear these stories.Please donate to a veteran cause. Need notto be money but love or time.
  11. 11. I will help any veteran I see. I dont need tosee the face or courageous medals, I need tosee the heart. There in every one, is a veteran.Green Collar Vets aim at helping veterans geta decent green career as well as transitioninto the civilian world. Share and donate to ustoday! Your support counts.