Measure, Analyze, & Act! Develop a Data Driven Content Marketing Strategy


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A webinar about data driven content marketing and how to analyze site performance in order to tailor content piece creation and strategies.

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Measure, Analyze, & Act! Develop a Data Driven Content Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. www.verticalmeasures.comMEASURE, ANALYZE & ACTDEVELOP A DATA DRIVEN CONTENTMARKETING STRATEGYKaila Strong, Director of Client Strategy
  2. 2. www.verticalmeasures.comABOUT KAILA STRONG@cliquekaila•Director of Client Strategy•With VM since 2008•Montana native•Obsessed with data!
  3. 3. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT IS DATA DRIVEN CONTENTMARKETING?@cliquekailaUtilization of data, statistics, market research,surveys, and/or public data to dictate acontent strategy
  4. 4. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT IS IMPORTANT TO MEASURE?@cliquekaila• Demographics• Traffic• Social Metrics• Links• E-mail Metrics• Search & Keyword Data• Conversions• Engagement•Third Party Data
  5. 5. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?DEMOGRAPHIC DATA@cliquekailaProvides important insights about trends and opportunities that mayexist in a market. Use the information to develop content catered toyour audience.• Determine market segments• Use social information if you have it or survey!• Understand your audience•Age•Income•Education•Location
  6. 6. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?TRAFFIC DATA@cliquekailaReview your most viewed pages to discover the popular content onyour site, and use that data to develop new content.• Examine monthly, quarterly, yearly and beyond• Look for cyclicality and trends• Examine time of day & time on page• Don’t forget about evergreen content• Look at referral sources when analyzing
  7. 7. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?SOCIAL METRICS@cliquekailaInsight into the most socially active content can be a key data set toexamine. Look for content that your social audience appreciates andfeels compelled to share, like, tweet and comment on.• Determine the most social type of content• Understand who engages with your content• Examine your most “popular” content eachmonth/quarter/year• Develop content catered to a popular platform
  8. 8. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?LINK DATA@cliquekailaDiscover your top pages in Open Site Explorer, the pages that arelinked to the most. Look to develop content that earns links.• Discover “link bait” content• Examine anchor text & authority of links• Relevancy• Become a resource worth linking to
  9. 9. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?E-MAIL METRICS@cliquekailaExamine open rates, click through rates and data from e-mailcampaigns, newsletters and the like.• Discover the effectiveness of a subject line/title• Find patterns in high performing e-mailcampaigns• Scrub e-mail lists if you receive many non-deliverables
  10. 10. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?SEARCH & KEYWORD DATA@cliquekailaExamine data from search engine traffic, internal search andkeywords to understand the types of content being searched for.• Delve into your site search• Look at keywords sending traffic to existingcontent• Uncover opportunities for additional content• Look in Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  11. 11. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?CONVERSION DATA@cliquekailaConversion data can help you figure out which content pieces aid inconverting traffic into sales. The highest converting type of contentshould be replicated to improve profits over time.• Define what a conversion is for you• Set up proper conversion tracking• More than # of leads data, what actually closed?• Replicate content that has high ROI
  12. 12. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?ENGAGEMENT DATA@cliquekailaHow your audience interacts with your content both on-page and off-page.• Understand methods of engagement• Examine call to actions for engagement• Look at in-page click analytics
  13. 13. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT DOES IT MEAN?THIRD PARTY DATA@cliquekailaThird parties discover data and share publically in case studies orreports, which can aid in understanding large groups.•• Marketing surveys• Forrester Data - quantitative survey data• Setup Google Alerts for industry data reports
  14. 14. www.verticalmeasures.comDATA DRIVEN CONTENT MARKETINGBEST PRACTICES@cliquekaila• Test data to ensure it’s accurate• Build a data driven organization• Don’t make assumptions about your data• Establish benchmarks• Review regularly• Use tools like Excel or data visualization
  15. 15. www.verticalmeasures.comDATA DRIVEN CONTENT MARKETINGBEST PRACTICES CONTINUED@cliquekaila• Drive innovation with your data• Share data with other departments• Focus on quality over quantity• Segment and/or update your subscriber lists• Set metric driven goals
  16. 16. www.verticalmeasures.comDATA DRIVEN CONTENT MARKETINGBEST PRACTICES@cliquekaila
  18. 18. www.verticalmeasures.comContact: 888.476.1881www.verticalmeasures.comQUESTIONS?More Traffic. More Leads. More Business.@cliquekaila@little_bry
  19. 19. www.verticalmeasures.comJoin Us July 11th 11am PST/2PM ESTRecovering from Penguin 2.0 –A Walk ThroughPresenter: Mike HuberVice President of Client Services, Vertical MeasuresLearn about:• Steps to take to recover• Backlink Analysis• Tools to useCheck out our website at registration information.FREE WEBINAR SERIES: