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Careers for military veterans


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With the outstanding skills that the military veterans gained while serving the country at war, there are a lot of careers that can suit them. These careers span every discipline and they can be found in public and private sectors all over the country. If you just left the military or you left a while back, there are diverse as well as promising career options that you can pursue.

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Careers for military veterans

  1. 1. With the outstanding skills that the militaryveterans gained while serving the country atwar, there are a lot of careers that can suitthem.These careers span every discipline and theycan be found in public and private sectors allover the country. If you just left the military oryou left a while back, there are diverse as wellas promising career options that you canpursue.
  2. 2. The following are some of the best careers formilitary veterans:Project ManagementProject Management entailsplanning, organizing, motivating as well ascontrolling resources in order to achievespecific goals.
  3. 3. With the chain of command the militarypersonnel are exposed to while in thefield, they are usually managing projectswhich are mission related.Those skills make the veterans a natural fit intothe project management jobs in the civilianworld.
  4. 4. Some of the project management skillsrequired include technical skills suchmanaging activities across a number ofgroups that require a great deal ofcoordination, soft skills such conflict mediationand performance and strategicmanagement skills such as successfullybringing a project to completion with resultsthat favor the growth of the organization.
  5. 5. All these are skills are part of those that theveterans learned in the field.Procurement and LogisticsProcurement and Logistics involve thedelivery, receipt, movement as well asstorage of materials that are purchased for anorganization or a certain business.
  6. 6. A veteran could have gained these skills whilein the field when handling military equipmentas well as supplies.With some training to transition to the civilianworld, veterans will be able to work in theprocurement and logistics department of anyorganization perfectly well.
  7. 7. EngineeringThere is a chance that veterans may havegained both electrical and mechanicalengineering skills while in the field.The electrical engineering skills includeelectronic troubleshooting and maintenanceas well as working as an electronicstechnician.
  8. 8. Some of the opportunities that these skillscould be translated to in the civilian worldinclude roadway electrician, mechanicaloperations manager, locomotiveelectrician, pier electrician, just to mention afew.The mechanical engineering skills theveterans gain include pipe-fitting, vehicle, vessel and aircraftmaintenance and also welding and metalwork.
  9. 9. These skills could also be translated in thegreen market.TransportationIn the military, the veterans may have gainedskills in this career by working as an air trafficcontroller, battalion or squadron level andhigher operations NCOs and Officers (land, airand sea) or a radio telecommunicationoperator.
  10. 10. With some training, these veterans could beable to get jobs in the civilian world as trucksupervisors, train masters, traindispatchers, yard masters and freightconductorsThe areas of safety and security also offer verygood careers for military veterans.They can work as police officers as well asdirectors of safety and security forbusinesses, systems and many other facets ofpublic transport operations.
  11. 11. The Telecommunication as well as theInformation Technology industry have careersthat the military skills the veterans have cantranslate to easily.Looking for Careers for Military Veterans? Weat Green Collar Vets maybe able to help you.Visit us today!