There is an art to creating
and maintaining a natural link
profile. Use the information
below to get started on t...


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The Art of Natural Links


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Your website’s link profile can look two ways to Google: natural or unnatural. Do not get stuck in the pitfalls of an unnatural link profile that can ultimately damage your visibility in the SERPs. Avoid this unnatural path by taking the time to learn the importance and the art of utilizing natural links. Maintain a variety of links and sources in your profile that will give a more natural appearance.

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The Art of Natural Links

  1. 1. The of There is an art to creating and maintaining a natural link profile. Use the information below to get started on the right path to a natural looking profile while avoiding the unnatural aspects. NATURAL LINKS TYPES OF LINKS NATURAL Frankenstein’s Monster is more natural than you may think! Being made from a variety of sources is gOOD, so Be a monster with a variety of links you can use to look more natural! UNNATURAL Do not be like Dr. frankenstein who only knows how to use one type of link: bad ones. low-quality directory Article Marketing Paid Blog Posts Original Content Forum Posts Blog roll links Blog Comments Site-wide links Social Media signals Monster like variety... Monster is variety... Use in moderation as excessive amounts of blog comments can seem unnatural. Quality of websites to be linked from NATURAL UNNATURAL use websites that appear strong with these types of high quality attributes. Stay away from websites that may appear to be in poor health and quality. HIgh authority ( PR 5+ ) Low authority ( PR 0 ) Quality graphics and images that are part of a unified design designed for Ads and bots over humans rarely updated content Unique and engaging content that is updated regularly Sites with too much spam Well-written text of substantial length Anchor text UNNATURAL NATURAL Don’t sink your boat and go overboard with these pitfalls. Stay afloat by having a variety of anchor text. Long-tail keyword phrase keyword stuffing Cloud Terms excessive use of the same anchor text Branded phrase Branded phrase with keywords brand Name Exact keyword match URL Relevant content UNNATURAL NATURAL Make sure the links are relevant to the page’s content or can be closely associated with the topic. stay away from links that are not directly related or closely associated to the topic. APPLE brick BANANA BANANA Whaaa? link growth trends NATURAL UNNATURAL An upward diametric progression due to consistent work is more natural looking. Watch out for any drastic jumps in inbound links as they are a good sign of unnatural link activity. Now that’s natural! variety of sources NATURAL UNNATURAL It is more natural to have a link profile from a variety of sources. Be careful of having too many links coming from too few sources. It can make your profile look unnatural. I do say dear boy, that they do shine more brightly and look more natural through diversity! PROFILE MAINTENANCE Quality Time with links NATURAL take the time to review youR link profile quarterly to make sure you’RE avoiding any potential issues. UNNATURAL don’t fall into the “do not disturb” category by not worrying about your link profile, or failing to address problematic links. o not d isturb d created by:
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