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Water sports in Bulgaria


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Water sports in Bulgaria

  1. 1. Bulgaria is a country with a remarkable geographic location. The presence of beautiful rivers, lakes, as well as the seashore of the Black sea gives opportunities for practicing various water sports.Many Bulgarian athletes have contributed tothe presentation of our country in the world.
  2. 2. The history of water sports in Bulgariaremembers 18.05.1923, when it hasbeen made in Varna the Bulgariannational association (BNMS). It’smembers have decided, that they willwork hardly of the development of allwater sports in Bulgaria. The first swimming lessons in Bulgaria date back 1.09.1879g. in Rousse. Trained are mostly children and men. Gradually it’s continued in other cities - Lom, Varna, Burgas and Sofia.
  3. 3. The diving has practiced in 19thcentury in Bulgaria, but at that timeit hadnt competitive character.The first race is in September - 29, 1931. On thistime are held the first Balkan Games. The firstBulgarian champion of the water jumps is GeorgeGaydardzhiev. He won the first championships ofBulgaria in 1935, from the tower of 5 and 10 meters. Photo: The Womens National team of Bulgaria in diving for the Universiade 1961 in Sofia. Left to right: Zlatka Georgieva, Liliana Zareva, Lubomir Mihailov (coach), Konstantina Tasheva and Violeta Georgieva
  4. 4. Synchronized swimming in BulgariaThe first demonstration of that sport takes place in 1960 with 8swimmers, students (then it called artistic sport swimming). Thefirst Bulgarian team "Academic“, is formed in Sofia fromBistra Dimitrova. She is one of the founders of this beautifulsport. Coach of the first national team for the period 1981-1992is Dr. Dimitrova – she was a teacher, coach and brilliantexpert.
  5. 5. In 1950 it was established the firstsocial organization of rowing inBulgaria – “ Republic devision ofrowing and yachting”. In August1955 Bulgaria was accepted as anassociate member of theInternational Rowing Federation(FISA) . In the same year it began the production of our boats. They made of Todor Plushchev who is a sailor by profession. The first competition of rowing is held in 1935 in Burgas, where women take participate. The first team approved in 1955 – 6 men. Eight years later in Moscow Magarita Sokolova is the nineth in the skiff.
  6. 6. The first medal is silver and it’s won in 1959 by an international regatta of Lilia Miloradova. After that the Bulgarian sportman won many medals and world titles over the years. One of the most famous names in this sport is Rumyana Neykova.In 2002 and 2003 she won goldmedals at the world championships inSeville and Milan, she became theonly Bulgarian with two gold medalsat the world championships inrowing. In the championship in 2002Rumyana set a new world record inthe skiff from 7:07 minutes.
  7. 7. The history of all types of watersports in Bulgaria is interesting, filledwith many memorable events. Inrecent years, despite economicproblems are built many sportscentres. Сoaches and teachers give impetus to many of our outstanding athletes in the world. Unfortunately, in the small towns and villages because of lack of means and bases its difficult to practice water sports. But children travel to the close sities, where they can train.
  8. 8. Petar Stoychev wins extreme SA sea swim race.Sports swimming in Bulgaria started in1931 as a separate discipline.Then in theswimming pool “East" in Sofia are heldthe Balkan Games in swimming with theparticipation of Bulgaria and Greece.The most famous Bulgarian swimmer -a women is Tanya Bogomilova – she isour only Olimpic champion of swimming(Seoul Olympic champion 1988 – wongold medal) and the most famousBulgarian swimmer - men is PetarStoychev (Ten World Cup winner in EF).- On July 23, 2011 Peter Stoychevbecame world champion in swimming,25 km of open water swimming WorldCup in Shanghai sports.
  9. 9. Diving have their fans in Bulgaria andstill won titles in previous years.Boyan Savov is a young hope ofBulgaria in diving.This exotic sports - synchronizedswimming did dates in Bulgaria since1960. The first demonstration of thesport is held with 8 swimmers,students (then the synchronizedswimming is called artistic sportswimming). The team of Bulgarias water polo can not boast of progress, but aspirations for bigger accomplishments do not diminish.
  10. 10. The first underwater fishingcompetitions in Bulgaria, is date from thelate sixties. In 1971 start a internationaltournament for the prize "Silveramphora." Then the Bulgarian nationalteam began regular appearances on acompetition in abroad. Bulgarian Black Sea coast offers more options. The bases for windsurfing, kitesurfing and catamaran are unique. Equipment is at a level suitable for both beginners and advanced. Teachers are experienced.
  11. 11. A forgotten in recent years sport in Bulgaria - water polo was revived again. The competitionsare hold by our coastal cities Varna and Burgas. The interest in water polo of the young generation is growing .The teams veterans in Bulgaria(“CSKA" and "Loco") of past eventsbegan to collect more and morefans.
  12. 12. Bulgarian Sailing is a traditional discipline . The participation in international competition has sown it.In September this year in Bourgas, one of the seacapitals, hosted the largest sailing race everorganized in Bulgaria - European ChampionshipOlympic Class RS: X. Attended by about 200representatives from 34 countries , and Bulgaria ispresented by 7 athletes. The attention of the Bulgarian Sailing Federationfocuses more on children and youth sport. Itsnecessary to create good conditions to prepareto cover the Olympic quotas in 2012.
  13. 13. Desire and ambition of the youngergeneration of excellence in Bulgaria isincreasingly growing. This requirespriority of sports policy in Bulgaria. Itwill be find ways and means to realizethese ambitions, which in turn willincrease the prestige of the nation.