WACVB Presentation SEO in 2012 and Beyond


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Arnie Kuenn presents The State of SEO in 2012 and Beyond to the Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus in Pasadena CA. Topics include strategy, research, content development, optimization, promotion, link building and measurement.

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WACVB Presentation SEO in 2012 and Beyond

  1. 1. The State of SEO in 2012 and BeyondARNIE KUENN, PRESIDENT, VERTICAL MEASURES - @ARNIEK
  2. 2. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitAbout Your Presenter…• President of Vertical Measures - Offering SEO, Link Building, Social Media & Content Marketing Services• Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute• Author of Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing Available on Amazon
  3. 3. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitWhy Focus on Search? • 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search prior to making a purchase • 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries. • 94% of buyers click on organic links versus 6% on paid links for branded queries. Sources: GroupM, Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools.
  4. 4. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit 2011-2012 Google Panda Updates• Biggest Google Algorithm update in years!• 100% Algorithmic, No Manual Changes• Clobbered Content Farms, Article Sites & Duplicate & Weak content• Even YOUR website could be affected if you have pages with weak content• More Rolling out with Respect to Cleaning Up Spam on the Web• Even looking for “over optimization”
  5. 5. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitUniversal Search Results 61% of all search results
  6. 6. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  7. 7. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  8. 8. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitDevelop Your Strategy• Why are you creating the content you are creating?• Who is your audience and who are you?• Where do you plan to publish your content?• What will you measure?• What is different a year from now?
  9. 9. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitPlan Your Content Calendar • 1-7-30-4-2-1 Plan – 1=Daily (Twitter, Blog) – 7=Weekly (eNewsletter) – 30=Monthly (Webinar) – 4=Quarterly (eBook, Magazine) – 2=Bi-Annually (User Event) – 1=Yearly (Large Research Project)
  10. 10. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  11. 11. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitStart With Keyword Research • Keyword research should be the foundation • What keyword phrases do your visitors use? (Check Analytics) • For ideas use tools like….
  12. 12. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitSoovle.com
  13. 13. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitUbersuggest.org
  14. 14. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool
  15. 15. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitQuestion & Answer Sites1618 results
  16. 16. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitGoogle’s Discussions in Search
  17. 17. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitWhat Works For Your Competitors?
  18. 18. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitIdentify Types of Content to be Created
  19. 19. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitContent Ideas in a Spreadsheet
  20. 20. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitLong Tail is the Key!
  21. 21. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  22. 22. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitCreate Great Content
  23. 23. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitBenefits of a Blog• Gives you a vehicle to post new content• Allows for internal linking• Keeps the search engines coming back – have 434% more indexed pages*• Have 2X as many backlinks*• Your site gets 55% more traffic*• You have 79% more Twitter followers* *Hubspot
  24. 24. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  25. 25. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  26. 26. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitThanks to Miles Media
  27. 27. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  28. 28. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitAll Different – But Core Items• Content is found through social media and search engines – so optimize it!• Web pages, News, Local, Images & Videos 1. Links pointing to your content 2. Titles & title tags (viewed in results) 3. Description meta tag (viewed in results) 4. Image alt text tags 5. H1 Tag (headline tag – only one!) 6. Page load times 7. Freshness of content 8. URL structure (short & include KW’s)
  29. 29. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitSearch Optimization Elements
  30. 30. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitHow to Optimize Images• Image files should be compressed as much as reasonably possible to reduce file size. Smaller files mean faster site load speeds. JPGs generally offer the best balance of file size & quality.• Use relevant keywords in image filenames, separated by dashes (not underscores). Instead of "DL000031.jpg", use something like "red-sports- car.jpg"• Make sure <img> tags have their "alt" and "title" attributes defined with descriptive, concise, keyword-related text. Do not stuff <img> attributes.• Context matters. Google looks at content placed around the image, like titles and captions, for context about your image.• Be sure to include images in your sitemap. The XML tags provide additional opportunities to define an images title, caption, and even geographic location.
  31. 31. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitHow to Optimize Videos• Specific, Compelling Title –Would you click on “Our Company” or “V00023.mov?” neither will your audience. Use “Video” and change the file name too!• Description - Say as much as you can in the first sentence or two, because many video sites will hide the bulk of your description. Include at least one link placed at the start of the description (with http://).• Tags –This is where you can help your video appear in the “Suggested” or “Similar” videos section.• Video Quality / Resolution – Shoot, edit and export the video in the highest quality available on the devices and software you use. The online video audience is very forgiving of skill level, but a low resolution video can make it difficult to see what is going on.• Thumbnail Image – Pick the most visually compelling of the options they give you.
  32. 32. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  33. 33. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitPromote Your Content• Understand who your customer is and where they are online.• Conduct PR and blogger pitches• Develop relationships & build partnerships• People share your ideas, link to your content.• Mentions & Shares are signals (especially G+)
