How To Get Pregnant


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The Vertili Pregnancy Guide is a quick and easy guide to help you optimize your chances of conceiving and get pregnant in a few easy steps. The Vertili Pregnancy Guide provides you with an easy-to-follow, complete, and definitive guide to getting pregnant.

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How To Get Pregnant

  1. 1. Pregnancy & Mi era Fo mu a Mind, Attitude & StressGuide: Family Planning, Cycles & Intercourse Sleep, Rest & RecuperationHow to Get Pregnancy GuidePregnant Exercise, Activity & Diet, Food & Nutrition BodyweightAn Exclusive Publication by: Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  2. 2. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant © 2011 ANF INNOVATIONS, LLC. All rights reserved. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The contents of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide guide, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, illustrations, artwork, trademarks and logos, are strictly for informational purposes only. These contents are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and are not intended to substitute or replace the advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations of a medical professional, physician or health care provider. Please share this guide with anyone who you feel may benefit from reading it. 1Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  3. 3. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant ContentsContents • Introduction 3 • Chapter 1 - Mind, Attitude & Stress 4 • Chapter 2 - Sleep, Rest & Recuperation 10 • Chapter 3 - Diet, Food & Nutrition 16 • Chapter 4 - Exercise, Activity & Bodyweight 22 • Chapter 5 - Family Planning, Cycles & Intercourse 27 • Conclusion 32 2Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  4. 4. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant IntroductionIntroduction Most importantly, the Vertili Pregnancy Guide is an easy-to- follow guide; created to help you find the ideal balance in your daily routine. By introducing you to the Vertili PregnancyTrying to get pregnant while juggling today’s modern and Guide and equipping you with an understanding of its uniquedemanding lifestyle is a daunting task; that is why we created principles and concepts, you can tailor the guide to suitethe Vertili Pregnancy Guide – to provide you with a quick and your daily routine when trying to get pregnant!easy guide to help you optimize your chances of conceivingand get pregnant in a few easy steps!By reading and following the principles and concepts withinthe Vertili Pregnancy Guide, you can significantly optimize Mind,and increase your chances of conceiving. Attitude & StressThe Vertili Pregnancy Guide consists of 5 Chapters: Family • Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & Stress Planning, Cycles & Sleep, Rest & Recuperation • Chapter 2 – Sleep, Rest & Recuperation Intercourse • Chapter 3 – Diet & Nutrition Pregnancy • Chapter 4 – Exercise, Activity & Bodyweight, and Guide • Chapter 5 – Family Planning, Cycles & Intercourse Exercise, Activity & Diet, Food & Bodyweight NutritionAll chapters of the guide are interdependent and work togethersynergistically; maximizing your chances of conceiving whenfollowed correctly and together. 3Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  5. 5. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressChapter 1 - Mind, Attitude & Stress Chapter 1 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Mind, Attitude, and Stress towards conception.You may place little emphasis on it, but positive thinkingimproves your moods, keeps you healthier, alters yourattitude, and yes, even increases your chance of gettingpregnant.Your mind controls your physical movements and emotions, Mind,so it isn’t hard to believe that it also controls your inward Attitude & Stressbodily functions such as fertility. Your mind is also thecentral point for your attitude, the way you perceive your Family Planning, Sleep, Rest &surroundings, and ultimately, the stress that negatively Cycles & Recuperation Intercourseaffects your body. Pregnancy GuideStress also plays a large role in poor health, decreasedappetite, erratic sleep patterns, and is often the starting Exercise,point for an overwhelming number of complications. The Activity & Diet, Food & Bodyweight Nutritiondaily attitude you create during the day is also part of yourinner emotions which control your hormone levels and fightoff adverse stress levels. 4Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  6. 6. