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Pubcon Content Strategies


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Arnie Kuenn's presentation on Content Strategies at Pubcon Hawaii 2012. This presentation focuses on researching content ideas.

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Pubcon Content Strategies

  1. 1. @ArnieK #PubconContent Strategies Arnie Kuenn President Vertical Measures @ArnieK
  2. 2. @ArnieK #Pubcon About Your Presenter…• President of Vertical Measures - Offering SEO, Link Building, Social Media & Content Services• Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute• Author of Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing Available on Amazon
  3. 3. @ArnieK #PubconFree 24 page guide
  4. 4. @ArnieK #Pubcon Why Focus on Search? • 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search prior to making a purchase • 86% of searchers conduct non- branded queries. • 94% of buyers click on organic links versus 6% on paid links for brandedSources: GroupM, Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools. queries.
  5. 5. @ArnieK #PubconUniversal Search Results 61% of all search results
  6. 6. @ArnieK #PubconStart With Keyword Research• Keyword research should be the foundation• What keyword phrases do your customers use? (Analytics)• Use tools like….
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  8. 8. @ArnieK
  9. 9. @ArnieK #PubconGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool
  10. 10. @ArnieK #Pubcon Question & Answer Sites1618 results
  11. 11. @ArnieK #PubconCheck Voting Sites
  12. 12. @ArnieK #PubconGoogle’s Discussions in Search
  13. 13. @ArnieK #PubconWhat Works For Your Competitors?
  14. 14. @ArnieK #PubconDetermine Types of Content to Create
  15. 15. @ArnieK #PubconContent Ideas in a Spreadsheet
  16. 16. @ArnieK #Pubcon Put Together A Calendar• Who is your audience and who are you?• What is different a year from now?• Where do you plan to publish your content?• Create a calendar and commit to it!
  17. 17. @ArnieK #PubconLong Tail is the Key!
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  20. 20. @ArnieK #PubconThanks to Miles Media
  21. 21. @ArnieK #Pubcon Thank You!More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881