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Prep-free speaking activities


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Some ideas, mainly for teens and adults, for activities and fillers

Published in: Education
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Prep-free speaking activities

  2. 2. Definitely Maybe
  3. 3. in the future
  4. 4. Group 1: Running dictation – version 1 Work with a partner. Student A person runs, reads and remembers a question, comes back and dictates it to Student B. When you have five questions, stop and ask and answer in pairs. Group 2: Running dictation – version 2 Work with a partner. Student A runs, reads and remembers a question, comes back and asks Student B the question. Student B writes down his answer. When you have five answers, stop and reconstruct the questions from the answers. Then Student B ask Student A the questions. Group 3: Questions with dice Work with a partner. Take turns to ask your partner questions using the question words and topics on your handout. You don’t need to ask a question each time the dice change– just look at the screen when you’re ready 
  5. 5. Where do you think you’ll be living in ten years’ time?
  6. 6. asking for and giving opinions
  7. 7. Situation 1 Your flight has been delayed due to bad weather. You’ve been waiting in the airport for two hours now. Situation 2 You and your partner are trying to decide where to go on a romantic getaway. One of you wants adventure and the other wants rest and relaxation. Situation 3 You forgot your anniversary (again!). Situation 4 Your friend wants to raise money for charity. Give them ideas on what they can do. Situation 5 Your friend is a gambler and it’s affecting their relationships with other people.
  8. 8. Who’s that? Scroll through your list of contacts until your partner says stop. Tell your partner: •Who it is •Your relationship with them •The last time you saw or spoke to them •What you think they’re doing at this moment Your partner has to ask three further questions about the person. What’s going on here, then? Scroll through your gallery and choose a photo to show your partner. Your partner describes and speculates about the photo – you can give them clues to guide them to the truth! Spot the difference Scroll through your gallery and choose a photo. Don’t show your partner yet! Describe the photo, with some (not-so- subtle) differences, then show your partner the photo and have them remember what the differences are. They then ask three follow-up questions about the photo.
  9. 9. Topic: dinosaurs Jurassic egg velociraptor fossil lizard T-Rex herbivore neck extinct teeth
  10. 10.  Keep talking
  11. 11. Teresa Bestwick