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressStress is a power force that can negatively affect many healthy One thing has been studied, and that is the rise in epinephrinepeople, stems from all parts of our lives, and unpredictably (adrenaline) and cortisol levels in the body during highaffects each person differently (Fig. 1, p. 6). durations of stress. Medical professionals also believe that lowering stress levels increases uterine proteins; giving theMany people revert to thoughts of work, finances or other egg a more viable lining to; the three typical reasons relentless stress isexperienced throughout our daily lives. Whilst some women Because high stress increases adrenaline levels, yourhandle stress very effectively and rarely feel a difference body remains in a “fight or flight” mode, which causes it toin stress levels, for most women, the negative effects of decrease blood flow in areas of your body which are deemedstress and the ways in which it’s handled, influence your unneeded during instinctive stress modes. Therefore, whenbody’s ability to get pregnant. stress is eliminated from the mind, blood flow returns to normal. Consequently, uterine blood flow is increased,Unfortunately, the most difficult part about stress and providing an abundance of and increasing chances foryour mind’s ability to cause negative physical results isn’t conception.well understood by medical professionals. Most medicalprofessionals agree that there is a strong connection between The Science Behind Stress & Fertilitystress and your mind in relation to infertility; however, they Scientists are unsure of the direct correlation betweenare unable to quantitatively connect the complex dots. stress and fertility. It’s understood and suspected that the health of your mind plays a key role in the health of yourAdditionally, because stress affects people in so many organs, but its direct relation has been carefully studied withdifferent ways, isolating and testing the influence the mind only clues and theories instead of hardened facts.has on fertility, and trying to replicate such results in alaboratory to treat problems directly, is very difficult. 5Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  7. 7. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressA study conducted on women who reported being stressed Scientists have also noticed a rising trend in infertility inand other women who claimed to have little stress in their women of today from those of past generations, i.e. parentslives, was reported in the Human Reproduction Journal. and grandparents. They report that the infertility rate of pastScientists asked the women who were pregnant how their generations, when most women stayed home and caredattitude and feelings were during the time of conception. for the home, was at a low of 10%. Women of today areIt was found that women who felt good and experienced expected to work, take care of the home, and conceive andmoments of happiness, were more likely to conceive than care for children, all at the same time! This increased levelthose who were feeling depressed. of stress and responsibility is reported to have raised the rate of infertility to over 40% for women of today.Additionally, in 2005, scientists reported in the Fertilityand Sterility Journal that women who underwent fertility Skeletal (Skull) Bone density reductiontreatments when they were in a state of happiness, were & arthritis Nervous (Brain) Anxiety, insomniaalso more likely to have positive outcomes as opposed to & headachesthose who were saddened or stressed. Endocrine (Thyroid) Thyroid & adrenal irregularity Circulatory (Heart)The scientists took the testing a step further and questioned Lymphatic (Thymus) Heart disease & Coughs, colds, flu hypertensionwomen who weren’t pregnant while testing ovulation. & sickness Respiratory (Lungs) Muscular (Arms)Scientists found that the women who reported high levels of Aches, pains Asthma, bronchitis & emphysema & stiffnessstress and depression, ovulated 20% less than those whodidn’t. Furthermore, of the stressed and depressed women Integumentary (Skin) Digestive (Stomach) Dry & brittle hair, Nausea, crampswho produced eggs, they were 20% less likely to conceive. skin & nails & ulcers Excretary (Bladder) Reproductive (Ovaries) Bladder urgency Menstrual Cycle & incontinence Irregularity Figure 1 - Effects of Stress on the Human Body 6Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  8. 8. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressOvercoming Stress MassagesAlthough the connection between stress and infertility Massages were discovered to reduce stress and increaseis unclear, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the fertility. A great massage reduces mental stress as wellimportance of lowering stress levels to improve fertility. as the physical stress that is disseminated throughout theYour mental state undoubtedly influences your ability to body when the mental health of a person is clouded. Medicalconceive even if the direct relation is still unknown. For most professionals have even taken a significant interest in thewomen, the decision to release and remove stress is more reduction of physical stress from massages, and severaldifficult than the process of doing it. Controlling your mind 2004 reports in the International Journal of Neuroscienceis increasingly difficult; especially since its function is to showed that massages lowered the muscular tension andcontrol you. physical signs of stress, such as a patient’s heart rate and brain waves.AcupunctureAcupuncture is an effective and archaic form of therapy used In-home Therapyby