Donating to veterans organizations


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There are many veterans organizations in the United States of America which get a percentage of their funding from individual contributors to help them bring a wide range of professional services to homeless veterans as well as those veterans who are in need.

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Donating to veterans organizations

  1. 1. There are many veterans organizations in theUnited States of America which get apercentage of their funding from individualcontributors to help them bring a wide rangeof professional services to homeless veteransas well as those veterans who are in need.Therefore it is very important that you knowways of donating to veterans organizations sothat you can be part of the people who aremaking a difference to the lives of theveterans in need.
  2. 2. One way that you can donate to veterans’organizations it through annual appeals.Veteran Inc. is an example of a non-profitorganization that allows you to support it duringthe holiday season by donating $100 or more to itsannual appeal.91% of this organizations budget is used forprograms and also services for veterans while theremaining 9% is used for administration as well asfundraising activities aimed at raising more moneyto support veterans.
  3. 3. Another way of donating to veterans’organizations is by contributing cash andgoods.Veterans Inc. accepts money contributionsfrom individuals and goods such as mens andwomens clothing, canned goods, dry goodsand also vehicles.The organizations usually have wish lists to helpyou know the goods that you can donate
  4. 4. You can also ask from the particularorganization if you are unsure about what todonate and also where to drop the goods.As for the money contributions, manyorganizations allow contributions by checks,credit, cash and also online donations.You can also donate a vehicle to theveterans’ organizations.
  5. 5. Most of these organizations need vehicles that willenable the veterans to get transportation and alsobetter their chances of being employed.You just need to inquire from the specificorganization about the donation procedure.Many people may not have consideredcontributing durable mechanical equipmentwhich may be very useful to veterans that needthem.
  6. 6. If you have hospital beds, used wheelchairs,walkers and scooters you can donate them toveterans organizations that will in turn givethem to veterans that need them.The Disabled American Program (DAV) inMinnesota has developed a program knownas Donor Connect which helps in connectingpeople that have used medical equipmentwith veterans that need those items.
  7. 7. These medical equipment help the veteransthat were injured at war to function moreindependently and live on their own.Some organizations like Veterans Inc. allowyou to make donations through endowments.Just like any good investment, the value ofthe endowment will increase over time.
  8. 8. This means that the fund you donated willgrow at the same pace with the inflation rateor even exceed the inflation as long as youdo not make any further contributions.So you will not only be making a donation,but you will also be preserving your capitaland allowing the money you contributed togrow as time goes by.
  9. 9. Other donation mechanisms are via eBay ifyou are an eBay user and also throughCombined Federal Campaign.For eBay donations, a percentage of the salesyou make is donated to veterans organization.