Optimizing Your Content for Future Success


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2014 Search Exchange presentation on how to optimize your content, including images and video, for 2014 and beyond.

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Optimizing Your Content for Future Success

  1. 1. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Optimizing Your Content for Future Success Arnie Kuenn, CEO, Vertical Measures @ArnieK #SearchEx
  2. 2. @ ArnieK #SearchEx About Your Presenter… • Vertical Measures is a 45 person search, social & content marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ • Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute • Columnist for Marketing Land, Chief Content Officer & LinkedIn • Wrote the content marketing book Accelerate!
  3. 3. @ ArnieK #SearchEx What I’ll Cover • Most common mistakes we see • How to optimize specific types of content like video and images • Optimization for the future
  4. 4. @ ArnieK #SearchEx
  5. 5. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Most Common Problems We Find? • Unintentional duplicate content • Duplicate title and meta tags • Blocked pages or entire site • Poorly optimized images and videos • Over optimization of anchor text in backlinks and footer
  6. 6. @ ArnieK #SearchEx
  7. 7. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Another example… • After 5 months of intense content marketing and no results. – Identified a penalty back in August of 2012 – Duplicate content issue: same text snippet shows up on 259 pages – There is wide use of duplicate or near-duplicate content in titles and page content – A big issue: 100% of their image content and 45% of their HTML/text content is hosted externally (not under the domain). – Lots of spammy anchor text in their backlink profile
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  9. 9. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Core Elements to Optimization Web Pages 1. Links pointing to your content (Internal too) 2. Titles & title tags (viewed in results) 3. Description meta tag (viewed in results) 4. H1 Tag (headline tag – only one!) 5. Page load times 6. Freshness of content 7. AuthorRank
  10. 10. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Title Tag An important on-page element (~55 characters). <title>Your Keywords Need be Here</title>
  11. 11. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Meta Description • Mainly for conversions • First time a visitor is understanding who you are • ~115 characters <meta name="description" content=“On this site we talk all about everything you just searched for!">
  12. 12. @ ArnieK #SearchEx • Should be similar to page title • Tell the bots what to expect on the page • Hard coded into the CSS (H1, H2, H3, etc.) • Only one H1 tag per page <h1>My Post is About SEO</h1> <h2>SEO is Awesome</h2> <h2>What is Google</h2> <h2>People Love SEO</h2> <h3>Matt Cutts Loves SEO</h3> H Tags
  13. 13. @ ArnieK #SearchEx
  14. 14. @ ArnieK #SearchEx How To Optimize Images • Image files should be compressed as much as reasonably possible to reduce file size. Smaller files mean faster site load speeds. JPGs generally offer the best balance of file size & quality. • Use relevant keywords in image filenames. Instead of "DL000031.jpg", use something like "red-sports-car.jpg" • Make sure <img> tags have their "alt" and "title" attributes defined with descriptive, concise, keyword- related text. Do not stuff <img> attributes. • Context matters. Google looks at content placed around the image, like titles and captions, for context about your image. BusinessInsider.com
  15. 15. @ ArnieK #SearchEx How to Optimize Videos • Specific, Compelling Title –Would you click on “XYZ Company” or “V00023.mov?” neither will your audience. • Tags –This is where you can help your video appear in the “Suggested” or “Similar” videos section. • Description - Say as much as you can in the first sentence or two, because many video sites will hide the bulk of your description. Include at least one link placed at the start of the description – with http://. • Video Quality / Resolution – Shoot, edit and export the video in the highest quality available on the devices and software you use.
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  17. 17. @ ArnieK #SearchEx of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase Source: GroupM 93% 86% 90+% of searchers conduct non- branded queries of buyers click on organic links vs. the sponsored ads
  18. 18. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Buyers are searching for information that helps them make an informed decision.
  19. 19. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Buyers are searching for information that helps them make an informed decision. Businesses that provide that information - will win.
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  21. 21. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Because most of our clients are not the NYY, we strongly suggest playing Moneyball 1 in 4 at bats = hit (a success) 1 in 36 at bats = home run (a big success) 1 in 1,691 at bats = grand slam (viral success) The Odds of Hitting A Grand Slam
  22. 22. @ ArnieK #SearchEx ( In order to play content Moneyball, you need to come up with hundreds of ideas so you can create fresh, highly converting, useful content on a frequent basis. Here’s how we do it…
  23. 23. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Site Search
  24. 24. @ ArnieK #SearchEx ASK YOUR STAFF!
  25. 25. @ ArnieK #SearchEx • What made you trust us? (About Us) • What information do you wish we had provided upon first contact? • What information do you wish we had explained upon completion of services? • What information were you looking for when you began searching for a company like ours? • What do you wish we would do better? Flow motion cafe Ask Your Customers
  26. 26. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Google Keyword Suggest Related Searches Research Tools
  27. 27. @ ArnieK #SearchEx KeywordTool.io
  28. 28. @ ArnieK #SearchEx
  29. 29. @ ArnieK #SearchEx More than 410 questions about More than 3,400 using broad match! “visit the grand canyon” (exact match)
  30. 30. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Long tail searches are like hitting those singles.
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  32. 32. @ ArnieK #SearchEx
  33. 33. @ ArnieK #SearchEx List All Content Ideas in a Spreadsheet This is the kind of content that converts.
  34. 34. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Source: http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/keyword-stats.html - 9/01/2013 Longer Search String = More Clicks
  35. 35. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Put Together An Editorial Calendar
  36. 36. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Put Together An Editorial Calendar
  37. 37. @ ArnieK #SearchEx VerticalMeasures.com/calendar Put Together An Editorial Calendar
  38. 38. @ ArnieK #SearchEx REMEMBER: 1 in 4 at bats = hit ( The key is to keep going to the plate, take your swings, be happy with your singles, and do it over and over again! The Odds of Hitting a Grand Slam
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  45. 45. @ ArnieK #SearchEx • Yale’s traffic has grown from 40,000 visitors to 150,000 annually • Leads have grown from 800 to 2,300 monthly! • Revenue is up by 40% since starting their content marketing program. • And according their president Steve Sheinkopf: “Profitability is up way more than that, because we eliminated other marketing expenses.” The Results…
  46. 46. @ ArnieK #SearchEx Shameless Plug We offer the best content marketing workshops in the industry and can bring them to you.
  47. 47. @ ArnieK #SearchEx More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. www.VerticalMeasures.com Tweet: @ArnieK’s content marketing book @AccelerateBook – is FREE on Amazon Kindle – Today only! #SearchEx