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Cybersecurity | D-fend: Counter drone solution for urban environments


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In this installment of our 9-part series, we feature our portfolio company, D-fend, a counter drone solution for securing a stationary perimeter and portable usage in urban environments.

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Cybersecurity | D-fend: Counter drone solution for urban environments

  1. 1. Vertex Perspectives Counter-drone solution D-fend believes that drones will prosper and contribute to our lives in many ways. To keep this future safe, D-fend provides comprehensive, safe and scalable counter-drone solutions for securing a stationary perimeter and portable usage in urban environmentsCounter-Drone Solutions for Urban Environments
  2. 2. Company Snapshot TEAM INVESTORS HIGHLIGHTS Founders • Founded in 2016 • HQ: Ra’anana, Israel • Series A • Recognitions include • 2018 North American Counter-Drone Solutions Enabling Technology Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan Zohar Halachmi, CEO A serial entrepreneur who founded three startups and held VP/C-level executive positions in public and global telecommunications enterprises prior to founding D-fend Yaniv Benbenisti, CPO An experienced business and product executive that has held two management positions in public intelligence solutions enterprise. Yaniv was also head of Cyber Access Division in Israeli Intelligence Unit. Assaf Monsa, CTO A serial entrepreneur, technology and business executive for the last 20 years. He managed large teams an developed complex products with cutting edge technology.
  3. 3. Industry Challenges Traditional counter drone solutions are ineffective and dangerous for urban environments The popularity of commercial drones is growing. Until a few years ago, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were purely military aircrafts. Today, commercial drones are widely available and feature top notch military grade capabilities. While most drones are used for legitimate and positive purposes, some are used irresponsibly or maliciously. Traditional counter drone technologies have been deployed successfully in rural environments relying on • Radar or optical detection • RF jamming or kinetic (e.g. missiles, destructive laser beams) mitigation methods However, these are not suitable for the urban environment due to risks such as collateral damage and communication interferences Challenges in urban environment
  4. 4. Solution Overview EnforceAirTM is an autonomous counter-drone system which relies on Software-defined Radio (SDR) technology to detect & take control over rogue commercial drones and lands them safely in a designated zone without affecting Wi-Fi communications and GPS signals. Modular capabilities include – • Detect & Alert: Detect all drones and ground operators over long distances • Locate & Track: Find and track exact location of the drone and ground operator • Identify: Monitor radio waves to detect drones over long distances and distinguished approved drones from others • Forensics Extraction: Extract data (e.g. take-off position) to support decision making and investigation • Fend Off: Prevent drones from entering the secure zone by forcing them to return to take-off location • Take control & land: Prevent drones from entering the secure zone by taking control and landing at designated zone
  5. 5. Solution Overview Video link:
  6. 6. Case Studies D-fend is working with partners including – To provide solutions for the following use cases – Airports Secret Services & MilitaryFirst RespondersPrisons Safe City Corporate SecurityMedia Providers & Sporting Events Critical Infrastructure & Utilities
  7. 7. Competitive Advantage Counter drone solutions designed for urban environments • Non-jamming: co-exist with wireless communication and GPS signals • Non-kinetic: no collateral damage • No line of sight: suitable for dense urban environment • Selective: discriminate between friend and foe Capable of mitigating High Endurance Drones (HED) with long range communication • Taking control over the most advanced, long distance and popular commercial drones available in the market • Supports >80% HED market • Periodic firmware update to protect against new drones and new radio modules Designed for advanced threats • Swarm attacks • DIY drones Safe zone
  8. 8. Thanks for reading! About Vertex Ventures Vertex Ventures is a global network of operator-investors who manage portfolios in the US, China, Israel, India and Southeast Asia. Vertex teams combine first-hand experience in transformational technologies, on-the-ground knowledge in the world’s major innovation centers and global context, connections and customers. Contributors Disclaimer This presentation has been compiled for informational purposes only. It does not constitute a recommendation to any party. The presentation relies on data and insights from a wide range of sources including public and private companies, market research firms, government agencies and industry professionals. We cite specific sources where information is public. The presentation is also informed by non-public information and insights. Information provided by third parties may not have been independently verified. Vertex Holdings believes such information to be reliable and adequately comprehensive but does not represent that such information is in all respects accurate or complete. Vertex Holdings shall not be held liable for any information provided. Any information or opinions provided in this report are as of the date of the report and Vertex Holdings is under no obligation to update the information or communicate that any updates have been made. Please stay tuned and do let us know if you’d like to subscribe to future issues of Vertex Perspectives. Vertex Perspectives: Cybersecurity Series • Cybersecurity | Risk. Impact. Innovations. • Cybersecurity | Axonius: Asset Management Platform • Cybersecurity | Cylus: Railway Cybersecurity • Cybersecurity | Cymulate: Breach & Attack Simulation • Cybersecurity | D-fend: Counter-Drone Solutions for Urban Environments • Cybersecurity | Indegy: Industrial Cybersecurity • Cybersecurity | Meta Networks: NaaS Software Defined Perimeter • Cybersecurity | PerimeterX: Next Generation Bot Defense • Cybersecurity | Very Good Security: SaaS Platform for Data Security