  34. 34. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitPinterest!
  35. 35. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitTwitter – AJ Bombers• Milwaukee restaurant formed a community by publishing specials & answering customer questions• Have more than 12,000 followers• Estimate 75 percent of customers are Twitter followers• Treat everyone on Twitter as if they are regulars• Allow customers to write their Twitter names on the walls of the restaurant
  36. 36. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitFacebook – The Motor Lodge (Prescott, AZ)• Beat the crowds with a sneak peek of the Courthouse Christmas lights tonight from 5:30-6:30pm (the official Lighting Ceremony is Saturday).• Time to get shopping so, for our Facebook buddies we will add 15% to any gift certificate that you purchase for holiday giving. Think of it, you provide a fun place to stay for your favorite people while appearing to be 15% more generous than you really are...Its a win, win!• We thought you should know that waterboarding at The Motor Lodge has stopped! In case you never had the chance to experience the torture that was our showers, imagine standing in a phone booth while a 55 gallon drum of water was dumped on you from 8 up (a classic case of form over function...sorry). New and improved, ...adjustable and reachable showerheads make cleansing your beautiful body an absolute pleasure. Enjoy!• Time to name the cat that adopted us 3 months ago! Whoever comes up with the winning name wins a free night in our swankiest room, #6. The cat is a neutered male, very friendly, green eyes and has a hole in his left ear. Voting ends Sunday at 5pm. (The post included a video of the cat.)
  37. 37. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit How Often Should You Post?• The most common complaint from Facebook users is Newsfeed spam• The most popular Facebook Pages post once a day or less.• Posting one to four times per week produces 71% higher user engagement• Focus on quality, not quantity on Facebook.• Only 50% of your posts should be about your content. Businesses that share other content have a higher engagement rate.
  38. 38. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit Strategies for Effective Posts• Post Length: 80 characters or less, 27% more engagement (as high as 65% in some verticals like retail).• URL shorteners: Engagement rates are 3X higher for full length URLs• Action Keywords: Fans follow instructions. Ask them to like, post, comment or tell you something.• Ask questions at the end: 2X higher engagement rate.• Fill in the blank Posts: 9X more comments than other posts. Source: Buddy Media Platform
  39. 39. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  40. 40. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitDistribute or Repurpose Content• RSS feeds• Email Campaigns• Article Syndication• Web 2.0 Sites• Social Media Sites• Video, Photo, Presentation & Podcasts sites• These links will help your rankings!
  41. 41. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  42. 42. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitBuild Links to Your Content • Identify low hanging fruit – Internal links – Blog & forum participation • Targeted Links via… – Competitive research for similar content – Use search operators to find opportunities • The best links: – Are from trusted sites – Have varied anchor text – Are from many different domains – Determined editorially
  43. 43. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitWhat are Bad Links?• Multiple links to same site from same page• From same pages that have PPC – porn, pills and casino links• Non-relevant or spammy footer links• Links from networks• Links on obvious links pages• Too much exact anchor text
  44. 44. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitGoogle’s Discussions in Search
  45. 45. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitManual Link Building• Widgets or Badges• Competitive research for similar content
  46. 46. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitLink Attraction for Great Backlinks• Links are given freely based on content that is so good, that it gets referenced on many websites.• Create Interesting, Fun, Engaging Content – Quality Links from a variety of sources – Natural, editorially given links – Generate traffic to your website – No Risk!
  47. 47. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitThey Don’t All Have to Be Grand Slams Hit a bunch of singles! Here are a few examples….
  48. 48. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitFree Guides Attract Links 474 backlinks from 123 unique domains
  49. 49. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitInfographics Attract Links 56 backlinks from 18 unique domains
  50. 50. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitInterviews Attract Links133 backlinks from 47 unique domains 35 backlinks from 16 unique domains
  51. 51. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit Links By Media TypeSEOMoz
  52. 52. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit Length of PostSEOMoz
  53. 53. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitLink Research Summary• Adding simple visual content, like lists and images, can increase the number of ILDs linking to you.• Posts with videos included will attract almost 3 times more ILDs than a plain text post.• Posts with all three media types (videos, images, and lists) will attract almost 6 times more ILDs than a plain text post.• Contrary to common beliefs, large posts seem to attract more links than posts with 900 words or less.• Posts with between 1800 and 3000 words will attract more than 15 times more ILDs than a post with less than 600 words.
  54. 54. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitLink Attraction - Summary• Be patient and keep producing engaging content• Don’t count on the viral effect, you can’t force it• Think long-tail and solve your customers problems with your content• Promote the good stuff• Do the math!
  55. 55. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit
  56. 56. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitMeasure!• Measure for successes… and failures• Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics• Focus on the strategies that are providing the best ROI and keep rolling out the content
  57. 57. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitWrap Up• Backlinks and social mentions are critical to search rankings• Try to split your link building efforts/budget – 50% Manual Link Building – 50% Link Attraction through content development and promotion• Optimize Your Content! – Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and H1 are critical• It’s all about engaging content now!
  58. 58. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummitAll 8 Steps Matter Free 24 page guide at VerticalMeasures.com
  60. 60. @ArnieK #WACVBTechSummit Q & A?More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881 www.VerticalMeasures.com Raffle Time!