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Water sports in bulgaria


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Water sports in bulgaria

  1. 1. Water Sports in Bulgaria
  2. 2. Water Sports• Bulgaria offers numerous dams, rivers and the Black sea which are suitable for water sports. Tourists who wish to experience an active holiday in Bulgaria have the opportunity to choose from rafting along the Struma River, canoeing and kayaking in almost all of the rivers and dams in the country
  3. 3. • Divers can also enjoy dives to interesting wrecks and diving in different Open Water basins (dams and lakes and caves). Even if you are new to the train you for your unforgettable active holiday in Bulgaria water sports, don’t worry, numerous private instructors and schools can
  4. 4. Windsurfing conditions in Bulgaria• The Black Sea, without any doubt, is a great place for the fans of windsurfing visiting Bulgaria. Several windsurfing competitions take place every year. Water is warm in summer and bright sunny days are abundant. Wind speed varies and in general is higher by the late afternoon.
  5. 5. • Some days there are plenty of wind and as result relatively high waves close to the shore. You will need a water start in order to cross the zone with waves and sail to open see. This kind of weather is not very good for beginners but intermediate and experienced surfers will enjoy the higher speed.
  6. 6. • You dont need special wetsuits most of the time but a short sleeve wetsuit will help you to keep your body warm when surfing early in morning or late afternoon and it will protect you from sunburns. Every major resort has several windsurfing clubs that provide equipment and renting a surf is not a problem. You can also hire a teacher and learn the basics pretty quickly.
  7. 7. When to go• Summer is the preferred season, simply because the water is warm and there are plenty of sun, but early fall (September) and late spring also offer good surfing conditions. If you are an experienced surfer and enjoy high speed you will have better chances to have more wind in September than in July or August.
  8. 8. Rent windsurfing equipment • We work with some of the best surf clubs in the Black Sea resorts and we can arrange for you rent of equipment and windsurfing vacations.
  9. 9. Windsurfing • You can also bring your own equipment and we will help you with the storage and transportation. Teaching classes with a personal trainer speaking your language are available upon request as well.
  10. 10. Black Sea kayaking• Bulgaria has a coastline of 378 kilometers bordering to the Black Sea - a coastline that offers great variety and many beautiful places.
  11. 11. • We can offer you sea kayaking on the northern or southern part of the coast of Bulgaria - both will give you great adventures not only will you see beautiful nature you will also see interesting towns and areas!
  12. 12. Bulgarian lakes canoe & kayaking trips• During the summer you will in the southern part of Bulgaria, in the Rhodopes find several lakes suitable for canoeing and kayaking.
  13. 13. • Lakes, which are surrounded by natural beauty and makes it a fantastic place to on a canoe or kayak tour! A great way for the whole family to spend the holidays!
  14. 14. Rafting safari Bulgaria• Going on a White-Water rafting safari gives you the opportunity to see exiting parts of Bulgaria while you practice your favorite sport.
  15. 15. • During the safari we will be moving from place to place every day so each day well have new challenges and adventures. We will mainly be moving around Iskar gorge, Pirin and Rhodope mountains where we find the best rivers suited for white-water rafting.
  16. 16. • The rivers in Bulgaria are in the category 2-5 and off course everything will be planned according to your level - there will be a challenge for everyone!
  17. 17. • Besides rafting you will have the chance to see some of the local attractions on our way and to practice extra outdoor activities - biking, hiking and sightseeing natural phenomena.