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Hdw elem grammar_4.1


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explicacion de there are y there is

Published in: Education
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Hdw elem grammar_4.1

  1. 1. © Oxford University Press 1 We use there is with a singular noun and there are with plural nouns. Positive Negative 2 Complete the sentences. 1 There ___ two bathrooms. √ 2 There ___ a new carpet. √ 3 There ___ any bookshelves. X 4 There ___ a nice garden. √ There is/are …4.1 There a fridge. (singular) two armchairs. (plural) There a dining room. (singular) any carpets. (plural) There are two bathrooms. There’s a new carpet. There aren’t any bookshelves. There’s a nice garden. is are isn’t aren’t
  2. 2. © Oxford University Press 3 We use is or are first in Yes/No questions, and we can have short answers. 4 Make the questions and the short answers. A a shower? B X A any teachers here? B √ A any new carpets? B X There is/are …4.1 Is there a shower? No, there isn’t. Are there any teachers here? Yes, there are. Are there any new carpets? No, there aren’t. Is there a post office? Are any mirrors? Yes, there is. Yes, there are. No, there isn’t. No, there aren’t.