Development of a Successful Content Marketing Project


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In order to have a strong, successful business and online brand, process is key. As a relatively new medium, content marketing can be a tricky process to pin down. Take a gander at the graphic below to see how we at Vertical Measures like to look at bringing a content marketing project to completion (hint: it all ties back to our 8-Step Process). Hopefully this infographic will inspire you to take your own content marketing to a whole new level following this tried and true process!

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Development of a Successful Content Marketing Project

  1. 1. consult with your social media strategist review & refine make sure everyone reviews the final product thoroughly mswcdgsc s sp l mswcdgsc s sp l marketing DEVELOPMENT OF A SUCCESSFUL the roles pre-plan DETERMINE GOALS brainstorm conceptualization Design & write Publish & Promote Measure & audit created by content PROJECT Content creation is on the rise. With nearly 50% of companies now having content marketing strategies and costing 62% less than traditional marketing, creating original content can be a lot to take on. A solid team, set plan, and good knowledge of your industry can be a fun and rewarding way to create successful content! 100% Maintain Open Communication mESSAGE Does it reflect your company’s brand and maintain good reputation? Start individually Then have a brainstorm meeting as a team What’s the hook, takeaway, and the call to action? Allrolesfindthe.. consult with seo strategist this could be any role or all roles but overseen by project leader this step can be done by designer or copywriter Strategy consultation throughout this stage Establish roles Audience Refine Choose Medium Outline & Sketch Blog Posts Social Media KEEP SEO PRACTICES IN MIND Establish a way to manage TASKS 43% of marketing organizations have an executive leading content Continuously make sure everyone is on the same page conceptually of B2B marketers now use social media for content marketing 43% 91% Videos on landing pages increase conversion by 86%. Visual content is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text 86% of information transmitted to the brain is visual 90% Flesh out the chosen idea into a more detailed concept & Extract the best data from research to support topic This will help you shape the deliverable more, this: or voice & tone All roles... Take notice of all projects, what has been successful and what hasn't? Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approx. 3x as many leads as traditional marketing. Keep track of your shares, likes, repins, retweets, etc. Keep in Mind: What are some trending topics? What's searched a lot? What could be easily understood & sharable? Where will it be shared? Is preparation for design phase Eliminates unnecessary points Fills in holes Shapes design Spell Check, Spell Check, then Spell Check some more Is it easy to read and follow? Does it fully reflect the concept? Is it visually interesting? Is it shareable? Allow enough time to create a well designed or well written piece. Communication between the writer & designer is essential at this stage Don't over design or write - be concise with executing the information Content Marketing Traditional Marketing 66% effective content marketers have a “documented content strategy” of those content marketers have a dedicated person or team managing that strategy 86% Encourage coworkers to share posts on social media networks Reply to comments to keep up engagement optimize the post include social media buttons graphic designer content strategist Infographic written article graphic free guide interactive video copywriter resources Google Scholar Refdesk Mind Mapping brainstorm Tactics Word association research create a list social media strategist project leader seo strategist mswcdgsc s sp l graphic designer content strategist copywriter social media strategist project leader seo strategist mswcdgsc s sp l graphic designer content strategist copywriter social media strategist project leader seo strategist graphic designer content strategist copywriter social media strategist project leader seo strategist