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How to convince your boss to invest in content marketing


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Arnie Kuenn's keynote presentation from Content Strategy Applied USA 2014 on how to convince your boss to invest in content marketing.

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How to convince your boss to invest in content marketing

  1. 1. Arnie Kuenn, CEO, Vertical Measures @ArnieK #CSAUSA How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Content Marketing
  2. 2. @ArnieK #CSAUSA About Your Presenter… • Vertical Measures is a 50 person content marketing agency with an SEO foundation • Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute • Columnist for Marketing Land, Chief Content Officer & Relevance
  3. 3. @ArnieK #CSAUSA VERTICAL MEASURES about VM stuff goes here
  4. 4. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “Arnie, I just can’t get our management to see the potential in this. Getting buy-in seems to be impossible…” After 2,000+ students in our content marketing workshops, the most common thing we hear afterwards…
  5. 5. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  6. 6. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “I really think we should be doing more social media…” (said by no one that ever got buy-in)
  7. 7. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “I really think we should be blogging…” (said by no one that ever got buy-in)
  8. 8. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “I really think we should be doing content marketing…” (said by no one that ever got buy-in)
  9. 9. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  10. 10. @ArnieK #CSAUSA What if you went back to them with a presentation and never used these words: • Blogging • FAQ’s • Content Marketing • Inbound Marketing • Social Media Marketing
  11. 11. @ArnieK #CSAUSA • Learning Center • Listening • Being Helpful • Communicating • Teaching • Coaching Instead you used words like:
  12. 12. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Buyers are searching for information that helps them make an informed decision. Businesses that provide that information - will win.
  13. 13. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “When prospects visit our website, do we want to help solve their problems better than anyone else in our industry?” “When they “Google it”, are they going to find US or our competitors?”
  14. 14. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Companies, large & small, that truly understand these principles are the ones doing incredible things online – and will win in the long run.
  15. 15. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Educate Them
  16. 16. @ArnieK #CSAUSA “Content Marketing” Google Trends
  17. 17. @ArnieK #CSAUSA What Is Content Marketing? • Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, useful content to your customers without selling or interrupting them. • Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your customers more informed before they buy. • If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your customers, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.
  18. 18. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Today, relationships are created with information – not people.
  20. 20. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  21. 21. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  22. 22. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Travel Niche 5 months
  23. 23. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Health/Nutrition Niche 4.5 months
  24. 24. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Entertainment Niche 6.5 months
  25. 25. @ArnieK #CSAUSA You Will Probably Fail In The Beginning
  26. 26. @ArnieK #CSAUSA It Takes Courage… • It takes courage to give away something of value without the expectation of immediate return • It takes courage to trust that your customers and prospects will reward you with sales and loyalty at some point in the future • It takes courage to play the long game, not the short game
  27. 27. @ArnieK #CSAUSA ROI On Content Marketing Source: Content Marketing ROI (Kapost – Eloqua)
  28. 28. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Courtesy of The Sales Lion
  29. 29. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Search and SEO are Critical More than 80% of people click here!
  30. 30. @ArnieK #CSAUSA of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase Source: GroupM of searchers conduct non- branded queries of buyers click on organic links vs. the sponsored ads
  31. 31. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  32. 32. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  33. 33. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Because most of our clients are not the NYY, we strongly suggest playing MONEYBALL 1 in 4 at bats = hit (a success) 1 in 36 at bats = home run (a big success) 1 in 1,691 at bats = grand slam (viral success) THE ODDS OF HITTING A GRAND SLAM
  34. 34. @ArnieK #CSAUSA ( In order to play content MONEYBALL, you need to come up with hundreds of ideas so you can create fresh, useful content on a frequent basis. Here’s how we do it…
  35. 35. @ArnieK #CSAUSA ASK YOUR STAFF!
  36. 36. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Research Tools Google Keyword Suggest Relate Searches
  37. 37. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  38. 38. @ArnieK #CSAUSA More than 410 questions about More than 3,400 using broad match! “visit the grand canyon” (exact match)
  39. 39. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  40. 40. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Come Up With a List of Content Ideas
  41. 41. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Create Useful Content
  42. 42. @ArnieK #CSAUSA On Base Percentage Is The Key Factor
  43. 43. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  44. 44. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  45. 45. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  46. 46. @ArnieK #CSAUSA The Results… • Yale’s traffic has grown from 40,000 visitors to 150,000 annually • Leads have grown from 800 to 2,300 monthly! • Revenue is up by 40% since starting their content marketing program. • And according their president Steve Sheinkopf: “Profitability is up way more than that, because we eliminated marketing expense.”
  47. 47. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Once In A While You Will Hit One Out Of The Park
  48. 48. @ArnieK #CSAUSA You MUST Measure
  49. 49. @ArnieK #CSAUSA What Really Matters To Your Business? • How many people visited your website this month compared to the previous months • How many people filled out a form to download a piece of content you provided • How many new subscribers to your blog • How many qualified leads you’ve gained • How much has your revenue increased
  50. 50. @ArnieK #CSAUSA The best time to start a content marketing program is 5 years ago. The second best time is NOW!
  51. 51. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  52. 52. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  53. 53. @ArnieK #CSAUSA We can bring our content marketing workshops to you. Get everyone on the same page.
  54. 54. @ArnieK #CSAUSA
  55. 55. @ArnieK #CSAUSA Contact: 888-476-1881 More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!