Pubcon Low Cost Video Marketing Strategies


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Arnie Kuenn presents Low Cost Video Marketing Strategies for Any Business at Pubcon Hawaii 2012.

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Pubcon Low Cost Video Marketing Strategies

  1. 1. Low Cost Video Marketing Strategies for Any Business Arnie Kuenn President Vertical Measures @ArnieK
  2. 2. About Your Presenter…• President of Vertical Measures - Offering SEO, Link Building, Social Media & Content Services• Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute• Author of Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing Available on Amazon
  3. 3. Twitter: @ArnieK Some Video Stats• YouTube videos are watched over 3 billion times per day.• 83% of U.S. Internet users are watching video [Comscore]• Video viewing is up 648% in 2011 [Comscore]• 30% of all Internet traffic in 2011 is video --- in 2013 it will be 90% [Cisco]
  4. 4. Twitter: @ArnieKStats That Mean Something • Websites with video sell 45% more stuff [wirebuzz] • Customers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy [Internet Retailer] • The average attention span for online videos is around 60 seconds.
  5. 5. Twitter: @ArnieKVideo and Content Marketing When properly search engine optimized, videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on Google’s first page search results. -- Forrester Research
  6. 6. Twitter: @ArnieK Think About ItVideo represents the uniqueopportunity to have onesalesperson presenting tobillions! -- Me
  7. 7. Twitter: @ArnieKVideos – Not as Hard as You Think Webinars Interviews Fun
  8. 8. Twitter: @ArnieKMight Just Change Your Business Their business grew by 600% in 1 year!
  9. 9. • After 10 years, dozens of pitches to dentists & retailers and a $50,000 TV infomercial….• Orabrush spent $500 on a funny video about bad breath that promoted the tongue cleaner on YouTube.• Created an app for detecting bad breath (above)
  10. 10. Twitter: @ArnieKResults So Far… • YouTube channel has received 35 million+ views and has over 157,000 subscribers • Over 295,000 fans on Facebook • Over 4,000 followers on Twitter • The 15 person company has sold $1 million worth of the $5 tongue brushes through YouTube • Major drugstores (3700+) are beginning to stock it on their shelves.
  11. 11. Twitter: @ArnieKVideos Can Attract Links 5,473 backlinks from 54 unique domains
  12. 12. Queensland – Department of Tourism
  13. 13. Twitter: @ArnieKComing Up With Ideas• Start with keyword research• Brainstorm for keyword phrases your customers use when searching• Online Market Research – Question & Answer Sites – Check Voting Sites – Check Forums• Think long-tail! Content Session at 2:55
  14. 14. Twitter: @ArnieKInformational Keywords Source: AimClear
  15. 15. Twitter: @ArnieK How to Optimize Videos• Specific, Compelling Title –Would you click on “Our Company” or “” neither will your audience. Use “Video” and change the file name too!• Description - Say as much as you can in the first sentence or two, because many video sites will hide the bulk of your description. Include at least one link placed at the start of the description (with http://).• Tags –This is where you can help your video appear in the “Suggested” or “Similar” videos section.• Video Quality / Resolution – Shoot, edit and export the video in the highest quality available on the devices and software you use. The online video audience is very forgiving of skill level, but a low resolution video can make it difficult to see what is going on.• Thumbnail Image – Pick the most visually compelling of the options they give you.
  16. 16. Twitter: @ArnieKHow to Optimize Videos (cont.) • Must have a video sitemap. Always include the title of the video, detailed description, URL of the video, URL of the thumbnail and URL of the video’s landing page. More details at • Include a transcript of the video on both your page and on the video host (YouTube) – most likely the description field. • Use microdata in your video’s description and tags on your webpage. • Limit one video to a page to maximize your SEO benefits. • If at all possible, include the text of each video in the form of closed captioning. That way it can be appreciated by the hearing impaired and those that do not want to turn up the volume at their workplace.
  17. 17. Twitter: @ArnieKSuccess Like This…
  18. 18. 88,070 views!
  19. 19. Twitter: @ArnieKNow Go Build a $24M Business!
  21. 21. More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881