Bike Culture and Its Personalities


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The popularity of bicycling has hit a new stride in recent decades. Whether it’s a way to get to work, help the environment, or just for the joy of riding, cycling has increased the demand for things like bike sharing systems, parks, and bike lanes on roads. Will our love for bicycling continue to grow and change our urban landscape?

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Bike Culture and Its Personalities

  1. 1. & its personalities the popularity of bicycling has risen significantly in the last two decades, Predominantly in urban areas. from riding for fun, to commuters, to changing the urban landscape, bike culture will be around for years to come. BIKE STATS Bicycling has grown in popularity in the past two decades mostly among men between 25-64 copenhagen In Copenhagen and Amsterdam 37% & 40% amsterdam of all citizens ride their bike on a daily basis y/o cycling 20 miles per day 50%risk of reduced heart disease The most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. minneapolis, mn Portland, OR Currently, working on city infrastructure. After two streets were made more bike-friendly, bike traffic increased 43% 106 km of bike paths, 48 km of low-traffic boulevards, 283 km of bike lanes madison, wi During peak season, 11,000 bike trips were recorded through downtown per day san fran, ca San Francisco anticipates 20% of all city trips to be made by bike by 2020 boulder, co 95% of city streets open to cyclists, 600 km of bike routes and a 182,000 sq ft bike park THE the fIXED gEAR enthusiast high seat low handlebars simple mechanics hipster mustache colorful features pedals with cages or straps subculture top fixed gear bike sales in the u.s. Before the early 2000’s, fixed gear bicycles were mainly ridden by bike messengers, but today it has grown into a culture in itself, being popular among college students and commuters Orange County Los Angeles track standing San Jose San Francisco Bicycle is held stationary by balancing upright with the biker's feet & pedals Santa Barbara THE AKA: Bicycle commuter helmet water bottle bag lights fender chain gaurd TOP 5 Cities with the most bike commuters 1. Washington, D.C. 2. Portland, OR 3. Minneapolis, MN 4. Seattle, WA 5. San Francisco, CA 2.25% of Portland’s 3.13% D.C.’s of Washington, population commutes by bicycle population commutes by bicycle bike commuters on the rise... 1990 2009 64% increase commuters bicycle commuter act of 2008 by gender... 24% 76% Established in January 2009, the law allows employers who provide bike parking, bathing facilities, tune-ups, and other support for for bicycle commuting to deduct up to $20 a month per participating employee from their own taxable income. THE striving to create bike-friendly urban culture & recognition petition forms reflectors bike sharing systems traffic cone Spring 2011 Spring 2013 =15 Number of bike sharing programs around the world Number of bicycles within those programs 236,000 517,000 citibike, in new york city, launched in july 2013 and is now the largest bike sharing program in the u.s. 6,000 bikes & 330 stations manhattan brooklyn from Manhattan through Brooklyn how bike sharing works sign up unlock ride for pass & time limit bike from station to desired locations critical mass Started in 1992 in San Francisco, it’s a monthly event where anyone is invited to ride their bikes. Today, some of the larger cities attract over 1,000 riders and similar events are held in over 300 cities. return bike to any station green lane movement The goal is to create designated bike lanes for growing populations in major cities and urban areas created by: | | | | | | |