Female Veterans Jobs - Opportunities and Challenges


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The case of veterans jobs and employment is far from pretty despite the fact that a lot of companies accepting veterans for employment, especially in the case of female veterans job hunters.

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Female Veterans Jobs - Opportunities and Challenges

  1. 1. The case of veterans jobs and employment isfar from pretty despite the fact that a lot ofcompanies accepting veterans foremployment, especially in the case of femaleveterans job hunters.Today, it is a fact that female veterans aremore likely to become unemployed andhomeless as compared with those womenwho were not in the service. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  2. 2. The big question is why it is happening andwhat does the government do about thissituation.Why does women veterans’ jobs hunting fail?Why are male veterans’ job opportunitieshigher? www.GreenCollarVets.org
  3. 3. The ReasonIf you try to analyze the situation carefully, youwill notice a lot of things that contribute to thefact why there are fewer veterans jobopportunities for women veteran.Here are some of those things: www.GreenCollarVets.org
  4. 4. Female Veteran Value. Unlike male veteranswho go home as heroes, veterans are notregarded as such.There is still a strong discrimination againstfemale veterans even if they have the sametraining, experience and sometimes moreemotionally and mentally stable. The fact thatthey are women who came from the militaryservice puts them in a really bad positionespecially in a male dominated work place. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  5. 5. Education Sector.Since most veteran gravitates towardseducation, which usually suffers high cutbacksespecially during the recession is one of thereasons why a female becomes unemployedand homeless. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  6. 6. Lack of Certification.Most veterans jobs hunter do not havecertification to prove their military training thatwould be a proof to prove to civilianemployers of the experiences they have whilethey were in the military.This is because most civilian employers have adoubt against female vets. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  7. 7. Veteran Affair System.It is a fact that veterans only consist of 15%women; therefore, they are the minority andbecause of this, a lot of female needs are notmet like child care, health care andpsychological needs. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  8. 8. Another aspect that should be taken intoconsideration is that most programs providedby the government are focused mainly onmale veterans’ job hunters.Though there is an effort to change thesystem, it still doesnt meet the needs offemale veterans in todays society. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  9. 9. Some Tips For Female VetsHere are a few things to help veterans’ jobseekers out there:Certification. For female veterans, researchingand getting certificates that are necessary forcivilian positions is a must. They should try tofocus on utilizing their experience and skillsfrom the military to acquire such certificates. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  10. 10. Career Fairs.Try visiting the local career fairs in the area tocheck for jobs available for veterans.For female veterans, it would be better toseek career fairs that are especially for militaryveterans since they will have higher chancesof getting hired in these fairs. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  11. 11. Life Coach.The unique experience and skills of a femaleveteran may be hard to understand forcivilian employers. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  12. 12. Seeking a life coach or mentor could help thefemale veteran understand how to explain toemployers what they are capable of andwhat their skills and experience could meanfor a company.Fore more information kindly visithttp://www.greencollarvets.org today! www.GreenCollarVets.org