Track Your Business Fitness: How Working Out Can Inspire Good Internet Marketing Practices


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nspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere. If you are looking for a way to keep your marketing muscles in shape just look to your fitness routine. Different exercise methods can be a good model to base your content strategy around and even promote healthy habits, keeping you fit in the gym or in the office.

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Track Your Business Fitness: How Working Out Can Inspire Good Internet Marketing Practices

  1. 1. TRACK YOUR BUSINESS FITNESS HOW WORKING OUT CAN INSPIRE GOOD INTERNET MARKETING PRACTICES Having technology assist and motivate your health habits can be a great way to keep you on point for a healthy body. Could this idea lead to a great model for your internet and content marketing services? Read on to find the similarities between working out and creating content that could keep you on track and on the track… THE ATHLETE THE MARKETER TOOLS Every athlete and marketer needs some initial resources for their next project. Whether it’s going for a morning run or designing an infographic, make sure you have these essentials... WATER CONCEPTS & IDEAS WORKOUT SCHEDULE STRATEGY REPORT SOFTWARE IPOD TENNIS SHOES COMPUTER PRE-WORKOUT Warm up is key for exercising and for content strategy. Make sure not to pull any muscles, especially your creative muscles by following these steps... THE ATHLETE THE MARKETER warm-up and stretches, selects motivational music brainstorms, compiles research, plans content strategy, selects motivational music GET STARTED WITH... trending now a fitness app relevant subject matter Consistently speaking to important topics can bring loyal followers PORTION CONTROL smaller portions with lots of fruit and vegetables Tailor the length based on the type of content Smaller pieces of cotent are easy to digest and are more likely to be shared RESEARCH 30-40% of search engine users click the first organic listing in results search terms, keywords, organic listings healthy recipes & seasonal foods Try researching trends based on your location CREATE A SCHEDULE blog post January marathon video bike ride infographic Make sure to post consistently. Blogging at least 2-3 times a week is ideal. hiking WORKOUT Inspiration can be found anywhere. These workouts can influence your types of content. THE ATHLETE THE MARKETER THE CROSS-TRAINER INFOGRAPHICS The complex health nut who pulls together multiple exercises into valuable workouts, acheiving great results. Infographics can be a complex piece of content with lots of valuable information, stats, keywords, relevance, & promotion. 29% of Americans spend 30-59 minutes exercising each time they workout Release as a blog post with sharing and embedding capabilities 29% THE WALKER FREE GUIDE The avid long distance walker, builds up strength and healthy foundation without being strenuous on body. Free guides can have long shelf life, builds a foundation as good a resource. Include links to your website and social media THE JOGGER Starts off as a simple jog but has the potential to turn into a full-on run. VIDEO Video can be simple and fun but could potentially turn viral. Keep your videos 2-3 minutes long THE YOGA STUDENT Needs a regularly scheduled session to reconnect with inner self and achieve a moment of Zen. BLOG POST Regularly scheduled blogs can bring more traffic and content with your followers and customers. Companies that blog 15% or more times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don't blog SHARE THE ATHLETE THE MARKETER share accomplishments and workouts with friends via fitness app share content by posting on blog, promoting on social media platforms 40% more than 40% of consumers say that info found via social media affects the way they deal with their health Photos perform best on Facebook for likes, comments, & shares compared to text, links, & videos REWARDS Content marketing and fitness can be more related than you think! Create healthy habits with your content marketing practices by modeling it after your fitness routine! The more you exercise, the better results you will see. VERTICALMEASURES.COM created by