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vSEC:MAIL Server - Overview


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Using vSEC:MAIL Server from Versatile Security legacy systems can transparently
use S/MIME email communication. vSEC:MAIL Server supports all the most widely
used email protocols (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4). The vSEC:MAIL Server runs in a
fully transparent proxy mode at a central location to generate and/or handle
S/MIME secured communication. It is a proven stable and scalable .NET based
solution and runs as a Windows Service. It uses X.509 certificates and private
keys provided by Microsoft Windows crypto capabilities (CAPI/CNG) -smart card
support is also available.

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vSEC:MAIL Server - Overview

  1. 1. vSEC:MAIL Server Product Overview
  2. 2. Versatile Security • • • • • IT security software Specialized in smart cards Founded 2007 Offices in Sweden, UK, US, Germany and France More information on the web: (chat directly with us!) 2
  3. 3. Email Email availability Email can be used by almost everyone in the world Business Enormous amounts of transactions over the Internet using email Security requirements The convenience and flexibility comes at a price: Higher security demands! 3
  4. 4. Secure Email – S/MIME Secure email is standardized Standards for securing (encrypting & digitally signing) email has been around for a long time. To make use of it, an infrastructure for trust and keys is needed (PKI) in every endpoint. PKI In a PKI private keys need to be secured (preferably in hardware using smart cards or HSMs). All parts of a PKI constantly need to get updates from all trusted issuers (CAs). Unsecure mail The trouble of making the external PKI work, has resulted in that most email communication is not done using secure email, therefore limiting what can be communicated (or take risks). 4
  5. 5. Seamless Secure Email Server-side handling All security tasks are handled by the server HW security Uses smart card & HSM technology Standard interfaces Works with all industry standard email clients & servers Flexible Versatile solution that is customizable for all requirements 5
  6. 6. Example 6
  7. 7. Interfaces 7
  8. 8. Why? No impact on systems Cost efficient Standard based Easy to use & maintain Painless integration 8
  9. 9. End of Presentation For more information visit Versatile Security on the Web: 9