ancient Chinese to relieve stress, and involves a therapist In-home therapy has become increasingly popular amongstplacing tiny needles in precise areas of your body. The women trying to conceive, and many report that it greatlyprecise placement of needles is believed to help the body helps their mind ease from tension. In-home therapy hasrelease toxins and achieve an improved state of calmness. the added relaxation benefit of being treated at home andScientists have reported that acupuncture has helped not having to travel in traffic to an appointment. Massagewomen increase fertility by up to 42%, as opposed to those therapy like a simple Swedish massage or foot reflexology,who haven’t relied on acupuncture and have experienced a increases moods and enhances the body’s ability to rid itsfertility rate of 26%. physical muscles of the toxic effects of daily stress. 7Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  9. 9. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressMeditation Positive ThinkingMeditation is an unpopular way to reduce stress in the Medical professionals have emphasized the role of positiveWestern world, but has been used in ancient cultures for thinking while trying to conceive. Although it can be a difficulthundreds of years as a way to free the mind and clear task if you are undergoing difficult times with family, friends orthoughts of negativity. Meditation has endless amounts of colleagues, the effect of positive thinking on fertility can’t bespiritual healing, which ultimately helps the mind see the taken lightly. Sometimes when stress becomes unbearable,world through many different lenses. your mind is unable to relinquish the continual bad thoughts that poison your mental state.Meditating just a few minutes a day can help to heal youspiritually and mentally, and can also help you deal with Positive thinking practices the habit of reminding yourselfdaily issues in a calmer and more rational fashion; rather of the good in all the bad, reminding you to remember whatthan quickly raising adrenaline levels which negatively affect good you have in your life, and focusing more clearly onyour fertility with impulsive reactions. Taking a moment to positive aspects of your life, rather than the stressful ideasmeditate and focus on positivity is believed to improve the that harm your body and any surrounding negativity.mind-body connection and remove impure thoughts thatinherently decrease fertility. Controlling Feelings & Emotions While Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is certainly a problemYoga for some women, it’s important to note that proper careYoga focuses on your mind and your body to decrease should be taken to control the emotions that accompanystress, but is also a great way to increase blood flow to PMS. Some women experience uncontrollable crying andthe uterus and strengthen balance and muscles. Having related emotional trauma during this period, and others feelgreater strength and flexibility in your body increases your drained after PMS; creating a mind full of negativity thatconfidence; strengthening your ability to effectively deal with lasts for weeks.stress. It also helps your posture and different areas of yourmuscles that you didn’t even realize you had. 8Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  10. 10. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & StressIf you do experience PMS symptoms, controlling your Thinking positively, controlling your feelings and emotions,emotions during this time is an integral part of freeing and reducing your levels of stress, all play an integralyour mind from negativity. Talking to family, friends, and role in improving your moods, optimizing your health andcolleagues during such times, is often beneficial to rid your increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Your mind is amind of stressful emotions and restore calmness. very powerful tool which can be used to control your body, and increase your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Remove what is most stressful in your life and change the areas in your life that negatively affect your mental state. With small incremental changes, your stress levels can be significantly reduced slowly and effectively. Stress management requires constant care and treatment to control and minimize, and it’s important that it isn’t neglected, as its effects on your body and fertility can be very detrimental. 9Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  11. 11. Vertili Pregnancy Guide: How to Get Pregnant To view the remaining content of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide, download your free copy at: • 10Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  12. 12. Advanced Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral FormulaVertili™ is a once-daily advanced prenatal vitamin and mineral formula; formulatedto cover your vital preconception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding essentials, fromhead to toe and beyond.For more information on VertiliTM and to reach out to us: • visit, • follow us on, and • become a fan on