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IRCE17: Drafting a Content Marketing Strategy + Measuring the Results


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Presented by Quinn Tempest of Vertical Measures and Mike Shady of Home Depot

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IRCE17: Drafting a Content Marketing Strategy + Measuring the Results

  1. 1. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Drafting a Content Marketing Strategy + Measuring the Results Presented by: Quinn Tempest Director of Marketing Vertical Measures Mike Shady Senior Director, Web Operations Process Home Depot
  2. 2. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady What is Content Marketing?
  3. 3. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Consumers want information 93% 81% of shoppers research their product online 93% of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase 81% Source: GroupM + GE Shopper Research
  4. 4. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Documenting your strategy is key
  5. 5. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Why are you creating content?
  6. 6. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Three-Legged Stool TAXONOMY REFRESH Product Authority § Connect Products and Services to Customer Needs § Connect Product to Shelf, Site and Customer § Connect Associates to Customer Needs § Connect Experience: Store to Online, Online to Store § Innovate our Business Model and Value Chain Customer Experience Interconnecting Retail Capital Allocations Driven By Productivity and Efficiency
  7. 7. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady What do you want your content to do?
  8. 8. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Goals Up-sellingShopping Journey BUY NOW Customer Experience Conversion
  9. 9. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Who will your content speak to?
  10. 10. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  11. 11. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady How are your competitors using content?
  12. 12. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  13. 13. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  14. 14. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  15. 15. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  16. 16. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  17. 17. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  18. 18. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  19. 19. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  20. 20. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady What types of content can you create?
  21. 21. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Photography Videography Copy Editing Rich Content
  22. 22. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Engaging, high-quality product content builds Home Depot’s product authority OPTIMIZED
  23. 23. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady How will you amplify your content?
  24. 24. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Digital & Interconnected Marketing
  25. 25. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady What resources can you use?
  26. 26. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Interconnected Retail
  27. 27. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady How will you measure success?
  28. 28. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady US Enriching Grills Results 4SOV increased from 23% to 25% 4+16.5 BPS lift in Conversion
  29. 29. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady US Maintain Momentum 4One of the largest US ecommerce sites 4Ranked #1 among big box retailers in the L2 Digital IQ Index, 3 years in a row Online sales continued double-digit growth in 2016
  30. 30. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady
  31. 31. #IRCE17 @QuinnTempest @MPShady Let’s Connect! Download the strategy template